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New Arrivals
The Sunbathers is an exquisite photobook by Chad States including thirteen color photographs of men in various states of undress in the middle of the woods. Painterly light illuminates the lush, wooded landscapes, providing a beautiful backdrop in The Sunbathers. Playing on classical depictions of the female nude, States employs men of various shapes and sizes to fill the traditionally female role in this body of work. We are left to contemplate the awkwardness and grace of each subject as they remove their clothes for States' camera. The photobook is beautifully printed, limited to only forty copies, signed and numbered by the artist.

Selected as a Best Book of 2013, Melanie McWhorter writes of The Hidden Mother, "I have performed this action before... the act of hiding in plain sight to capture the image of your child without the mother present. With over 1,002 images in the publication, this is one of the most, if not the most, complete catalogue of images of children with mothers standing off to the side faces blurred or soon-to-be covered by the frames edges or mothers covered in tapestries, carpets or other draperies acting as furniture for their children. Without intent of the photographer or the mother at the time, the images question the woman's or mother's role in the family and in society at large. In some of the photographs, the coverings bring to mind similarities to some contemporary garb worn by women in less open societies. The collector Linda Fregni Nagler's interview 'Houdini's Burqa' acknowledges these similarities. The book also includes essays by Massimiliano Gioni and Geoffrey Batchen. It is a beautiful collection that also contrasts with collections of Victorian era post-mortem children's photography."

Commissioned by the Archive of Modern Conflict, A Complete Examination of Middlesex by Bruce Gilden offers an intimate portrait of the people and places of London. The New York-based photographer hit the streets of London in 2011, encountering a variety of characters whose expressive faces provide a unique and engaging cross-section of the cultural mecca.

Etna by Renato D'Agostin documents the Sicilian volcano in twenty-three dramatic black & white photographs. D'Agostin's camera sheds light on the otherworldly landscape surrounding the volcano. Tiny human figures and a strange mist stand out against the dark, sooty ground, evoking a sense of mystery and wonder.

Amc2 Journal Issue 7 features newspaper clippings, posters and photographs relating to the protest movements and counter-culture of the 1940–1980s collected by the Archive of Modern Conflict. Collaged to question war propaganda, the smart configurations provide a glimpse into the wide range of thought and expression used to question the status quo throughout the 20th century. The artifacts were selected by the AMC for an exhibition at the Hayward Gallery in London.

How to Win Friends and Influence People by Dale Carnegie was one of the most influential self-help books of the 20th century. The book was widely accepted as a road map to success. Erik Schubert borrows Carnegie’s title for his first artist book, which considers our appetite for success and how it shapes our visual milieu. How to Win Friends and Influence People documents quiet and lonely interiors, broken products of planned obsolescence and studies of ephemera that speak to a culture in decline yet still clinging to an image of prosperity.

La Rue by Samuel W. Grant is a petite hardbound monograph, measuring at a charming 5"x5". The series of over fifty photographs was made in the last half of the 20th century on a plethora of vintage and novelty film cameras, giving the images a distinctive, dreamy look. The photographs were made all over the US and Europe, and serve as relics of a bygone era.

Beat by Ikumi Taniguchi documents the female sex workers of Tokyo's Kabukicho. The photographer's snapshot aesthetic seems to lend itself to relaxed subjects — the women transcend their red light district duties to pose and dance for Taniguchi's camera in playful and authentic ways.

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This Week's Auctions

Following a week with record results, we lead of this week's line-up with an inscribed first edition of Berenice Abbott's epochal depression era work, Changing New York, a project that links her back to Atget, but also looks forward to the "optimism of the post-Depression era." Also on the block:

  • A super-rare inscribed copy of Josef Sudek's sublime Fotografie, dated 1959, along with the Profily 1 Portfolio of 18 Prints
  • Sweet copies of Garry Winogrand's two best books, offered in one lot: The Animals & Women Are Beautiful
  • The seminal 'accidental-style-bible' Take Ivy by Teruyoshi Hayashida
  • The underrated Düsseldorf School artist Boris Becker's ArchitekturZeit Photographien, a scarce limited edition with 10 photos

  • Be sure to have a look at the slide show below, which features dozens of page spreads from this week's incredible offerings! Thanks as always for looking!

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    Chad States
    The Sunbathers - SIGNED, limited edition
    Linda Fregni Nagler
    The Hidden Mother
    Bruce Gilden
    A Complete Examination of Middlesex
    Renato D'Agostin
    Etna - SIGNED and Limited Edition
    Archive Of Modern Conflict
    Amc2 Journal Issue 7
    Erik Schubert
    How to Win Friends and Influence People
    Samuel W Grant
    La Rue - SIGNED
    Ikumi Taniguchi
    Josef Sudek: Fotografie (SIGNED in 1959)!
    Josef Sudek: Profily 1 (Portfolio of 18 Prints)
    Berenice Abbott: Changing New York (First Edition, INSCRIBED)
    Raymond Depardon: La ferme du Garet (First Edition)
    Sally Mann: At Twelve (1st Printing, Inscribed)
    Christian Boltanski: Inventaire des objets ayant appartenu à une femme de Bois-Colombes
    Boris Becker: ArchitekturZeit Photographien (Signed, Limited Edition with 10 Photos, 1/100)
    Teruyoshi Hayashida: Take Ivy
    Roy DeCarava: The Sound I Saw (SIGNED)
    Garry Winogrand: The Animals + Women Are Beautiful (Hardbound 1st Edition)--2 Books
    Sebastião Salgado: In Human Effort (SIGNED)
    Todd Hido: House Hunting (SIGNED)
    Irving Penn: A Career in Photography (INSCRIBED)
    Abelardo Morell: A Book of Books (SIGNED by Morell & Writer Nicholson Baker)
    Helmut Newton: World Without Men (Inscribed)
    Ruven Afanador: Torero. Matadors of Colombia, Mexico, Peru, and Spain (SIGNED)
    Helmut Newton: World Without Men (Inscribed)

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