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A Selection from the photo-eye 2013 Best Books Lists

A Period of Juvenile Prosperity by Mike Brodie topped many Best Books lists this year, including my own. Gritty, authentic and deeply inspired, A Period of Juvenile Prosperity by Mike Brodie is by far one of my favorite photobooks of the year. Brodie's travels across the US (by train, hitchhiking, and any other free mode of transport) document life lived on the fringe of society — but not from the typical voyeuristic perspective we would expect from a body of work like this. Brodie is, in fact, one of them — and for me, the book gives me what feels like a genuine glimpse into a foreign world. See more of my Best Books selections here.

Selected by Melanie McWhorter as a Best Book, she writes, “I love when photographers experiment with new ideas, try new ways of presenting their work and push themselves into a world of discomfort for themselves or their audience. Todd Hido has been experimenting and pushing himself for years. With earlier work, focusing on the exteriors of homes, motels, abandoned buildings and foggy, night scenes, his newer projects have taken us inside the world where Hido builds a narrative – one pulling from our own collective memory based in personal experience and dime store novels, 1960s thrillers and Raymond Carver stories. Excerpts from Silver Meadows recontextualizes the artist's photographs along with his own and found family snapshots in an oversized, fictionalized journal that includes numerous gatefolds."

Anne Kelly selected Garry Winogrand as one of her Best Books of 2013, writing, "This impressive hard-bound book serves as the catalogue to Winogrand's recent retrospective. This exhibition includes his iconic images as well as images were only recently printed. Winogrand, considered one of the most important photographers of the 20th century, passed away at age 56 leaving behind iconic images of everyday American life — and thousands of rolls of undeveloped film. Last year SFMOMA and the National Gallery of Art in Washington organized a fantastic retrospective of Winogrand's work that includes nearly 100 images that were printed for the first time."

Sarah Bradley selected Almost There by Aleix Plademunt as a Best Book of 2013. She writes, “This is a book that seems like it shouldn’t work yet it pulls off something unspeakably intriguing. Combining disparate images of landscapes, prehistoric artifacts, red blood cells, far-off stars and mundane interiors, Almost There is somehow both intensely personal and entirely universal, playing with distance on not merely a spatial level but also every metaphoric variation. Beautifully printed and cleverly arranged, it’s a book to keep coming back to."

On behalf of 10x10 Photobooks, Matthew Carson, Russet Lederman and Olga Yatskevich collaboratively selected their Best Books of 2013, which includes Macquenoise by Pierre Liebaert. They write, "A curious story of a dysfunctional family whose simple and uneventful life in the Belgian village of Macquenoise stands in sharp contrast to our technological society. Through both its content and inventive use of newsprint within a gatefold design, we are reminded of the beauty in simple things.”

Also making 10x10’s Best Books list is Veins by Anders Petersen & Jacob Aue Sobel. They write, "This is classic Petersen and classic Sobol. Two great Nordic poets working in tandem together. Never have two photographers so closely echoed one another. This is a truly amazing collaboration of two extreme and extremely talented artists. Both descend into their rugged and authentic worlds and the viewer is presented with something akin to immersive theater. Sobel and Petersen rapidly get under the skin of their environments and gain their sustenance straight from the veins of their subject's."

Dark Knees by Mark Cohen was selected as a Best Book by Tomoki Matsumoto, who wrote, "I want to see how and why photographers shoot. This book suddenly brings me into Mark Cohen's world."

Top Secret: Images from the Stasi Archives by Simon Menner was selected by Cristina de Middel as one of her Best Books of 2013. She writes, "So funny I had to include it in my list. Within the boom of archival material of the last years, definitely one of my favorites for its rarity. A very simple book that doesn't need many artifices to become interesting as just the perspective in time brings the awkwardness of an absurd historic period. My father's Christmas present."

Best wishes,
Erin Azouz
photo-eye Newsletter Editor

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  • Antoine D'Agata: Insomnia (SIGNED)
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    Mike Brodie
    A Period of Juvenile Prosperity
    Todd Hido
    Excerpts from Silver Meadows
    Garry Winogrand
    Garry Winogrand
    Aleix Plademunt
    Almost There
    Anders Petersen
    Pierre Liebaert
    Macquenoise - SIGNED
    Mark Cohen
    Dark Knees
    Simon Menner
    Top Secret: Images from the Archive of the Stasi
    The Japanese Box (Ltd. Ed. Collection of Provoke Era Books--Araki, Moriyama, Nakahira & Others)
    Andres Serrano: Istanbul (Sisters), 1996 (Signed Platinum Print)
    Leigh Ledare: Pretend You're Actually Alive (SIGNED)
    Mark Borthwick: Le Maison Martin Margiela (SIGNED) + All Events Are Even + Synthetic Voices
    Antoine D'Agata: Insomnia (SIGNED)
    Aglaia Konrad: Elasticity
    Lisette Model (Aperture Monograph, 1st Edition)
    Doug Rickard: A New American Picture (First Edition--SIGNED, Limited Edition, 200 copies!)
    Masao Yamamoto: A Box of Ku (SIGNED)
    Wolfgang Tillmans: Total Solar Eclipse
    Don Hong-Oai: Photographic Memories (Limited Edition with Print)
    Bill Brandt: Shadow of Light
    Herbert Bayer: The Complete Work
    Todd Hido: House Hunting
    Mike Mandel and Larry Sultan: Evidence (2003 reprint, double signed!)

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