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In Sarah Bradley's review of Nothing Changes if Nothing Changes on photo-eye Blog, she writes, "Ed Panar's Nothing Changes if Nothing Changes is a strange little saddle stitched book containing a series of black & white photographs — or perhaps more correctly, two series of black & white photographs, because when you get to the end, flip it over and turn it upside down, there's another book. With neither a back nor a front, it also avoids a beginning and an end. It's a fascinating experiment in sequencing and book design . . . but it's not just the infinite nature of Nothing Changes If Nothing Changes that makes it captivating. Keep flipping it over and keep looking at it again and again. Nothing changes, but somehow it always feels different. For me, a big part of that feeling is because the booklet essentially contains two books inverted and woven together."

In Marco Van Duyvendijk's new softbound monograph, Love Doll Factory, we travel to the manufacturing plants of China where blow-up dolls are assembled. Designed to relieve the stresses of modern man, the anatomically correct dolls are pictured here in their birthplace, giving a rare and welcomed glimpse into a different kind of toy workshop. Stacks of plastic breasts, hands, legs and arms fill the pages of Love Doll Factory, and we catch glimpses of the female factory workers who carefully put the dolls together. The sterile, cold factory is a subtle and smart metaphor for the intended sexual use of the dolls, perhaps a comment on the dispassionate nature of sexuality today.

In Zine Collection No. 5, Roman Pyatkovka employs the use of various female nudes to illustrate the complex relationship women have with one another and their own bodies. Pyatkovka has drawn what looks like a road map over many of the photographs — a map that leads to nowhere. Within the zine, he explains that "self-awareness, self-deepening spiritual exhibitionism and the creation of a dramatic concept of one's own feelings" is paramount in the photographic arts. Printed in an edition of 200, the zine comes with a limited edition print, signed by the artist.

Zine Collection No. 6 explores the work of photographer Brian Griffin who has set out to produce engaging and political photographs of businessmen and women in the workplace. The business people attempt to deal with the power and control exerted over them by their bosses. They resist their daily tasks and instead opt to entertain themselves with toy trucks, juggling, standing on chairs and hiding behind doors. The portraits are oddly captivating and one does not know what may be lurking on the next page. The zine is printed in an edition of 200 and comes with a limited edition print, signed and numbered by the artist. Watch Melanie McWhorter's video feature on zines 2-6 from this series.

Curators Fannie Escoulen and Bernard Marcadé scoured about 100,000 negatives from the archive of Magnum photographer Antoine d'Agata to produce Anticorps, an installation at LE BAL celebrating twenty years of his work. Published as the companion reader, Anticorps examines the highly visceral, fascinating work of d'Agata, best known for his photographic studies of all things taboo. The book surveys not only his popular subjects (prostitution, drug addiction, obsession) but delves even further into his work to illustrate a way of seeing that is entirely his own. His emotional distance is evident in the serial, mechanized sequences of photographs and becomes an important entrance in understanding his work.

European Photography 92 features the work of Jun Ahn, Gerco de Ruijter, Sungseok Ahn, Patrick Gries, Michael Rohde, Nygårds Karin Bengtsson, Osamu Yokonami, Michael Somoroff, Ernst Logar, Robert Harding Pittman, Nigel Dickinson, and POPCAP Award winner Namsa Leuba. Also included are engaging responses from art, media and photography field experts on the subject of Photography's Reinvention, as well as fascinating articles 'Photography and Suicide' by Boris von Brauchitsch, 'Crowdfunding' by Manfred Zollner, and a Guide to International Portfolio Reviews.

Vincent Fournier's Past Forward is a sweeping and extensive survey of the collective dreams of mankind. Nature, technology, space and science are some of the frontiers subject to Fournier's photographic exploration. We visit missile-testing sites, space centers, foreign relations ministries, and travel from Hollywood to Dubai. The sequence implies a greater narrative about our evolution as a species, but the story remains ambiguous.

Arnold Newman: At Work examines the work of this meticulous and prolific portrait photographer. From handwritten notes to calendars, contact sheets, Polaroids and work prints, we get the sense that Arnold Newman worked tirelessly to perfect his photographic craft — evident in the iconic images he produced over the span of his almost seven decade career. More copies of this beautifully printed book of his work will be arriving soon.

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Mark Chester's Twosomes represents forty years of work from this traveling photographer, pairing his vast archive of photographs in diptych format. This presentation allows us to make formal connections between different times, places and subjects and the format works well to illustrate our inter-related nature, spanning time and space.

Poetry and photography form a perfect union in Stephen E. Strom's Sand Mirrors. The poetry of Richard B. Clarke weaves together a story of the ephemeral in nature and the patterns and cycles that surround us in an ever-changing landscape. This visual and literary exploration steers clear of heavy-handedness — instilling a subtle, under-stated beauty that is entirely philosophical.

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Leading off this week is a lot of four signed books by controversial photographer Antoine D'Agata, whose visceral images of the nether worlds of sex, drugs and self-destruction have earned him comparisons to Larry Clark and Nan Goldin, with whom he studied at ICP in New York. (Though the more apt comparison would be to the writer William T. Vollman, with whom he shares what the Paris Review called a "unique engagement of his own personality with his work.")

Two very different takes on our erotic drives come to us courtesy of the late Dutch photographer Sanne Sannes in his 1972 classic, The Face of Love and Bettina Rheims elegantly raunchy Morceaux Choisis.

Also on the block, Colors Cacas [Sh*T]: A Coffee-Table Book a somewhat tongue-in-cheek look at, yes, poop. It is included in Parr and Badger, The Photobook: A History, Vol. II in their chapter titled, 'The Düsseldorf Tendency.' Not surprisingly, it is also the current favorite of Jacob, my four year old son!

Other listings this week include signed books by Robert Frank, Cindy Sherman, Constantine Manos and Julian Schnabel. Be sure to check out Eric's weekly presentation where he opines on a few of this week's selections. Thanks as always for looking!!

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Antoine D'Agata: Positions + Do Trinque (No. 6) + Vortex + Ice (4 Books, ALL SIGNED)
Oliviero Toscani: Colors Cacas [Sh*T]: A Coffee-Table Book
Sanne Sannes: The Face of Love
Robert Frank: The Americans (SIGNED)
Bettina Rheims: Morceaux Choisis
Robert Heinecken: Friends of Photography Monograph (SIGNED, Ltd. Ed.)
Richard Avedon: Made in France
O. Winston Link: Steam, Steel & Stars: America's Last Steam Railroad (SIGNED)
Cindy Sherman: Untitlted Film Stills (SIGNED)
Albert Watson: Cyclops (INSCRIBED)
Julian Schnabel: Polaroids (SIGNED)
Lazlo Moholy-Nagy: Vision in Motion (1st Edition in Scarce Dust Jacket!)
Constantine Manos: American Color & American Color 2 (2 Vol. Set, BOTH SIGNED!)
Ed Panar
Nothing Changes If Nothing Changes - SIGNED
Marco Van Duyvendijk
Love Doll Factory - SIGNED
Roman Pyatkovka
Zine Collection N°5: Roman Pyatkovka - SIGNED
Brian Griffin
Zine Collection N°6: Brian Griffin - SIGNED
Antoine D'Agata
Andreas Muller-Pohle
European Photography No. 92
Vincent Fournier
Past Forward
Roy Flukinger
Arnold Newman
Mark Chester
Richard B. Clarke and Stephen E. Strom
Sand Mirrors

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