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Book of the Week: A Pick by Colin Pantall
We Make the Path by Walking by Paul Gaffney

"The title is perfect. It's a book of paths made by walking. In this case the walking is by Gaffney's feet and is both meditative and obsessive. He walked over 3,500 kilometers to make the pictures in the book, which ends up being a mapping of the land he walked upon, the mindset he walked with and, because mapping is such an integral part of photography, a social history of photography." — Colin Pantall

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Arriving Soon

Martin Parr contributes all of the photographs to Black Country Women, a charming softbound photobook that follows the traditional format of the women's magazine including fashion tips, food, craft and book club features all written by Margaret Drabble. Features include a recipe for chicken curry, photographs of the diligent Dudley Zoo keepers, horoscopes, a word search, and a short interview with Parr.

Subscription Series #4 is a set of four books by artists selected by the publisher to create a unique book exclusively for the series. Christian Patterson revisits his hometown in Bottom of the Lake; Alessandra Sanguinetti explores home life and family dynamics in Sorry, Welcome; Raymond Meeks contributes haunting photographs of his new and unfamiliar surroundings in Erasure; and Wolfgang Tillmans' Utoquai focuses on his friendship and love for his subject in compelling and vulnerable moments.

The Pencil of Nature borrows its name from what is widely considered the first photobook, by William Henry Fox Talbot. Talbot describes the nature of a portrait as "the self 'drawn' in light." Manabu Miyazaki ran with this idea and constructed a complex photo studio in wilderness to allow wild animals to 'draw' themselves in light. Equipped with infrared sensors, waterproof strobe lights encased in PVC piping and homemade electrical coils used to prevent the fogging of his lens, Miyazaki's subjects — wild animals — produced exquisite, unstaged color photographs of themselves illuminated by Miyazaki's strobe as they tripped his sensors.

Cuny Janssen's Yoshino presents a beautiful documentation of Japan's Mount Yoshino. Planted with over 30,000 cherry trees, the Mount Yoshino is spotted with exquisite colors, a temple and river — making it a popular destination for tourists and Buddhist pilgrims alike. Janssen's sensitive photographs of this peaceful place are contextualized by a small anthology of Japanese poetry about Mount Yoshino.

Jordan Baumgarten provides a compelling narrative of the sometimes-violent neighborhood of West Philadelphia, juxtaposed with romantic and tender photographs of his fiancée and their home in Briar Patch. A looming anxiety permeates throughout the book as Baumgarten tries to reconcile the grisly, dangerous world outside of his front door. We are working on an interview with Baumgarten for photo-eye Blog about Briar Patch, scheduled for publication in the first week of November.

The Canaries by Thilde Jensen is a visual exploration of people suffering from Environmental Illness all over the American West. Jensen developed EI while living in New York City, and was forced to flee the city for a life in the woods. Whenever she returned to civilization, she was required to wear a respirator so as not to agitate her symptoms. The Canaries explores the lives of environmental refugees constrained to living on the edge of modern society due to hypersensitivity to chemicals and other environmental pollutants. The book includes four inserts and more than seventy color photographs of their plight.

Ruth van Beek turns the genre of still life photography on its head in The Arrangement. Van Beek has been collecting instructional books on flower arranging of traditional Japanese Ikebana — an art form that is more than simply putting flowers in a vase. Ikebana translates to "giving life to flowers" and van Beek gives new life to this highly controlled practice by rendering colorful shapes over the photographs of Ikebana arrangements, breaking all of the rules of this tradition in the process.

TOM draws its name from Peeping Tom, the lens through which we come to experience Doug Rickard's new monograph. TOM is comprised of surveillance footage stills from 1960s Los Angeles, focusing on (and obsessing over) young women walking about, seemingly unaware of the camera's presence. This voyeuristic visual journey inspires contemporary discourse around the use of surveillance by the government, whose citizens are also seemingly unaware of its Peeping Tom presence.

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Erin Azouz
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This Week's Auctions

This week's stellar selection of auction books includes a signed copy of one of our very favorite Japanese titles, Kineo Kuwabara's influential Tokyo 1936, an achingly nostalgic look back at Tokyo in the 1930s; the gorgeous Da Capo Press facsimile edition of Fox-Talbot's The Pencil of Nature; the gonzo 1995 re-issue of William Klein's New York. 1954.55 (also signed) and much more!

With his four year old at home sick all week, Eric is saving the opining for next week, but do check out the slideshow below, which contains images from most of this week's selections.

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Martin Parr
Black Country Women - SIGNED
Meeks, Raymond, Christian Patterson, et al.
Subscription Series #4
Manabu Miyazaki
The Pencil of Nature
Cuny Janssen
Jordan Baumgarten
Briar Patch
Thilde Jensen
The Canaries
Ruth Van Beek
The Arrangement
Doug Rickard
Disfarmer: The Heber Springs Portraits, 1939-1946
Lewis Hine (Samuel P. Orth): Our Foreigners + The Armies of Labor (in Rare Dust Jackets)
Bill Brandt: Shadow of Light
William Henry Fox Talbot: The Pencil of Nature (Da Capo Edition)
Jaromír Funke, Fotografie
Richard Avedon: Made in France
Keizo Kitajima: Shashin Tokkyubin Tokyo (Photomail from Tokyo)
Robert Frank (with Jack Kerouac and Alfred Leslie): Pull My Daisy + Zero Mostel Reads a Book
Lucien Clergue: Toros Muertos
David Hockney: Camera Works
William Klein: New York. 1954.55 (SIGNED)
Kineo Kuwabara: Tokyo 1936 (SIGNED)
Masaya Nakamura: Ema Nude in Africa (SIGNED)
Piero Steinle & Julian Rosefeldt: Paris. Les cathedrales inconnues
Lisetta Carmi: Il Travestiti (The Transvestites)
Irving Penn: Flowers (SIGNED)

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