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Der Spiegel by Andreas Gehrke is a two-volume set containing 19 color photographs in each book. The Berlin-based photographer has been documenting vacant office buildings in Hamburg, Germany, including the high-rise built in the 60s for the German news magazine Der Spiegel. The empty buildings provide more than just an exercise in modern architectural photography — the images transcend the spaces to provide a narrative about their intended use. Now devoid of purpose, the offices lie in wait for their next occupant, creating tension that is resolved in each carefully framed, perfectly balanced photographic composition.

Andy Mattern's Driven Snow is a small soft-bound monograph of the strangely beautiful ice and dirt formations that accumulate on wheel wells of cars during cold Minnesota winters. The ubiquitous and discarded debris were gathered by Mattern and meticulously photographed at varying depths of field against a white background in his studio. The composites result is a fascinating, detailed look at twenty magnificent urban sculptures that usually never warrant more than a glance. Watch Melanie McWhorter's In-Print Photobook Video on this great book here.

Timeline: Learning to See with My Eyes Closed is a sensual exploration of the act of seeing and how we grapple with the world around us in the face of adversity. The photographs are carefully collaged to reveal a loose narrative about the photographer’s life and early memories of a surgical procedure that left his eyes bandaged for several weeks when he was a small child. The photographs in Timeline are sensual and visceral. As a viewer, it is easy to transport yourself to the site of each photograph — one can feel the weight of a small child in your hands. Reach out and run your fingers along a patch of foxtails, smell the musky, damp earth, and feel the warmth of light drawn in through the windows. Young illustrates the power of the photographic image; memory is tangible.

Arriving Soon

Black Maps by David Maisel explores the relationship between humanity and nature through evocative, aerial photographs of landscapes altered by urbanization. Comprised of more than 100 of Maisel's photographs, Black Maps is the first in-depth survey of the artist's aerial work. Each plate evokes a sense of quiet desperation. It is as though Maisel's images give a voice to the landscape — one that begs humanity to reconsider its ethical practices and ever-expanding sprawl.

Paul Salveson's absurd and surreal photographic constructions reconsider commonplace objects in strange and unique ways in Between The Shell. Salveson says he tries to process his surroundings "with an alien mind." His alien mind seems to rub off on the viewer. Is that a bag of corn? A window covered in plastic wrap? Potato chips organized in a grid? Common objects become unrecognizable, but it's a welcome break from our image-saturated culture — one that dismisses an image moments after its contents are identified. The bright, saturated color photographs engage the viewer by obscuring identifiable and ubiquitous objects that surround us in daily life, making us look a little longer than we're accustomed.

Paris in My Time is Mark Steinmetz's long-awaited forthcoming monograph encompassing a twenty-five year span of photographs the artist made during extended trips to Paris. Steinmetz modernizes the aesthetic choices of Atget and Kertesz who spent their lives photographing Paris, but with a twist that expands and updates their tradition. Paris In My Time is beautifully printed on uncoated Japanese stock with rich blacks in a first edition of 1,000 copies.

Vanessa Winship's new monograph She Dances on Jackson explores the heartland of America in the form of landscapes to portraiture. Winship won the esteemed Henri Cartier-Bresson International Award in 2011, allowing her to journey across the United States with a large format camera for more than a year. Fleeting moments question the legacy of the American Dream in She Dances on Jackson, a phrase inspired by a young girl who began to dance in a train station in Jackson, Mississippi. The experience sparked Winship to maintain a respectful distance from her subjects; in lieu of familiarizing herself with them, she used her lens to imagine and illuminate their stories.

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The proverbial boat has come in here at photo-eye Auctions! We are thrilled to offer one of the more extraordinary lots in the almost ten year history of photo-eye Auctions: All four of William Klein's seminal 'city books'—New York, Rome, Tokyo & Moscow—ALL SIGNED! In a review of the recent Tate Modern exhibition "Klein + Moriyama: New York Tokyo Film Photography" on the blog 1000 Words, Rachel Ridge writes, "There is an inherent urgency about Klein’s practice that speaks to some kind of post war hysteria... A man on a manic quest for his own truth and always trying to break down the façade... Laying things as bare as he can, the American dream seems to shatter slightly every time Klein clicks. The war may have been over but a new one was being waged."

Also featured this week: five signed books in three lots by Swedish phenom JH Engström, beginning with his very first monograph Härbärge (Shelter) —incredibly rare! Plus, in one lot, Haunts + Sketch of Home and, in another,CDG/JHE (Charles De Gaule Airport) + La Residence.

AND MORE: Thomas Struth's Museum Photographs (1993 true first edition; signed); Rob Pruitt's wryly blasphemous Holy Crap; the protest classic Algerien by Dirk Alvermann (first edition) and MORE. Check out Eric's presentation below! Thanks as always for looking!

Don't Forget: All books shown in the Post-Auction Sale Inventory are available at the low opening bid prices shown!

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William Klein: New York + Rome + Moscow + Tokyo (4 'City' Books, 1956-1964---ALL SIGNED 1st Eds.!)
Rob Pruitt: Holy Crap
JH Engström: CDG/JHE [Charles De Gaule Airport] + La Residence (BOTH SIGNED!)
JH Engström: Härbärge [Shelter]--SIGNED!
JH Engstöm: Haunts (SIGNED) + Sketch of Home (SIGNED, Limited Edition of 250!)
Thomas Struth: Museum Photographs (1993 True 1st Ed.; SIGNED!)
Bruce Weber: Bear Pond (INSCRIBED in Year of Publication!)
Sally Mann: Proud Flesh (SIGNED)
Dirk Alvermann: Algerien (First Edition!!)
Larry Clark: Teenage Lust (SIGNED 1st Ed., with SIGNED Extras!)
R. McGinley: 'Flasher Factory'; Moonmilk; agnès b flier; Life Adjustment Ctr; Olympic Swimmers
Andreas Gehrke
Der Spiegel
Andy Mattern
Driven Snow - SIGNED
Tom Young
Timeline - SIGNED
David Maisel
Black Maps - SIGNED
Mark Steinmetz
Paris in My Time - SIGNED
Vanessa Winship
She Dances on Jackson
Paul Salveson
Between the Shell

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