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Book of the Week: A Pick by Ron Jude

The River Winter by Jem Southam
"Jem Southam's understated, elegant book from late last year invites us to slow down and really look at things. Consisting of photographs shot over the course of a single winter in Devon, The River Winter chronicles the quiet drama of a microcosm of nature succumbing to frost, ice and snow, and then reemerging to start the process over again. This is my favorite kind of photobook — one that gains new meaning every time I pick it up. Southam's keen ability to look at the land without romanticizing or moralizing allows us an unencumbered entry point into the unfolding processes of time and season. Executed with the highest design and production standards, The River Winter is a reassurance that restrained, thoughtful books are still fundamentally important to the form." — Ron Jude

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New Arrivals

Jane Hilton’s new monograph, Precious, explores the lives of women working in Nevada’s brothels through engaging color portraits of them in their working space. Hilton also recorded interviews with the women, which are transcribed and printed in the back of the book. The interviews offer insight into the vast and varied backgrounds of the women — some of whom have veterinary licenses, college degrees, and families of their own. They chronicle their hardships — drug addictions, overwhelming student loan debt, strained relationships with their parents. These touching, candid stories breathe new life into understanding the photographs. The women become empowered through the act of being photographed in their working quarters and telling their stories.

What happens to our bodies after we die? Post Mortem by Patrik Budenz asks us to examine our fears about death. Budenz takes his camera into morgues and crematories, composing quiet photographs that ask us to face our own mortality and the eventuality that one day, we, too, will be a body on a table in the morgue. The stillness is tangible, piercing, and at times, hard to face in Budenz’s photographs. The choice to photograph in color was a smart one as lifeless bodies take on strange and unsettling hues.

Mitakuye Oyasin is Lakotan for "all are related." Aaron Huey's new monograph is a nod to this prayer — the acknowledgment of one’s relations and harmony with family, friends, enemies, and the land. However, the concept of interconnectedness comes with a responsibility — and this responsibility is one fraught with a violent history and strained US relations. Mitakuye Oyasin paints a stark picture of life on the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation for the Oglala people — one of alcoholism, rampant drug abuse, unemployment, poverty, and lack of education amid an extraordinarily beautiful landscape.

Where the Birds Used to Sing by Zoé Beausire contains twelve black & white photographs of birds, many of whom are caught in wire and unable to fly. The photobook employs an innovative format — a collection of 12 posters printed front and back that when flipped through as a traditional book, are sequenced to provide only half-page images sitting beside other half-page images. This sequencing makes us feel as though something is being kept from us. The result is fascinating, encouraging viewers to disassemble and reassemble the book to create new configurations and sequences.

Back In Stock

Zine Collection No. 6 explores the work of photographer Brian Griffin who has set out to produce engaging and political photographs of businessmen and women in the workplace. The business people attempt to deal with the power and control exerted over them by their bosses. They resist their daily tasks and instead opt to entertain themselves with toy trucks, juggling, standing on chairs and hiding behind doors. The portraits are oddly captivating and one does not know what may be lurking on the next page. The zine is printed in an edition of 200 and comes with a limited edition print, signed and numbered by the artist.

In Christopher J. Johnson’s review of Stand By by the Sputnik Photo Collective, he writes, “Stand By is an anthology of photographs centered on Belarus and the Belarusian national identity. It features the work of nine different photographers from the Sputnik Photo Collective. The book itself is beautifully and sturdily bound; it is a volume of the finest quality (even the black dye of the cover is high quality and does not, like so many 'high quality' books smudge or run), but I digress. This collection has so many good qualities; it is an excellent source of factual history, of style, of superb examples for how to frame a photograph, of what good high quality printing can offer, etc.”

Sekka-zu is comprised of film stills focusing on snowflakes by Risaku Suzuki. This petite monograph illustrates the beautiful, undulating forms in black & white. The snowflakes sit against a black background which allows us to explore their natural, geometric forms in exquisite detail.

In Adam Bell's review of A Partial Eclipse by Martin Boyce, he writes, "It begins with an encounter in a museum, ruins and a stolen camera. The images aren't entirely gone. They've just gone somewhere else. Perhaps already deleted. Fading from memory. Martin Boyce's gorgeous book, A Partial Eclipse, begins with a story of loss and confusion, and leads us through an archive of images that cycle between the natural and constructed, offer glimpses of the past, but also point forward. The haunting spaces and subjects of Boyce's photographs teeter between asserting their structural integrity and succumbing to the forces of nature and entropy, collapsing and at last disappearing into the landscape, yet offering hope and possibility."

Best wishes,
Erin Azouz
photo-eye Newsletter Editor

This Week's Auctions
In this week's presentation, Eric continues the Photobook Remix project with two more sonic-visual mash-ups of a decidedly political bent. First, the Czech publication Respekt (with Koudelka's 1968 Prague invasion photos, SIGNED) is paired with State of Shock by the long-running Dutch collective The Ex; next the ultra-creepy 1969 propaganda tome, Socialist Albania on the March, is juxtaposed with the equally haunting composition The Building by The Mekons.
Also on the block this week:
  • William Klein: New York (Life is Good & Good For You In New York!)—1st UK Edition
  • Nobuyoshi Araki's Shokuji (The Banquet) + Yoko My Love
  • Robert Heinecken: studiesnineteenseventy (One Picture Book No. 14)
  • Limited Editions by Bernd & Hilla Becher & Elger Esser

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    Zoé Beausire
    Where the Birds Used to Sing - SIGNED
    Patrik Budenz
    Post Mortem
    Jane Hilton
    Aaron Huey
    Mitakuye Oyasin
    Brian Griffin
    Zine Collection N°6: Brian Griffin - SIGNED
    Sputnik Photos
    Stand By
    Risaku Suzuki
    Sekka-zu - SIGNED
    Martin Boyce
    A Partial Eclipse
    Nobuyoshi Araki: Shokuji (The Banquet)
    Robert Heinecken: studiesnineteenseventy (One Picture Book No. 14)
    Josef Koudelka: Respekt (1968 Prague Invasion Photos!)--SIGNED!!
    Shqiperia Socialiste Marsho (Socialist Albania on the March), 1969 Propaganda Book
    Nobuyoshi Araki: Yoko My Love
    William Klein: New York (Life is Good & Good For You In New York!)--1st UK Edition
    Scenery, Hysateric No. 3
    Cristina Garcia Rodero: Espagne Occulte + Graciela Iturbide: En el nombre del padre (BOTH INSCRIBED
    Robert Adams: Alders (One Picture Book No. 12)
    Elger Esser: Cap d'Antifer, Étretat (LIMITED EDITION with PRINT!)
    Bernd & Hilla Becher: Industrielandschaften (Industrial Landscapes)--Limited Edition with Print!
    Fotografie di Fantasmi [SPIRIT PHOTOGRAPHY.]--Rare 1912 Treatise with 49 Photos

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