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Strip-O-Gram is a collection of vernacular photographs acquired by Sebastien Girard through eBay after setting up search notifications for the word "stripper." Though traditionally hired for bachelorette parties, we get the impression that the women pictured may have commissioned these men-for-hire for work parties, Valentine's Day celebrations, and just for fun. The photographs will give you a good laugh between the sequined-chaps, g-strings and whipped cream applications — not to mention the surrounding women having the time of their life.

In Blake Andrews' review of Vanilla Partner by Torbjørn Rødland, he writes, "Vanilla Partner is just plain weird. There is no introduction or explanatory text, just images and captions. After a brief visual preface of held faces and hair-draped orange slices, the book shifts to traditional black and white. Thirty pages in it pulls a Wizard-of-Oz switch, after which the remainder is in muted color. This much can be pinned down. As for the rest... Well? Certain subjects repeat throughout the book: Statues, gelatinous textures, cropped limbs, multiple exposures, tubular forms, physical punishment, graffiti on skin, defanged political symbols, and of course the beautiful young models which form the book's core. These are often slouched or in mysterious poses, and sometimes tarred and feathered. But beyond that it's wide open."

Almost is a beautifully produced monograph from Guy Archard exploring the overlap of beauty and decay, self and other, and dreams and reality. The absence of text allows the viewer to meander through the poetic photographs and create their own storyline. Many of the photographs are decaying Polaroids, worn with time. Some of them appear in the book several times, having changed ever so slightly. The contents of a windowsill are photographed twice — first with a branch, then with a vase. Polaroids are reproduced without a latent image. Photographic chemistry is apparent in Almost, making a case for photography's ability to hold a memory long after it has passed. But even the photograph is subject to decay, implying the photographic process may be an exercise in futility after all.

In Adam Bell's review of Lick Creek Line by Ron Jude, he writes, "The hazy, almost imperceptible, line that separates man from nature is a difficult and well-trod territory for photographers. It is also a fiction. The perceived demarcations have more to do with our own human and cultural distinctions than anything essential. As much as we try and forget, we are still animals. Ron Jude's latest book, Lick Creek Line, uses a fur trapper and a small community in northern Idaho to tease apart these fictional boundaries. His work asks provocative questions about the relationship between photographs, personal experience and knowledge, as well as our persistent desire to understand images in spite of their maddeningly murky nature."

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Catch My Eye by Gabrielle McKone documents peculiar, humorous and whimsical urban life in Wellington, New Zealand over the course of five years. The saturated color photographs are sequenced through formal connections. McKone writes that she is "attracted to the eccentric and to the ordinary" as she captures "the small things that we sometimes miss and discard."

Carol Golemboski's Psychometry is an innovative take on the e-book format with an interactive user experience. The presentation highlights Golemboski's haunting and psychologically-charged photography as well as studio tours, location shots, essays, video interviews and more. Psychometry won the Outstanding eBook Achievement award from the Independent Publisher Books Awards. Check out the video presentation of this pioneering photography book app here.

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In this week's listings, a revelatory juxtaposition about which one could easily write a dissertation on religious symbolism in the photography of Latin America—in High Modern and post-modern incarnations: Paul Strand's Mexican Portfolio (the 1967 Da Capo Press re-issue, with 20 hand-pulled gravures!) and Miguel Rio Branco's The Silent Book.

Also open for bidding: Larry Fink's Boxing (Limited Edition with Print!); a mini-library of four choice Bruce Weber volumes (bidding starts at $95); one of our very favorite Japanese books, Keizo Kitajima's Photomail from Tokyo from 1980; Peter Beard's The End of the Game (1st Edition!) & more to come. Check out Eric's weekly presentation below, where he considers Rio Branco and Strand. Thanks as always for looking!

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Miguel Rio Branco: The Silent Book
Paul Strand: The Mexican Portfolio
Peter Beard: The End of the Game, 1st edition
Keizo Kitajima: Shashin Tokkyubin Tokyo (Photomail from Tokyo)
Ed Templeton: Teenage Smokers (First Edition!)
Bruce Weber: Bear Pond + Andy Book + 1988 Knopf Monograph + Gentle Giants (4 Books)
Danny Lyon: Conversations with the Dead (Hardbound 1st Edition!)
Larry Fink: Boxing (SIGNED, Limited Edition with Print)
Dorthea Lange: American Exodus (1969 Edition)
Shelby Lee Adams: Appalachian Portraits
Sebastien Girard
Strip-O-Gram - SIGNED
Torbjorn Rodland
Vanilla Partner - SIGNED
Guy Archard
Almost - SIGNED
Ron Jude
Lick Creek Line - SIGNED
Gabrielle McKone
Catch My Eye
Carol Golemboski
Psychometry | Photographs by Carol Golemboski (ebook)

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