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Book of the Week: A Pick by Martin Parr
The Fourth Wall by Max Pinckers.

For the first pick, we asked one of the most famously prolific photobook collectors Martin Parr to select a book that he is currently enjoying. Parr has selected The Fourth Wall by Max Pinckers.

"The sleeper book of the year is Max Pinckers' The Fourth Wall by this emerging young Belgian photographer. It is a very nice production, and this self-published book, on a charmingly cheap newsprint examines the idea of the Indian film world and the escapism of this, alongside a very good set of contemporary images. These two ideas are woven together with great skill and the book just seems to work very well." — Martin Parr

The Fourth Wall was recently reviewed for photo-eye Magazine by Colin Pantall. Read the review here.

Read more about The Fourth Wall

Martin Parr is a photographer, a curator and editor. He is currently working on Vol 3 of The Photobook, A History and a book about the history of Chinese photobooks.

New Arrivals
In this exquisitely printed monograph, Atsushi Fujiwara retraces the steps of his grandfather, paying homage to his origins in the Southern region of Japan. Ninety-five rich black & white photographs illustrate a poetic loneliness in the quest for one's personal family history in Nangokusho. The photographs are almost entirely devoid of people, giving a sense of distance, loss and emptiness as he wanders, piecing together his family's past and beginnings. Despite the somber tone, the photographs maintain hope in the search for roots within post-war Japan.

The twelfth installment of the In Almost Every Picture series edited by Erik Kessels contains photographs of self-promoting Moroccan wedding filmmaker Larbi Laaraichi. Larbi has systematically captured himself "in action" during the weddings he films and uses the still photographs to line the walls of his shop. By assembling years of Larbi's self-promoting shots chronologically, a timeline of his life develops, marking his career paths and equipment upgrades. In Almost Every Picture 12 takes us on a journey to understand and appreciate the jovial character through self-posed photographs.

Produced as part of the 'Shot by Kern' series on Vice's VBS video site, Shot by Kern brings together 300 of the images made by the photographer while traveling the world and shooting young amateur models "Kern-style." While the video series has followed Kern into these sessions, interviewing the women and giving a behind the scenes look into how the work is made, the photographs themselves have been unseen until this publication. Kern's work is perfectly composed and executed with the highest level of technical finesse, but is famous for blurring the line between art photography and pornography. The first-time models appear to be just barely of-age, and are pictured brushing their hair, kissing girls, drawing, bathing, eating, and posing for the camera. So, is it art or porn, or both? We certainly can't help but feel a bit voyeuristic and naughty as we flip through the photographs.

Dangerous Women is a collection of vernacular photographs of women from the archive of Peter J. Cohen and edited by Melissa Catanese. Cohen’s remarkable collection was amassed at flea markets, estate sales, thrift stores and the internet over several decades. Eventually, he had tens of thousands photos in the collection. This selection contains photographs of women – dangerous women – doing things women in the early 19th century were expressly discouraged and chastised for. Here, we see them dressed as men, shooting guns, drinking, dancing and engaging in male-dominated sports like archery, fishing and hunting. Each book contains a small print.

Back In Stock
In 2004, the Conservative Central Office in the UK moved its location and left behind almost 50 years worth of political relics. Chateau Despair by photographer Lisa Barnard explores the strange, deserted office space. The 32 Smith Square address is synonymous with the reign of Margaret Thatcher, whose portraits were found by Barnard in an old cupboard long after the building had been abandoned. These portraits are interspersed with photographs of the drab interior and objects left behind — a negative film-strip, a spoon, an envelope. Essays by Sarah James and Jeremy Till provide further insight into this intriguing political space and the approach Barnard took in documenting it.

Mountain Photographer Torahiko by Takashi Homma is a small softbound monograph containing color photographs by the elusive Torahiko — a photographer Homma encountered at a hot spring in the mountains of Japan. Torahiko was a famed fashion photographer in Tokyo, but left the big city and his career behind for a simpler life in the mountains. After losing touch with him, a mysterious package showed up on Homma's doorstep with eighteen small prints inside with 'Torahiko' scribbled on the back of the package. These prints comprise Mountain Photographer Torahiko.

North Portland Polaroids is a survey of strangers that photographer Bobby Abrahamson encountered while living in St. John, on Portland Oregon's northside. The residents of St. John comprise a distinct working-class neighborhood — from couples, to groups of three or four people, friends, lovers — all of Abrahamson's subjects seem relaxed, comfortable and in tune with their surroundings. The photographs of teenagers are particularly remarkable. Signed copies will be available.

Selected as a Best Book of 2012 by John Gossage, Back Yard is a curious little softbound photobook self-published by photographer Daisuke Yokota. The heavy black photographs appear to be reproduced on a photocopier — and the dark, grainy reproductions work well to permeate the book with mystery. Sometimes it is hard to discern the details of the photographs but the abstraction is a welcome. The mind loves to look for distinguishable details in the darkness, occasionally finding something that reveals the contents of the photograph. The only words printed in Back Yard appear on the cover — giving us no context but a title, leaving room for the viewer to attach their own meaning and understanding of what is presented.

Best wishes,
Erin Azouz
photo-eye Newsletter Editor

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In his weekly presentation, Eric considers this week's featured listings and offers a sonic-visual mash-up with the mythical underground psychedelic rock band 'Les Rallizes Denudes'—think of it as Provoke for the ears!
  • Nobuyoshi Araki: Young Ladies in Bathing Suits (Mizugi no Yangu Redii-Tachi)
  • Eikoh Hosoe: Kamaitachi (Rare Limited Edition Japanese Reprint)
  • Daido Moriyama: Memories of a Dog (Limited Edition) + Record No. 1-5 + Kuchibiru — 3 Books, ALL SIGNED
  • Fotografie di Fantasmi (Spirit Photography)—Rare 1912 Treatise with 49 Photos

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    Michitaka Ohta
    Nangokusho - SIGNED
    Erik Kessels
    In Almost Every Picture 12
    Richard Kern
    Shot by Kern
    Melissa Catanese
    Dangerous Women - SIGNED
    Lisa Barnard
    Chateau Despair - SIGNED
    Takashi Homma
    Mountain Photographer Torahiko - SIGNED
    Bobby Abrahamson
    North Portland Polaroids - SIGNED
    Daisuke Yokota
    Back Yard - SIGNED
    Nobuyoshi Araki: Young Ladies in Bathing Suits [Mizugi no Yangu Redii-Tachi]
    Eikoh Hosoe: Kamaitachi (Rare Ltd. Ed. Japanese Reprint)
    Daido Moriyama: Memories of a Dog (Ltd. Ed.) + Record No. 1-5 + Kuchibiru -- 3 Books, ALL SIGNED
    Martin Parr: 7 Communist Still Lives + 7 Colonial Still Lives + 7 Cups of Tea (One Picture Books)
    Stephen Shore: Merced River + Pet Pictures (One Picture Book Nos. 43 & 73)
    Michael Kenna: Boarding School + Montecito Garden + Heiden Hotel (One Picture Books Nos. 21,41 & 56)
    Terri Weifenbach: Instruction Manuals Nos. 2 & 3 + Some Insects (One Picture Book Nos. 3, 4 & 67)
    Cindy Sherman: Untitlted Film Stills (MoMA Edition, SIGNED)
    Fotografie di Fantasmi [SPIRIT PHOTOGRAPHY.]--Rare 1912 Treatise with 49 Photos
    Herb Ritts: Notorious + Duo (BOTH SIGNED)

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