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The Sami people have inhabited the far reaches of northern Scandinavia for centuries, living a semi-nomadic lifestyle that centers around reindeer herding. In Erika Larsen's new monograph, Sami, she explores this fascinating, centuries-old tradition with exquisite portraits of the Sami people, the landscapes they call home, and the complex symbiotic relationship between the people of this indigenous culture and the reindeer they herd for survival. The warm, diffused light in the Arctic Circle creates a striking ambiance throughout the work.

Dash Snow lived fast and hard in his short life, dying only two weeks before his 28th birthday in 2009. Snow's provocative photographs in I Love You, Stupid depict sex, hard drug abuse and personal moments with his equally rebellious community of friends. Snow photographed his wild nights to keep a record of the experiences he would come to forget the next day — using photography as a substitute for memory. Snow's work is memorialized in this expansive collection that contains over 400 of his photographs — leaving behind a vast body of documentary work in the vein of Nan Goldin and Larry Clark that will not soon be forgotten.

Olivier Cablat employs a pyramid-shaped binding for the curious little photobook, Enter the Pyramid. Cablat explores the many uses of this powerful symbol through a Google image search for the word "pyramid." A selection of images that populate the Google search results are included in Enter the Pyramid — everything from the food pyramid, to popular culture references in video games, to the pyramids of Giza.

Gone Fishing by Thomas Mailaender is a fictitious correspondence between a man and his wife, who despite his responsibilities as a new father, has opted to go out on nature expeditions with his friends. Letters to his wife attempt to excuse his absence, and are accompanied by photographs of him on his adventures. This tongue-in-cheek book turns a critical eye towards the extended adolescence of modern man.

In Rinko Kawauchi's new monograph, Ametsuchi, she gives breath to the old adage, "as above, so below." Combining photographs of the expansive cosmos with small subjects lost in landscapes, this stunning new book employs an origami-style binding that adds to the mystery of the photographs. The title Ametsuchi is comprised of two Japanese characters "heaven and earth," asking us to examine the place where earth and sky meet — that is, the larger cycles witnessed in the cosmos as reflections of the smaller, shorter cycles of life on earth.

In 1970, photographer Tom Bianchi began traveling to New York when he discovered a thriving community of gay men in Fire Island. Documenting their camaraderie, intimate moments and sun-drenched summer days on the beach with his Polaroid SX-70 camera, Bianchi amassed an extensive collection of photographs from 1975-1983. The rich, warm tones of the Polaroid film help create an atmosphere characteristic of the 70s and early 80s. Mustaches, trim torsos, and nude men fill the pages of Fire Island Pines. Bianchi's photographs suggest that if you were a gay man in the New York area during the 70s and early 80s, Fire Island was the place to be. Signed copies will be available in 2-3 weeks.

Short Stalks at Distant Shores is a beautiful new monograph by Christoph Grill, exposing the bleak reality of 15 former Soviet countries including Albania, Slovakia, the Ukraine, Russia and beyond. Grill focuses on the ruins of a previous community utopia — run-down dwellings, rubble and abandoned buildings are juxtaposed with lighter, warmer portraits of the people Grill encountered in his travels through this vast region. The black & white and color photographs are punctuated with hopeful portraits that speak to the strength and will of a people determined to prevail after economic depression.

Great Titles Back in Stock

Scrapbook 1969-1985 by Walter Pfeiffer is a rich, densely packed scrapbook-style monograph containing photographs, newspaper clippings, notes, wrappers, and more — rife with humor, playfully mocking the banal and mundane.

Bottrop-Ebel 76 by Michael Wolf is a prelude to the work he made about life in urban cities. Almost 35 years has elapsed since Wolf photographed this small coal-mining village in Germany; a social documentation he submitted to one of his professors in college. What we see here are the quirks and idiosyncrasies that characterize small communities.

Prayers in an American Church is one of the more personal photobooks of photographer Robert Adams. Published in an edition of only 1,000 hand-numbered copies, his black & white photographs of trees are paired with prayers and religious poetry. Prayers in an American Church invites the viewer to consider the parallels between art and religion, both of which require faith and belief.

In Tom Leininger's review of A Portrait of Ice by Caleb Cain Marcus, he writes, "For this book, Cain Marcus forgoes black and white and the urban for color and the ice deserts of Patagonia, Iceland, Alaska and Norway. Cain Marcus presents these exotic landscapes with an eye for disorienting beauty. He found a silent space worth exploring."

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This Week's Auctions
The books included in this week's auction listings span continents, genres and approaches to both bookmaking and photographic seeing. On the block, a rare SIGNED copy of William Klein's Rome, his ultra-suave, cinematic ode to the Eternal City; landscapes from Japan and the deserts of the American West (Musashino Scenes, a rare title edited by Shinzo Fukuhara and two books by Richard Misrach and the somber 'environmental' portraiture of Chauncey Hare's Interior America.

Plus, the whimsical 1970 hippy-psychedelic-erotic classic Ipy Girl Ipy; the brilliant, photographic work of legendary Russian filmmaker Andrey Tarkovsky, edited by photo-eye favorite Stephen Gill and MUCH MORE! Check out the slide show below for a trip through the pages of the weeks offerings!

Don't Forget: All books shown in the Post-Auction Sale Inventory are available at the low opening bid prices shown!

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Tad Wakamatsu: Ipy Girl Ipy (with Obi!)
Andrey Tarkovsky: Bright, Bright Day (First Printing)
[Anonymous] Chlie ayer hoy (Chile Yesterday Today)--The Latin American Photobook
William Klein: Rome (SIGNED)
Masahisa Fukase: Yohko
Doug and Mike Starn: Attracted to Light (SIGNED)
Chauncey Hare: Interior America
Richard Misrach: Desert Cantos (SIGNED) + Bravo 20
Dave Heath: Dialogue with Solitude (2000 reprint)
John Szarkowski: The Photographer's Eye (1966 1st Edition)
Twenty Years of the Czechoslovakian Army in the Liberated State (Designed by Ladislav Sutnar)
Shinzo Fukuhara (ed.): Musashino Fubutsu--Shashinshu (Musashino Scenes--A Book of Photographs)
Erika Larsen
Dash Snow
I Love You, Stupid
Olivier Cablat
Enter the Pyramid
Thomas Mailaender
Gone Fishing
Rinko Kawauchi
Ametsuchi - SIGNED
Tom Bianchi
Fire Island Pines
Christoph Grill
Short Stalks at Distant Shores
Walter Pfeiffer
Scrapbook 1969-1985
Michael Wolf
Bottrop-Ebel 76
Robert Adams
Prayers in an American Church
Caleb Cain Marcus
A Portrait of Ice - SIGNED

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