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Book of the Week: A Pick by Elisabeth Tonnard
X Marks the Spot by Joachim Schmid

"Another book by Joachim Schmid about how, where and why people use photography. For years and years Schmid has been going online to look at other people's pictures and to read what people are writing about their photography.... [X Marks the Spot] shows tourists who visit the site where John F. Kennedy was shot, and who have their pictures taken while they stand on one of the white X's that mark where the shooting took place. This is apparently a popular pastime, and one that requires frantic hurrying to the middle of a road during lulls in traffic.... But the book already won me because of the satisfaction of the quote printed on the back and taken from a Flickr caption: 'I don't know why I felt the need to stand by the X but judging from everyone else, it would appear to be the thing to do.'” — Elisabeth Tonnard

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New Arrivals

The photographs of Emmet Gowin are a touchstone in contemporary American photography. After marrying his wife and muse Edith in 1964, Gowin began making intimate portraits of her, their children and aging parents. In the 1980's his work took a different turn as he began photographing natural landscapes that had been marred mines, irrigation, military testing sites and other endeavors of mankind. This new monograph looks at his expansive body of work that weaves together personal and universal themes. Emmet Gowin celebrates the remarkable career of one of the most notable American photographers of the 20th century.

Paris in My Time is Mark Steinmetz's long-awaited monograph encompassing a twenty-five year span of photographs the artist made during extended trips to Paris. Steinmetz modernizes the aesthetics of the Paris captured by iconic photographers like Atget and Kertesz who spent their lives photographing Paris, but with a twist that extends and updates their tradition. Paris In My Time is beautifully printed on uncoated Japanese stock with rich blacks in a first edition of 1,000 copies.

When Airbus announced its plans to extend the airfield at the Finkenwerder airport to accommodate the world's largest passenger airplane, The Hamburg Senate, anticipating noise complaints from local residents, bought up sixty-seven homes in the airplane's approach path in the rural town of Neuenfelde. Roger Eberhard photographed 34 houses and trees in Neuenfelde for Norma, presenting a 10-year-long effort to maintain the façade of the eerie, empty neighborhood.

One Circle by Fred Huening provides a raw and intimate look into the life of a couple. Presented as a non-linear journey through the cycles and phases of life in a three-part series, shifting perspectives are beautifully illustrated through the lens of age and time. Huening touches on such universal themes as birth and death, love and loss, warmth and distance.

Pierdom includes eighty-one color photographs made by Simon Roberts. Roberts travelled the coastline in Britain, documenting the country's last remaining pleasure piers as an homage to the monuments and the Victorian engineering from which they were built. At the turn of the last century, almost one hundred piers dotted the British coastline — now less than half remain. Pierdom comments on Britain's relationship to the coast while making a last testament to the remaining structures that face an uncertain future.

Ping Pong Conversations gives an in-depth look into the work of photographer Alec Soth, who discusses his working methods with critic Francesco Zanot in an engaging back-and-forth conversation. Touching on staged vs. candid approaches to image-making, the use of storytelling in photography, color vs. black & photography, politics and influences, Soth engages specific photographs from his vast body of work. This rare glimpse into Soth's work, illustrated by his own words, provides insight into the new genre of photography he made popular at the intersection fine art and documentary photography.

Blütenstände by Annabelle Fürstenau includes 30 loose-plate color photographs. Flower petals, stems and grasses are pulled apart, meticulously arranged and photographed on a light table. Each plate reads like a cipher, encouraging the viewer to engage without a legend or translation. It is as though we are being presented with a story in a secret poetic language that is impossible to understand, yet still seems communicate.

Rivington is a small, self-published zine by Carlos Loret de Mola, documenting an ambiguous chance-meeting between a man and a woman in New York City. The twelve color photographs document a seemingly intimate relationship between the two while the photographs of the New York City skyline echo a sense of loneliness and anonymity in the vastness of the city.

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This Week's Auctions

In order to satisfy that Black Friday craving, all auction books just listed will be ending next Saturday. New books added during the week will run through the following Thursday. Among the week's featured lots are Leigh Ledare's searingly intimate Pretend You're Actually Alive; rare titles by avant-garde fashion photographer Mark Borthwick; the stunning 1979 book Ich Liebe Dich (I Love You) by Dirk Alvermann (best-known for Algerien); rare Scandanavian books by Pekka Turunen (Against the Wall) and Christer Strömholm and more.

  • Takashi Hamaguchi's protest book, The Shudders of Narita Airport
  • Kyoichi Sawada's Vietnam classics Dusty Death (with Obi) + Battlefield
  • Rinko Kawauchi: Utatane (Nap)—First Edition

  • In this week's presentation, Eric offers comments on Dirk Alvermann, Mark Borthwick, Leigh Ledare and Pekka Turunen. Holiday Season is here! Bring some joy to your favorite photobook lover: all books shown in the Post-Auction Sale Inventory are available at the low opening bid prices shown!

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    Emmet Gowin
    Emmet Gowin - SIGNED
    Mark Steinmetz
    Paris in My Time - Limited Edition
    Roger Eberhard
    Norma - SIGNED
    Fred Huening
    One Circle - SIGNED
    Annabelle FÜrstenau
    WP#12 Blütenstände - Limited Edition
    Carlos Loret De Mola
    Simon Roberts
    Francesco Zanot
    Ping-Pong Conversations
    Mark Borthwick: Le Maison Martin Margiela (SIGNED) + All Events Are Even + Synthetic Voices
    Leigh Ledare: Pretend You're Actually Alive (SIGNED)
    Dirk Alvermann: Ich Liebe Dich [I Love You]
    TBW [This Bird Walks] Subscription Series (Mike Brodie, Ari Marcopoulos, Jim Goldberg, Paul Schiek)
    Antoine D'Agata: Home Town
    Rinko Kawauchi: Utatane (Nap)--First Edition
    Pekka Turunen: Against the Wall: Lypö, Tilkkanen, Mörsky and I
    Jim Goldberg: Rich and Poor (SIGNED, Limited 25th Anniversary Edition)
    Naoya Hatakeyama: Limeworks (First Edition!)
    Lewis Baltz: San Quentin Point
    Geert Van Kesteren: Why Mister, Why? Iraq 2003-2004
    Christer Strömholm: Till minnet av mig själv [In Memory of Myself]
    Merry Alpern: Dirty Windows
    Takashi Hamaguchi: The Shudders of Narita Airport (Document Ju Nen no Kiroku)
    Kyoichi Sawada: Dusty Death (with Obi) + Battlefield (Two Books)

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