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Book of the Week: A Pick by Ed Templetron
USSR 1991 by Keizo Kitajima

"Lately I have been leafing through USSR 1991 by Keizo Kitajima. It’s filled with beautiful Kodachrome photographs, rich in color, of Russia and its people right at its turning point. The times were changing fast and this Japanese photographer was there to see and capture these moments frozen in time 22 years ago. It’s an amazing time capsule. The book is also lavishly made with great attention to detail, a slipcase, multiple fold-outs, various paper stocks." — Ed Templeton

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Arriving Soon

The Black Photo Album edited by Santu Mofokeng is a fascinating document of urban black working and middle-class families in South Africa who commissioned portraits of their families between 1890 and 1950. The book describes the ambitions and self-image of the black population during colonial power. The collection of portraits also speaks to the inherent desire for social recognition and representation after slavery's abolishment in South Africa in the early 1800s.

Speaking of Scars by Teresa Eng explores the fictional nature of memory in book-form where pasted in images act to obscure photographs printed beneath. Documenting the journey between the act of trauma, healing and redemption, Eng creates a visual language to describe that which cannot be said — the traumatic memory of an experience that begs to be understood and reconciled.

Maanantai is a collective of sixteen photographers and image-makers from Helsinki who aimed to tell the story of the Norwegian Lofoten Islands in their book Nine Nameless Mountains. Combining analog photography, video stills, laser prints, drawings and mobile phone shots and challenging traditional notions of authorship, Nine Nameless Mountains takes us on a journey through the experiences and observations of sixteen image-makers on a single trip.

At times humorous, the photographs in Top Secret, edited by Simon Menner, bring together 160 color photographs unearthed from the archives of the STASI, East German's secret police. After the Berlin wall was erected, the STASI employed almost 300,000 people to spy on East German citizens. Officers and employees pose for the camera, some fitted in dubious disguises with moustaches and beards, some signaling to each other in a secret code. The photographs found in the STASI's archive, now comical and cliché, serve to document the agency's commitment to surveillance in post-WWII East Germany.


Known for his large-scale panoramic photographs of New York City, Jeff Liao is back with his second monograph of stunning images of Coney Island made in 2010. This New York landmark has provided an escape from the hustle of city life since the 1800s. Amusement parks, beach scenes, shops and restaurants rendered in exquisite detail provide a closer look into the culture of vacation, relaxation and good old-fashioned fun. The Limited Edition of Coney Island is back in stock.

In Juliette, Melanie Pullen draws from her previous work High Fashion Crime Scenes, which depicted staged suicides and homicides of young females in expensive, high fashion garb. Juliette flips the model’s role from passive dame to femme fatale, enlisting the help of actress Juliette Lewis to act out these fictions — "film stills" as Pullen describes them, that exist in a single photograph with no back-story, akin to Cindy Sherman’s iconic Untitled Film Stills work.

Carol E. Richards had some trouble identifying a particular species of bird through her spotting scope, so she turned to her camera to capture its remarkable detail. However, the photograph was less descriptive and more of a strange and beautiful vignette, which provided the inspiration for the twelve photographs in Birds Have Wings. Instead of employing a scientific approach in photographing the birds, Richards found the dark, haunting vignettes provided a moody and abstract illustration – one that raised more questions than it answered.

Floating World by Brigitte Carnochan is a beautiful selection of photographs paired with poetry by women. The photographs are sensual, delicate female nudes, lightly tinted and inscribed with Japanese characters. The book itself is also finely crafted with a wooden latch and a tipped-in photograph on the cover.

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This Week's Auctions

This week's auctions feature two takes on the marriage of fiction and photo, or photo-novels. The first, La folle d'Itteville (The Madwoman of Itteville), from 1931, features a text by Georges Simenon and images by Germaine Krull. Sweet Flypaper of Life is by far the better known of the two; the scarce hardbound edition on offer has a warm inscription from Langston Hughes dated 1958. Staying uptown, Harlem, Gordon Parks' stunning Lumiere press publication from 1997, takes as its subject two classic LIFE magazine photo essays that made his name. Also on the block this week:

  • A SIGNED Print from William Eggleston's The Democratic Forest
  • Roni Horn: Folds (Ísland: To Place, vol. 2)
  • Robert Frank: The Americans (SIGNED)
  • William Klein: Moscow (SIGNED)

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    Santu Mofokeng
    The Black Photo Album/Look at Me: 1890-1950
    Teresa Eng
    Speaking of Scars - SIGNED
    Nine Nameless Mountains
    Simon Menner
    Top Secret. Images from the Stasi Archives.
    Jeff Liao
    Coney Island
    Melanie Pullen
    Carol E. Richards
    Birds Have Wings
    Brigitte Carnochan
    Floating World
    Lee Friedlander: The American Monument (Limited Edition with Print)
    William Eggleston: SIGNED Print from The Democratic Forest
    Roni Horn: Folds (Ísland: To Place, vol. 2)
    Ed Van Der Elsken: Jazz (1st edition!)
    Roy DeCarava & Langston Hughes: The Sweet Flypaper of Life (INSCRIBED by Langston Hughes)
    Gordon Parks: Harlem (Lumiere Press, SIGNED, Limited Edition 1/200)
    William Klein: Moscow (SIGNED)
    Disfarmer (Twin Palms Monograph, SIGNED by the Publisher)
    Nina Korhonen: Anna. Amerikan mummu (SIGNED)
    Germaine Krull (Georges Simenon): La folle d'Itteville
    Werner Bischof: 24 Photos
    [Various photographers]. XI Slet Vsesokolsky (Design by Vilém Ambrosi)
    Louis Stettner: Early Joys + New York, 1950s-1990s (BOTH SIGNED)
    Robert Frank: The Americans (SIGNED)
    Robert Heinecken: Friends of Photography Monograph (SIGNED, Ltd. Ed.) + SIGNED 1973 Catalogue
    Antoine D'Agata: Insomnia (SIGNED)

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