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In Sarah Bradley's review of A Period of Juvenile Prosperity, she writes, "The beautiful and romantic photographs of natty, if dirty, young vagabond train hoppers — cultural outsiders living a life of freedom most dare only fantasize about — are captivating. As is Brodie himself. He hasn't simply documented the strange and lovely creatures of this life; he's one of them — thus providing the authenticity the art world often craves. Born in 1985, he hopped his first train at 18 and began making portraits with a Polaroid camera he found in the back of a friend’s car."

The Nudes: A Second Look by Lee Friedlander surveys the most iconic series in his prolific oeuvre. Friedlander found himself drawn to photographing nude models in their homes, harnessing household objects such as lamps, beds, sofas and plants to replicate the angular features and poses of the models. Originally published by Jonathan Cape in 1991 and long out-of-print, The Nudes has been significantly expanded in this edition published by DAP. The new edition boasts a total of 84 duotone illustrations, a new design and layout, and new separations by Thomas Palmer.

Charlotte Dumas has been photographing animals for more than 10 years and Companion explores these snapshot Polaroid portraits. Some animals are domestic companions, some are held captive in zoos, roam wildlife preserves, or serve an authoritative function in society. Dumas positions herself at eye-level to each of the animals she photographs — a respectful nod to the power and stately manner of these beautiful and majestic creatures.

Prairie Stories explores the small Kansas town of Matfield Green (population 48). Photographer Terry Evans has been visiting Matfield Green for over 20 years, making portraits of its inhabitants, the details of their daily lives, and the culture of people living off the land in the middle of the United States. Beautiful aerial photographs of the land punctuate the series.

Garry Winogrand's street photography of the 60s in America earned him the title of one of the most influential photographers of the 20th century. His work is celebrated in a new exhibition at SFMoMA and accompanying monograph of his work, Garry Winogrand. This sweeping retrospective includes some of his most iconic work as well as some photographs never seen before now. Thoughtful essays by Sarah Greenough, Susan Kismaric, Erin O'Toole, Tod Papageorge and Sandra S. Phillips are also included.

In Elisabeth Tonnard's new monograph, The Man of the Crowd, she follows one man — a stranger — for four minutes in the streets of Paris. He appears, disappears and re-appears several times throughout the book's sequence. The book concludes with a poem by Edgar Allan Poe of the same name — in which a nameless narrator follows a man through the crowded streets of London, fascinated by the idea of being alone in the dense populous of a city. Marked with a distinct word from Poe's poem, the book is printed in a limited edition — limited to the number of words in Poe's The Man of the Crowd.

The still photographs by Dutch visual artist Frans Zwartjes, primarily known for his films, comprises the new monograph The Holy Family. His experimental, artistic black & white films depicted heavily made-up, over-dressed male and female actors exploited in illicit power games. Cruelty, domination and gender are central themes in his work. The photographs were made concurrently during the shooting of his films.

Publisher Direct Dark, gritty black & white photographs guide us on a journey with photographers Antoine d'Agata and Morten Andersen in The Wrong Roadtrip by Andrea Stern. The snapshots of her road companions and surroundings feel isolated and take the viewer's gaze away from the ubiquity of roadtrip photographs — and become more about the act of looking and discovery in unfamiliar places.

Minarets and Onion Domes by Alison Shuman illustrates a capital city whose population is divided almost equally between Muslims and Christians. The photographs document the deep-rooted religious background of all of the residents of Kazan, bathed in filmic light, surrounded by a stunning landscape and historic architecture.

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In their 1969 collaboration photographer Jean Clemmer and designer Paco Rabanne created one of the iconic works of 60s fashion photography. The 1969 original was reprinted in 2002 and reprised in the 2010 exhibition, 'Canned Candies: The Nudes of Jean Clemmer' at Flash Project in London.

From 2013 Guggenheim Fellowship recipient Valerio Spada, a signed first printing of his 2011 instant classic, Gomorrah Girl. And, to compliment it, a signed copy of Raised by Wolves, Jim Goldberg's amazing 1995 book that serves as a clear model Spada's approach of weaving compelling narrative our of allusive imagery and documentary evidence.

Also on the block: Garry Winogrand: Animals (SIGNED); Sally Mann: Second Sight (INSCRIBED); Jitka Hanzlova: Rokytnik and MORE! Check out Eric's weekly presentation below. Thanks for looking!

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Valerio Spada: Gomorrah Girl (SIGNED, First Printing!)
Linda McCartney: Portrait of John Lennon, 1968
Lucas Samaras: Album
Dash Snow: Polaroids
Jean Clemmer & Paco Rabanne: Nues (English title, 'Canned Candies', 1st Edition!)
Gordon Matta-Clark: Splitting. 322 Humphrey Street as it was left abandoned
Jim Goldberg: Raised By Wolves (SIGNED, First Edition)
Garry Winogrand: Animals (SIGNED)
Irina Ionesco: Elle-Même (edition limited to 120 copies!)
Henri Cartier-Bresson: The Europeans
Jitka Hanzlova: Rokytnik
Sally Mann: Second Sight (INSCRIBED)
Mike Brodie
A Period of Juvenile Prosperity
Lee Friedlander
The Nudes
Frans Zwartjes
The Holy Family
Garry Winogrand
Garry Winogrand
Terry Evans
Prairie Stories - SIGNED
Charlotte Dumas
Elisabeth Tonnard
The Man of the Crowd
Alison Shuman
Minarets and Onion Domes
Andrea Stern
The Wrong Roadtrip

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