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Book of the Week: A Pick by Manik Katyal
Vanishing Existence by Kosuke Okahara

"Vanishing Existence is a self-published book by Japanese photographer Kosuke Okahara — a forty page limited edition of 100 copies. The book is carefully designed. Kosuke selected traditional Japanese paper and incorporated an ancient binding technique to give the atmosphere of Chinese paleography. It is a beautiful handmade book about China's forgotten leprosy colonies. Okahara's strong visual imagery is complimented by the writing of his travel companion Takeshi Nishio who accompanied Kosuke to the far corners of rural China." — Manik Katyal

The trade edition is now out-of-print. Please email Melanie McWhorter to be notified when the limited edition is available. Read more on photo-eye Blog.

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New Arrivals

In October 2010, a wall collapsed in the reservoir used to store hazardous waste from alumina production, releasing approximately 35 million cubic feet of highly toxic sludge into the village of Ajka, Hungary and surrounding areas. Palíndromo Mészáros explored Ajka six months later in The Line, after the caustic red mud had been contained. What he found was a line, a mark on the landscape and buildings that act as a permanent visual reminder of the catastrophe. Meszaros captured new plant life emerging from the red, contaminated soil. Bright white cherry blossoms signify spring and remind us that somehow, life continues after tragedy. View the video presentation on The Line.

For our Nudes/Human Form newsletter, Christopher J. Johnson writes, "Breasts is a small saddle-stitched collection of found images compiled by Belgian graphic designer Jurgen Maelfeyt. The images are culled from vintage girly magazines, each cropped to feature just the breasts and some small hints at the contents of complete photograph. Images are reproduced as full page spreads, keeping the focus on the breasts — which is probably where eyes would gravitate even if the entire photograph was pictured — while also occasionally abstracting the subject matter. Maelfeyt's books from Art Paper Editions are thoughtfully designed and composed. Printed with a Risograph, which gives a lo-fi graininess to the reproductions, the book has the look of a furtive, homemade publication — a selection of favorites resulting from a 'research project.'"

Hotel Oracle is Jason Fulford's meditation on reconciling the supernatural, mystical and spiritual world with the culture of consumerism. The photographs of people and places were taken all over the world — from the United States, Canada, Italy, Greece, the Czech Republic, South Korea, India, Bermuda and beyond.

Mitakuye Oyasin is Lakotan for “all are related.” It is this prayer — the acknowledgment of one’s relationship to family, friends, enemies, and the land and the responsibility one has to those relations — that we come to understand the Oglala people. Aaron Huey paints a stark picture of life on the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation — one of alcoholism, rampant drug abuse, unemployment, poverty, and lack of education. Read David Ondrik's review.

In Adam Bell's review of Black Sea of Concrete, he writes, "Rafal Milach's Black Sea of Concrete explores the coastal landscape of modern Ukraine as it lives with this formidable legacy while also struggling to move forward. Trapped between an oppressive but known past and an uncertain future, the path ahead is far from clear.... In the book's opening text, Milach writes, 'change happens slow.' In the end, the sea may eventually wash away the stubborn concrete. How long this eventually takes is up to citizens of the Ukraine."

Adam Panczuk delivers a fascinating documentation of farmers in Eastern Poland in Karczeby. The polish word Karczeb describes a farmer deeply rooted in his cultivated land. The subject matter is particularly timely as farmers all over the globe struggle to make a living off of the land their families have cultivated for centuries in the wake of Monsanto and large-scale corporate farming. The book includes rich black & white portraits of the farmers in their land. Another book of portraits is included within Karczeby — depicting a group of amateur actors who farm fields during the day and act in plays in the evening.

Falling from a Height by Martijn Berk documents a photographer's obsession with his subject, a 20-year-old man. Berk accumulated more than 4,000 photographs of the young man, which have been edited down to fill just over one hundred pages in Falling from a Height. Short, poetic excerpts from Oscar van den Boogaard punctuate the photographs in the book. An essay by Christoph Tannert is also included.

Lorenzo Vitturi's Dalston Anatomy offers a strange and fascinating intersection of sculpture and photography. The sculptures were arranged by Vitturi from found objects among marketplaces in London. Dalston Anatomy considers the temporary nature of the objects found at a marketplace, preserved by the photographic image. Bound in wild and rich colors of Dutch Vlisco fabric, the spirit of the market is infused in the book's production. The book is printed in an edition of 500 copies.

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This Week's Auctions

This week, a plethora of signed material from favorites Paul Graham and Thomas Ruff, plus:

  • William Eggleston: SIGNED Print from The Democratic Forest
  • Two very different titles both in the 'New Topographics' vein, John Gossage's The Pond and Lothar Baumgarten's Carbon
  • Alec Soth's own meditation on geography and American myth, Sleeping by the Mississippi (INSCRIBED)
  • Taryn Simon: An American Index Of The Hidden and Unfamilar (1st Printing)—SIGNED

  • Be sure to check back; more books added throughout the week! For your weekly dose, check out Eric's presentation below, where he opines on a few of this week's selections. Don't forget: All books shown in the Post-Auction Sale Inventory are available at the low opening bid prices shown!

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    PalÍndromo MÉszÁros
    The Line
    Jurgen Maelfeyt
    Jason Fulford
    Hotel Oracle - SIGNED
    Aaron Huey
    Mitakuye Oyasin - SIGNED
    Rafal Milach
    Black Sea of Concrete - SIGNED
    Adam Panczuk
    Karczeby - SIGNED
    Martijn Berk
    Falling from a Height - SIGNED
    Lorenzo Vitturi
    Dalston Anatomy - SIGNED
    Rob Pruitt: Holy Crap
    Lothar Baumgarten: Carbon
    William Eggleston: SIGNED Print from The Democratic Forest
    Paul Graham. Photographs, 1981 - 2006 (SIGNED)
    Paul Graham: The Present (SIGNED)
    Paul Graham: American Night + Films (BOTH SIGNED)
    Thomas Ruff: Nudes + jpegs (SIGNED)
    Thomas Ruff ('3D' Catalogue)--SIGNED
    Thomas Ruff: Architectures of Herzog & de Meuron (SIGNED)
    John Gossage: The Pond
    Taryn Simon: An American Index Of The Hidden and Unfamilar (1st Printing)--SIGNED
    Alec Soth: Sleeping by the Mississippi (INSCRIBED)
    Thomas Struth: Löwenzahnzimmer [The Dandelion Room]--SIGNED
    William Klein: ABC (Inscribed)

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