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Book of the Week: A Pick by David Carol
The Americans List edited by Jason Eskenazi

"Jason gave me a copy of the book a few months ago. I have it sitting on a bookshelf devoted to photobooks I've acquired recently. It seems to be the one I go to most often. I pick it up and read a few of the photographers responses then put it back for another day. It never gets boring and its a treat every time I take a look."
— David Carol

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Arriving Soon

The End of La Belle Époque contains photographs by Misha Pedan made from 1986-1989 during the fall of the Soviet regime. Yet, signs of revolution and political upheaval are absent in the photographs. Instead, Pedan focuses on everyday life, street scenes, community gatherings and tender moments between families. The End of La Époque contains eighty-four black & white photographs in a petite 8x10" hardcover book and provides a rare glimpse into life behind the Iron Curtain, just before its fall.

In the Box by Tom Groves explores the sport of Subbuteo, a miniature soccer board game, and its passionate players. Grove travelled across Europe to document various Subbuteo tournaments and collected stories from its biggest fans, players and enthusiasts who describe what the sport means to them. In the Box was published on the heels of a successful Kickstarter campaign, printed at the renowned EBA print house in Italy, and is limited to an edition of 1,000 copies.

In Letters from Utopia, Daan Paans sought out people who aim to become immortal or extend their lifespan by more than just a few years. The book is divided into five chapters that each focus on the various means by which people hope they can attain immortality. We explore three societies; one that used automatic writing to communicate with spirits, another that forms a new world religion, and another that embraces the concept of singularity — extending human life through technology. We also visit a cryonic lab in Michigan and meet a scientist who claims he has found the secret to anti-aging. Paans weaves together a narrative of text and photographs in what is meant to be experienced as a book, exploring modern concepts and means of immortality.

Larry Clark Stuff draws from Clark's personal collection of skateboard culture relics including decks, t-shirts, posters, stickers, Polaroids and more. Clark's fondness for the culture grew in the 1980s and he began to amass an impressive collection of skater paraphernalia. Larry Clark Stuff is printed in a limited edition of only 1,000 copies.


In Medic, Jennifer B. Hudson created sets reminiscent of old hospitals with strange contraptions and machines whose purposes are entirely unknown. The dark and ominous interiors provide the backdrop for Medic, contrasted by tender and touching stories of unconditional love and the power of empathy. Handwritten letters and short, sweet anecdotes punctuate Hudson's photographs and tell tales of the sacrifices we make for those we love — from feeding a loved one who is unable to move, to sleeping beside them in a hospital bed, and watching old home movies just to hear their laughter. The stories omit many of the details surrounding their medical conditions, but the sense of love and pain are equally palpable. Medic illuminates the powerful and transformative quality of love that renders us selfless and willing to sacrifice.

Selected by Martin Parr as one of his Best Books of 2012, Surrogates by Luciano Rigolini is filled with over 100 photographs of car parts, pieces of furniture and strange found objects and photographs sourced from the Internet. Parr writes, "Sam Stourdze, the new director of the Musee de L'Elysee has emerged as an excellent champion of vernacular photography. In a very crowded field it will be hard to beat this wonderful collection of car parts, found for sale on e-bay by Rigolini. A great production just gives the book the final boost."

Tuscan Trees by Mark Steinmetz, published in 2001, contains forty-five duotone illustrations in a petite softbound catalog. Steinmetz photographed Italian olive trees during his tenure at the Art Department of the University of Georgia at Cortona in Tuscany in the late 90s. His photographs are paired with text from Janet Lembke.

In Adam Bell's review of A Partial Eclipse by Martin Boyce, he writes, "It begins with an encounter in a museum, ruins and a stolen camera. The images aren't entirely gone. They've just gone somewhere else. Perhaps already deleted. Fading from memory. Martin Boyce's gorgeous book, A Partial Eclipse, begins with a story of loss and confusion, and leads us through an archive of images that cycle between the natural and constructed, offer glimpses of the past, but also point forward. The haunting spaces and subjects of Boyce's photographs teeter between asserting their structural integrity and succumbing to the forces of nature and entropy, collapsing and at last disappearing into the landscape, yet offering hope and possibility."

Best wishes,
Erin Azouz
photo-eye Newsletter Editor

This Week's Auctions

This week, an outstanding copy of one of the most sought after titles in the Latin American canon, Enrique Bostelmann's America: Un viaje a traves de la injusticia (America: Journey Through Injustice). Photobook Remix #8 pairs Bostelmann's searing images with the Manu Chao classic 'Clandestino.' From PPP Editions, the totally underrated conceptual brilliance of Nobuyoshi Araki is on full display in the gorgeous facsimile reproduction of his early notebooks, ABCD.

Other highlights this week include:
  • Frederick Sommer: Aperture 10:4 1962 (1939-1962 Photographs)—Rare Hardbound Edition!
  • Tom Wood: Chelsea Reach, Looking For Love (SIGNED)
  • Mary Ellen Mark: Ward 81 (INSCRIBED)
  • Richard Prince: Naked Nurses (SIGNED)

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    Misha Pedan
    The End of La Belle Époque - SIGNED and Numbered
    Tom Groves
    In the Box - SIGNED
    Daan Paans
    Letters from Utopia
    Larry Clark
    Larry Clark Stuff, Japanese Edition
    Jennifer B Hudson
    Mark Steinmetz
    Tuscan Trees
    Luciano Rigolini
    Martin Boyce
    A Partial Eclipse
    Nobuyoshi Araki: ABCD (Limited Edition, 1/20!)
    Enrique Bostelmann: America: Un viaje a traves de la injusticia (America: Journey Through Injustice)
    Richard Prince: Naked Nurses (SIGNED)
    Frederick Sommer: Aperture 10:4 1962 (1939-1962 Photographs)--Rare Hardbound Edition!
    Larry Clark: Los Angeles, 2003-2006 + 1999 Groninger Museum Catalogue (BOTH SIGNED)
    Merry Alpern: Dirty Windows
    Keizo Kitajima: The Joy of Portraits (SIGNED, Limited Edition)
    Tom Wood: Chelsea Reach, Looking For Love (SIGNED)
    Larry Clark: Kiss the Past Hello
    David Levinthal: Modern Romance (Limited Edition with Print)
    Vik Muniz: Reflex + 1999 French Exhibition Catalogue (BOTH SIGNED!)
    Mary Ellen Mark: Ward 81 (INSCRIBED)
    Richard Prince: Naked Nurses (SIGNED)

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