NEW ARRIVALS +  12.28.13 Vol 9.104

1. Across the Ravaged Land
Photographs by Nick Brandt
Abrams, 2013

2. On This Earth, A Shadow Falls
Photographs by Nick Brandt
Abrams Books/Big Life Editions, 2012

3. The Americans List: By the Glow of the Juke Box
Conceived and compiled by Jason Eskenazi
Red Hook Editions, 2012

4. Excerpts from Silver Meadows
Photographs by Todd Hido
Nazraeli Press, 2013

5. Storms
Photographs by Mitch Dobrowner
Aperture, 2013

6. 2014 Michael Kenna Wall Calendar
Photographs by Michael Kenna
Nazraeli Press

7. Prayers in an American Church
Photographs by Robert Adams
Nazraeli Press

8. Shinan
Photographs by Michael Kenna
Nazraeli Press

9. Fires
Photographs by Ron Jude
Museum of Contemporary Photography

10. Mass
Photographs by Mark Powers
GOST Books

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Book of the Week: A Pick by Adam Bell
Lying Awake by Geert Goiris

"I first discovered Geert Goiris' oddly beautiful and unsettling images as an art student in the early 2000s. Wandering through the monotonous booths of a turgid art fair, I was ready to give up when I noticed a booth full of Goiris' haunting images — an exhausted rhino resting in a fog-draped field, a cluster of futuristic buildings abandoned in the woods, and a black snow-flecked lava field. I rediscovered his work at this year's New York Art Book Fair when I saw his new monograph, Lying Awake, which gathers together approximately fourteen years of Goiris' work. As the title suggests, these dream-like images hover between the shadowy depths of slumber and the wakeful attention of everyday. Goiris isolates odd phenomena and perplexing structures that have an otherworldly quality. Although seemingly fantastical, these uncanny images gain their strength in their naturalistic appearance — forcing us to look more closely at the weird world we live in." — Adam Bell

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This Week's Auctions

During the 1920s, the Czech photographer Frantisek Drtikol (1883–1961) created a brilliant synthesis of 19th century Symbolism, Modernist Abstraction, and Art Deco whimsy that, for a time, defined the mitteleuropean photographic avant-garde. We're thrilled to offer the first edition of his seminal book of nudes Žena Ve Svetoe (Women in Light) in the rare dust jacket.

Other stand-out books on the block this week include:
  • Albert Renger-Patzsch: Kupferhammer Grünthal (The Grünthal Cooperworks)
  • Mark Power: The Treasury Project (SIGNED, Limited Edition with Print)
  • Richard Prince: Canal Zone
  • Kineo Kuwabara: Tokyo 1936 (SIGNED)—Included in Japanese Photobooks of the 1960s and 1970s.

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    Nick Brandt
    Across the Ravaged Land - SIGNED
    Nick Brandt
    On This Earth, A Shadow Falls - SIGNED
    Jason Eskenazi
    The Americans List
    Todd Hido
    Excerpts from Silver Meadows
    Mitch Dobrowner
    Storms - More SIGNED arriving in 2-3 weeks
    Michael Kenna
    2014 Michael Kenna Wall Calendar
    Robert Adams
    Prayers in an American Church
    Michael Kenna
    Ron Jude
    Fires - SIGNED
    Mark Power
    Frantisek Drtikol: Zena Ve Svétle (Women in Light)--Rare First Edition in Dust Jacket!
    Mark Power: The Treasury Project (SIGNED, Limited Edition with Print)
    Shuji Terayama: Photothèque Imaginaire de Shuji Terayama: Les Gens de la Famille Chien-Dieu
    Richard Prince: Canal Zone
    Arthur Omar: Antropologia Da Face Gloriosa (Anthropology of the Glorious Face)
    Martin Parr: Dubai (Rare Exhibition Catalogue)
    Peter Beard: Beyond the End of the World (INSCRIBED, with Extras!)
    Lee Friedlander: Sticks & Stones.Architectural America (SIGNED)
    Masaya Nakamura: Ema Nude in Africa (SIGNED)
    Kineo Kuwabara: Tokyo 1936 (SIGNED)--Included in Japanese Photobooks of the 1960s and 1970s
    Sigmar Polke: Photographs 1969-1974
    Christer Strömholm: Till minnet av mig själv [In Memory of Myself]
    Gordon Parks: Harlem (Lumiere Press, SIGNED, Limited Edition 1/200)
    Stephen Gill: Buried (Limited Edition with Print)
    Lewis Baltz: San Quentin Point
    Albert Renger-Patzsch: Kupferhammer Grünthal (The Grünthal Cooperworks)
    John Gossage: The Pond
    Bill Burke: I Want to Take Picture (First Edition)
    Ikko Kagari: Chikan Rush

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