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Book of the Week: A Pick by Mark Power
The Black Kingdom by Brian Griffin

"The Black Kingdom is an autobiographical work tracing Brian’s childhood in the Black Country, then at the core of industrial Britain. Archive family photos (those by his mother Edith are particularly good) weave between relevant examples of his celebrated corporate work and some extraordinary tableaux vivants, recalling Carravagio or Stanley Spencer, in which Brian often uses friends (or even himself) as models. Beautifully designed by Stuart Smith, Griffin’s intimate and often humorous text is bravely set in an unusually large font, allowing the pride he clearly feels for his homeland to shine throughout the whole book."
— Mark Power

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Arriving Soon

In Colin Pantall's review of Pictures From The Real World by David Moore, he writes, "In England, they say that it's grim up north; grim because of the weather, the cities, the houses and (sometimes) the people. And when the economic climate is grim, as it still was for many in the late 1980s, then the grimness is amplified. Pictures From The Real World is a visual exploration of the grimness of people's homes; it's the World of Grimteriors if you like. David Moore's prowling of the council estates of Derby, knocking on doors to get a picture of what lies behind, paid off with a particular vision of the (still) depressed Britain of the late 1980s."

Second Nature by Sarah Malakoff blurs the lines between the world "out there" and the world "in here" with exquisite color photographs of interior spaces that mimic the outside world just beyond its walls. A coffee table is fashioned from a canoe, lush greenery and wild animals are printed on rugs and wallpaper. The interiors in Second Nature ask us to consider our odd relationship with nature by looking at the way in which we decorate our living spaces — spaces that provide sanctuary from the wild and unknown natural world outside.

Everyone I Never Knew by Andy Mattern documents lost mittens and gloves the photographer found over the span of three years in Minnesota. Strangely emotive, the lost items each express a little bit of information about the person who lost them, some images also depicting attempts by thoughtful passers by to reunite these orphans with their owners. The book is printed in a limited edition and each copy comes with a unique print used in the making of the book.

Where We Met combines photographs by Japanese photographer Yamamoto Masao and drawings by Belgian artist Arpaïs du Bois. The two mediums work together poetically to ruminate on the quiet and fragile moments of existence. Yamamoto's photographs are carefully composed with natural elements that lend a sense of wonder and awe.

Aleix Plademunt's inspiration for Almost There was ushered in by the arrival of a postcard that came 101 years late. Photographs of snowy North American landscapes precede remains of Neanderthals who lived in the last glacial period. Concepts of space and time are explored in the grandest sense — from the farthest reaches of the Milky Way Galaxy to the artist's own red blood cells.

Gasoline by David Campany explores one of America's most iconic twentieth century buildings — the gas station. Campany presents thirty-five photographs culled from American newspapers as they discard their analog prints in the process of digitizing their archives. Gasoline marks the massive shift from analog to digital photography in the changing landscape of the news media while also pointing to America’s necessary transition from a cultural dependence on oil.

Field Trip by Martin Kollar is part document, part narrative — an exploration of the life and landscape of Israel today. The complex photographic diary hints at a paranoid psychology that permeates the highly contentious geography by weaving together photographs of butchered animals, barren landscapes, and a strong military presence.

Monogatari of Pines by Suda Issei combines two recent series, Pines of Chiyoda and Nude, both exploring the essence of their subjects in rich black & white photographs. Suda’s studies focus on undulating forms of pine trees and as well as nudes, aiming to describe mononoke, or the "spirit of a creature."

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Erin Azouz
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This Week's Auctions

Leading off this week, the ravishing, melancholy gravure of Bernhard Wicki's masterful Zwei Gramm Licht (Two Grams of Light). Wicki was one of the best known film directors of postwar Germany, known for films such as Die Brücke (The Bridge, 1959). For Photobook Remix #9, we've paired Wicki's sombre landscapes and wizened urban portraits with the music of post-punk experimenters Swell Maps. 'Robot Factory' is the opening track on their seminal 1980 record 'Jane From Occupied Europe.'

Be sure to check out all of this week's auction listings! Highlights include:
  • Shuji Terayama: Photothèque Imaginaire de Shuji Terayama
  • Dr. H (Hans) Killian: Facies Dolorosa
  • [Anonymous] Chile ayer hoy (Chile Yesterday Today)—The Latin American Photobook
  • György Lörinczy: New York, New York
  • Andy Warhol's Exposures (with Mulitiple Signatures from Warhol & Others!)

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    David Moore
    Pictures from the Real World
    Sarah Malakoff
    Second Nature - SIGNED
    Andy Mattern
    Everyone I Never Knew - SIGNED with print
    Yamamoto Masao and ARPAÏS du bois
    Where We Met
    Aleix Plademunt
    Almost There
    David Campany
    Martin Kollar
    Field Trip
    Suda Issei
    Monogatari of Pines - SIGNED
    Shuji Terayama: Photothèque Imaginaire de Shuji Terayama: Les Gens de la Famille Chien-Dieu
    Dr. H (Hans) Killian: Facies Dolorosa
    Bernhard Wicki & Georg Ramseger: Zwei Gramm Licht (Two Grams of Light)
    [Anonymous] Chlie ayer hoy (Chile Yesterday Today)--The Latin American Photobook
    Enrique Bostelmann: America: Un viaje a traves de la injusticia (America: Journey Through Injustice)
    György Lörinczy: New York, New York
    Andy Warhol's Exposures (with Mulitiple Signatures from Warhol & Others!)
    Guido Guidi: Varianti (Variations)
    Susan Meiselas: Carnival Strippers (1st edition)

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