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Nude/A Room/Flowers is a collection of work spanning twenty years by Japanese photographer Sakiko Nomura, who worked as Nobuyoshi Araki’s assistant for many years. Printed on the most exquisite textured paper, this monograph presents a sensual experience that meanders through Nomura’s loose narrative, reflecting on the natural ebb and flow of daily life. Environmental portraits are placed beside landscapes, mostly black & white, but occasionally color is slipped into the sequence, creating an element of surprise that delights our senses.

In his second monograph, The Way Home, Tom Hunter explores the London borough of Hackney – one that, through gentrification, has undergone a renaissance of its own in the last few years. Hunter renders his subjects in beautiful, natural light, paying homage to the 17th century Dutch painting aesthetic. However, Hunter takes this important and historic time period in art and modernizes it. Vermeer's classic painting Girl Reading a Letter at an Open Window is brought back to life in Hunter's photograph Woman Reading a Possession Order. The book is beautifully printed, bringing out Hunter's refined attention to light, detail and composition.

Life’s a Beach, originally offered as a limited edition, is now available in a smaller “beach-friendly” mini edition. Martin Parr has been photographing beach-goers for several decades. When you’re in the UK, you’re never more than 75 miles from the coast. With all that coastline, the British working class flock to the shores for fun, relaxation and somewhat odd behavior. This inspired Parr to take his camera abroad and document beach life all over the world. Life’s a Beach is comprised of photographs of beach-goers from the shores of Argentina, Brazil, China, Spain, Italy, the United States, and of course Parr's native UK.

Black Maps by David Maisel explores the relationship between humanity and nature through evocative, aerial photographs of landscapes altered by man. Comprised of more than 100 of Maisel's photographs, Black Maps is the first in-depth survey of the artist's aerial work. Each plate evokes a sense of quiet desperation. It is as though Maisel's images give a voice to the landscape — one that begs humanity to reconsider its ethical practices and ever-expanding sprawl.

Leading off the first of four new One Picture Book arrivals this week is Carol E. Richards' Birds Have Wings. Richards had some trouble identifying a particular species of bird through her spotting scope, so she turned to her camera to capture its remarkable detail. However, the photograph was less descriptive and more of a strange and beautiful vignette, which provided the inspiration for the twelve photographs in Birds Have Wings. Instead of employing a scientific approach in photographing the birds, Richards found the dark, haunting vignettes provided a moody and abstract illustration that raises more questions than it answers.

In Juliette, Melanie Pullen draws from her previous work High Fashion Crime Scenes, which depicts staged suicides and homicides of young females in expensive, high fashion garb. Juliette flips the model’s role from passive dame to femme fatale, and Pullen enlisted the help of actress Juliette Lewis to act out these fictions – "film stills" as Pullen describes them, that exist in a single photograph with no back-story, akin to Cindy Sherman’s iconic Untitled Film Stills.

Fox About Town by Martin Usborne is a humorous documentation of a fox found in strange and usual places where a fox is not typically found. From trying on lingerie to mingling with ladies in a bar, our friendly protagonist is positioned in such a way that we believe the photographer happened upon him in these scenarios. However, the smart sequence reveals his identical, never-changing expression and we realize he is not living, but a taxidermied animal acting out the photographer's fictional narrative. The final page exposes the lifeless fox upside-down with his legs extended — a great ending to a dark and comical photo story.

The exquisite detail of snowflakes go unnoticed to the naked eye, but Risaku Suzuki's Snow Letter gives us the opportunity to gaze upon them. Suzuki is known for his beautiful snow photographs — but this is a markedly different approach — one that finds his attention focused on the magnificent details of individual snowflakes. The small accompanying print, printed on glossy paper, hones in on a hexagonal snowflake, a nod to one of the most elementary structures on Earth.

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This Week's Auctions
Auction Director Eric Miles has skipped town for an intimate weekend of family camping in the Berkshires with about thirty 3 to 5 year-old kids and their parents. He's left a trove of fantastic selections on the auction block.

Leading off is a major Koudelka rarity, a SIGNED copy of the Czech magazine Respekt devoted to Koudelka's photos of the Soviet invasion of 1968. A must for Koudelka fans! There's been a new wave of interest in early color photography in recent years. Long before Eggleston and Shore, Keld Helmer-Petersen: 122 Color Photographs (1948) was a "remarkably early and largely successful attempt to make color photography work." (Parr & Badger). Also up, signed books by Sebastião Salgado, Susan Meiselas, Sally Mann, Ray K. Metzker and much more! Thanks as always for looking!!

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Josef Koudelka: Respekt (1968 Prague Invasion Photos!)--SIGNED!!
Sebastião Salgado: Migrations (SIGNED)
Sebastião Salgado: Sahel--The End of the Road (SIGNED)
Keld Helmer-Petersen: 122 Color Photographs
William Eggleston: Elvis at Graceland
Susan Meiselas: Carnival Strippers (SIGNED!)
Karin Apollonia Müller: Angels in Fall (SIGNED)
Lewis Baltz: Park City
Sally Mann: Flesh and Spirit (SIGNED)
Ray K. Metzker: City Stills (SIGNED) + Composites
Aaron Siskind (and Walt Whitman): Song of the Open Road (SIGNED, Limited Edition with 6 Gravures)
Robert Frank: Gli Americani (The Americans)--Scarce 1st Italian Edition (1958)!
Leigh Bowery (1st Ed., Major Monograph)
Nancy Rexroth: Iowa (SIGNED)
Richard Prince: Adult Comedy Action Drama
Sakiko Nomura
Nude/A Room/Flowers - SIGNED
Tom Hunter
The Way Home
Martin Parr
Life's a Beach
David Maisel
Black Maps - SIGNED
Carol E. Richards
One Picture Book #77: Birds Have Wings
Melanie Pullen
One Picture Book #78: Juliette
Martin Usborne
One Picture Book #79: Fox About Town
Risaku Suzuki
One Picture Book #80: Snow Letter

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