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Nudity Today looks at the nude form in its many incarnations of photographic representation, from the documentary snapshot to fashion to pornography. This survey, edited by Jesse Pearson, explores the work of 20 to 30-year-old photographers taking on this historic subject in fresh, new ways. With the advent of social networks that allow images to be seen and exhibited on a global scale, photography is finding itself at a crossroads, employing new moods, ideologies and working practices not present in any other time in history. It is through this lens that we come to understand and appreciate the vast and varied work in Nudity Today — that finds a new generation of photographers with exciting, innovative ideas, emphatically documenting their lives with a laid-back attitude toward nudity and sexuality.

There is Nothing Beautiful Around Here explores the economically impoverished city of Richmond, California, which sits just north of Oakland in San Francisco's Bay Area. In a poverty-stricken city, it has hard to imagine anything of beauty might reveal itself within the city limits. However, photographer Paccarik Orue seems to find it in a patch of wildflowers growing in an abandoned lot, two children sitting in a toy car covered in a rich, golden light, and other city scenes that might go unnoticed to the untrained eye. Orue illuminates a side of Richmond not typically seen, giving hope and a fresh look to a city struggling to find beauty among social and economic decay.

Means of Reproduction explores the fascinating world of seeds and seedpods. Svjetlana Tepavcevic placed the otherworldly objects on a flatbed scanner — a process that illuminated the beauty of the seeds in a strange and wonderful light. Tepavcevic encountered the natural objects on her walks in nature, discovering their inherent beauty with great wonder and admiration. By making the small large, the viewer is able to step into the frame and explore the incredible intricacy of these natural objects (from nutmeg to giant sequoia to wild cucumber) that remain almost entirely invisible to the naked eye. She describes the work as personal and subjective, meant to inspire the same curiosity she experienced in discovering them.

In Rinko Kawauchi's new monograph, Ametsuchi, she gives breath to the old adage, "as above, so below." Combining photographs of the expansive cosmos with small subjects lost in landscapes, this stunning new book employs an origami-style binding that adds to the mystery of the photographs. The title Ametsuchi is comprised of two Japanese characters "heaven and earth," asking us to examine the place where earth and sky meet — that is, the larger cycles witnessed in the cosmos as reflections of the smaller, shorter cycles of life on earth.

Thomas Jefferson's Paris Walks by Michael Kenna contains forty-six photographs illustrating the five years Jefferson spent in Paris and his walks in the great city. The collection is beautifully produced and printed to accentuate the rich tonality of Kenna's photographs. Thomas Jefferson's Paris Walks is limited to 400 copies, each signed and number by the artist.

In Faye Robson's review of Haboob by Andrew Phelps, she writes, "The emblem, or key image, of Haboob appears in a photograph placed early in the book's sequence. A metal cut-out frieze — the rusty remnant of some signage or decorative architectural element — shows four (presumably wild) horses galloping across an open plain, snow-capped mountains looming in the background. However humble its context — the screen has been dumped on a scrubby stretch of suburban road verge, along with some abandoned tyres — the image it presents remains a potent one. It is evocative of freedom, the romance of the wilderness and, in the context of Phelps' book, the dream of the West. The epic landscape it describes no longer exists here, however, except by an act of imaginative effort."

Bending the Frame by Fred Ritchin investigates the relationship between social justice and photography. Ritchin examines the leaked images from Abu Ghraib, to the Civil Rights Movement and the Vietnam War — three major historical events intrinsically linked to the power of visual media. Images have played a key role in formulating the opinions of the masses during times of political and social injustice. This complex intersection between citizens, images and justice is explored in great detail in Bending the Frame, speaking to the tremendous impact images have on our psyches in times of war and political upheaval.

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This Week's Auctions
With the 2011 publication of the anthology The Latin American Photobook (Horacio Fernandez, ed.), some of the obscure gems contained therein have been percolating to the surface. We're absolutely blown away to have two of them! First, a copy of Como se impreme un libro (How a Book Is Printed), a project masterminded by Attila Rossi, an Italian emigre to Argentina and unparalleled design genius. All of the latest avant-garde graphic and photo styles inherited from Constructivism, Futurism, and the Bauhaus by Rossi and his expat comrades are on display in this 1942 book that Fernandez calls, "a masterpiece of graphic art and modern design".

Second, a SIGNED copy of Cuerpo Correccional (Correctional Body), the first book by the multi-faceted writer, theorist, curator and activist Nelly Richard. The book takes the form of an idiosyncratic monograph on the work of legendary proto-performance artist Carlos Leppe. Both he and Richard were at the center of Chile's vibrant Escena de Avanzada movement in post-coup Santiago.

In a wonderful coincidence, we have another 'company' photobook commissioned by a printing firm to show off their capabilities. Farbenlehre by Alec Soth (with art direction and design by Michael Mach) promotes the German-based printing giant Optimal Media. An accompanying flyer with captions detailing the resolution, printing processes, paper types finishes, etc. for page spreads throughout the book make this an absolutely fascinating reference to assess the myriad of choices that book makers face in the process of bringing a work into being. Highly recommended! And so much more!! Be sure to check out Eric's weekly presentation below. Thanks as always for looking.

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A. Rossi: Como se impreme un libro [How a Book Is Printed]--Incl. in The Latin American Photobook
Cristina Garcia Rodero: Espagne Occulte + Graciela Iturbide: En el nombre del padre (BOTH INSCRIBED)
Nelly Richard: Cuerpo Correccional (SIGNED)--Included in The Latin American Photobook
Alec Soth: Farbenlehre (Company Photobook)
Alec Soth: Sleeping by the Mississippi
Masao Yamamoto: Omizuao (Pillow Book) + Nakazora (BOTH SIGNED) + Fujisan (One Picture Book)--3 Items
Sally Mann: Second Sight (INSCRIBED)
Sally Mann: Untitled Landscape (Print from Second Sight)
Cristina Garcia Rodero: Espagne Occulte + Graciela Iturbide: En el nombre del padre (BOTH INSCRIBED)
Joan Fontcuberta: Fauna
Michael Schmidt: Waffenruhe (Ceasefire)
Alvin Langdon Coburn: London (1914)
John Gossage & Terri Weifenbach: Snake Eyes (SIGNED by Both)
Jesse Pearson
Nudity Today
Paccarik Orue
There Is Nothing Beautiful Around - SIGNED
Svjetlana Tepavcevic
Means of Reproduction - SIGNED
Rinko Kawauchi
Michael Kenna
Thomas Jefferson’s Paris Walks
Andrew Phelps
Fred Ritchin
Bending the Frame

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