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This week we're featuring another selection of Best Books of 2013, all of which will be arriving soon.

Arriving Soon

1000 by Satoshi Machiguchi takes a look at over 1,000 influential photobooks throughout history. 1000 was selected by John Gossage and Tomoki Matsumoto as one of their Best Books of 2013. John Gossage writes, "What you remember from the books you love in 1000 pages." Tomoki Matsumoto writes, "A view inside the brain of a wonderful designer, Satoshi Machiguchi. This book can be an important key to figuring out how he approaches photobook making."

Cut Shaving — The Xerox Edition by Jaap Scheeren will also be arriving soon. Selected by Chiara Capodici & Fiore Pinna of 3/3, they write, "Cut Shaving — The Xerox Edition combines for the first time all of Scheeren’s work. The book is an excellent example of interaction of photography and bookmaking. Cut Shaving shows new ways of reproducing photography, photobooks and visual archives, leading to an always renewed and regenerated awareness of both mediums."

Selected by Colin Pantall as a Best Book of 2013, L’amoureuse by Anne De Gelas will be arriving soon. Pantall writes, “The most moving book of the year goes to Anne de Gelas who remembers her husband through an explanation of personal sorrow and loss (and how to overcome it). 'There is never a right way to tell a child about his father's death.'"

Hisako Motoo selected Daido Moriyama’s View from the Laboratory as one of her Best Books of 2013. She writes, "Moriyama published the photography series titled The Letter to St. Loup around 20 years ago as the homage to Niepce. He recently visited there and took photographs. Each photograph is very quiet and filled with Moriyama's pleasure. The tone of black ink is really beautiful."

Tales From the City of Gold by Jason Larkin was selected by Pete Brook as one of his Best Books of 2013. Brook writes, "It is astonishing that with such a distinct and consistent approach to image-making that this is Larkin’s first monograph. His work seems so familiar. Once more, the Englishman Larkin has entered (with his 4x5) a peculiar faraway place with peculiar and depressing social and environmental history. Johannesburg is one of the world's most successful mining cities but waste dumps litter the landscape. South Africans have built communities in the mines' hinterlands. The price of gold is spiking and the lives of people who live and work in the region is tied to our global commodities market. Larkin casts a curious but not a judgmental eye over our priorities at the dusty and noisy point at which commerce and daily life intersect."

Also selected by Pete Brook as one of his Best Books of 2013 is Bumbata by Cosmin Bumbut. Brook writes, "Beyond the prison subject matter, which is, of course, very appealing to me, Bumbut’s book is the best of design with beautiful binding, a punctured front cover, and thoughtful essay. Those elements complement pictures that are, frankly, some of the closest, least judgmental I have seen of incarcerated peoples. Bumbut spent 3 years visiting a single prison. The portrait he paints is of a closed but relatively stable environment with equal representation. Staff and prisoners feature in similar amounts. The variety and color is something beyond that of most American prison photographers. Here is a documentarian who has worked hard to form an understanding with his subjects."

Selected by Regina Anzenberger as one of her Best Books of 2013, Nine Nameless Mountains by Maanantai will be arriving soon. Anzenberger writes, "Aside from the simple drawing on the cover that already attracted me to this book, it is so diverse, I can look through it over and over and always discover or read something different. It never gets boring and is always a source of joy and beauty."

In the Beginning No Bird Sang by Anaïs López was selected by Larissa Leclair as one of her Best Books of 2013. She writes, "I pause at each photograph to imagine the sounds within. Also by Anaïs López in 2013, the outstanding Only in Burundi."

Best wishes,
Erin Azouz
photo-eye Newsletter Editor

This Week's Auctions

On the photo-eye Auction block this week, we lead off with a rare signed first edition of Yasuhiro Ishimoto's Chicago, Chicago—truly one of the great city books of all time! Plus, it's a Friedlander extravaganza: we've got signed copies of the classics The American Monument and Flowers and Trees; a super crisp copy of Factory Valleys; the huge 2005 MoMA catalogue; plus the hard-to-find Recent Western Landscapes. This week's prints include iconic images by William Klein:
  • William Klein: Dance in Bensonhurst, NY, 1955
  • William Klein: Picnic, Rome, 1956 (From 'Rome')
  • William Klein: Santorini, Greece, 1956

  • Plus, the magical Agua, Mexico, 1983 by Flor Garduño. Eric is back opining on a few of this week's listings; be sure to give a listen and to check out all of this week's stellar listings! Thanks as always for looking!

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    Satoshi MacHiguchi
    Jaap Scheeren
    Cut Shaving, the Xerox Edition
    Anne De Gelas
    L'amoureuse - SIGNED and numbered
    Daido Moriyama
    View from the Laboratory
    Jason Larkin
    Tales from the City of Gold
    Cosmin Bumbut
    Nine Nameless Mountains
    Anais Lopez
    In the Beginning No Bird Sang - SIGNED
    Flor Garduño: Agua, Mexico, 1983
    Valerio Spada: Gomorrah Girl (SIGNED, First Printing!)
    Andrew Roth (ed.): The Book of 101 Books
    Yasuhiro Ishimoto: Chicago, Chicago (1st edition!)--SIGNED
    Josef Koudelka: Limestone
    Jitka Hanzlová: Forest
    Lee Friedlander: The American Monument (SIGNED) + 2 Related Others
    Lee Friedlander: Recent Western Landscapes (SIGNED)
    Lee Friedlander: Factory Valleys (Hardbound Ed., SIGNED)
    Lee Friedlander: Flowers and Trees (SIGNED)
    Lee Friedlander (2005 MoMA Catalogue)--SIGNED
    Sebastião Salgado: Autres Ameriques (SIGNED)
    Stephen Shore: Hudson Valley (SIGNED, Limited Edition)
    William Klein: Dance in Bensonhurst, NY, 1955 (From 'New York')
    William Klein: Picnic, Rome, 1956 (From 'Rome')
    William Klein:Santorini, Greece, 1956

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