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European Photography No. 91 explores the work of eleven different artists including Ruben Salvadori, Dana Popa, Alexis Cordesse, Ji Hyun Kwon, Juraj Lipscher, Lynna Jean, Achim Mohné, Simon Menner, Verner Soler, Txema Salvans, and Alinka Echeverría. The works range from conceptual to documentary photography, dealing with issues such as prostitution and sexual slavery, family, dormitory and school life, war, and abstract visual studies. Each of the photographers is briefly interviewed, providing context for each of the works included.

In Melanie McWhorter's review of Terrain of Loss by Andrea Camuto, she writes, "Refugee camps and other locations of war's diaspora are often over flowing with the most vulnerable in society; the poor, children and their families who have moved away from the violence to protect their lives and those of their loved ones. The long history of conflict in Afghanistan has left many of these very people living on the fringes. Camuto's book Terrain of Loss: Afghan Exiles in Their Own Land is a somber yet artful depiction of the conditions that these refugees tolerate within the boundaries of their own nation." Read the entire review on the photo-eye Blog.

Published to coincide with a ten year survey of their work at the Polk Museum of Art, Louviere + Vanessa's Coincidence is a sweeping look at the surreal work of the duo, including photos, sketches and a flip book. The opening and closing essays introduce and frame their work in the context of other surrealist photography from Man Ray to David Lynch.

When Tom Young was only ten years old, he had a medical procedure that left him with bandages over his eyes for weeks. During that time, his other sensory responses changed. In Timeline, Young explores the act of seeing in its many incarnations — from images burned into our memory to gathering images from the body's other senses. The photographs illustrate the sensual and visceral qualities of light and image making.

Minescape by Brett Van Ort documents the last remaining vestiges of the Bosnian war in the early 90s. Landmines are hidden among the Bosnian countryside in Minescape, casting a sinister light on the stunning landscapes the stunning landscapes in a sinister light. These photographs are intermixed with photographs of the mines themselves as well as prosthetic limbs, set against a stark white background. The book allows the viewer to ponder the affects of a post-war social, political and natural landscape.

Over one hundred black & white photographs of mid-century Mexico fill the pages of Lola Álvarez Bravo and the Photography of an Era. This selection, culled from the González Rendón archive, contains Álvarez Bravo's iconic portraits of Frida Kahlo and Diego Rivera, every day rural and city life in Mexico, as well as her pioneering photomontage and surrealist work. Álvarez Bravo's rich oeuvre, made during the post-revolution renaissance in Mexico, demonstrates her skilled eye and range in photographic genres.

Published on the occasion of the exhibition at Grant Hall Gallery in 2002, My Daughters by Catherine Angel is a tender and touching look at Angel's three daughters and their relationship with one another. The three young girls are photographed swimming and playing in the nude in their own backyard. Each of the girls possess a subtle confidence and graceful beauty, complemented by Angel's poetic compositions.

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Broken Things by Sam Seager documents the site of Japan's historic earthquake and tsunami of 2011 on its first anniversary. The title refers to both the emotional and physical damage caused by the earthquake and tsunami. The photographs explore life after a great loss and the enduring human spirit.

Irish Tinkers: A Portrait of Irish Travellers in the 1970s by Janine Wiedel is a fascinating glimpse into the vanishing world of a nomadic people, who, through the efforts of globalization, have rendered their skills of tinsmithing, flower-making and spoon-mending obsolete. The black & white photographs depict every day life on the fringe of society and their daily struggles to survive.

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After a week-long reality check with the vastness that is northern New Mexico, Eric is back to the thrum of New York life! With the publication of first-generation Punk pioneer Richard Hell's memoir, I Dreamed I Was a Very Clean Tramp—which was Eric's airplane reading —along with the eagerly anticipated Metropolitan Museum of Art exhibition PUNK: Chaos to Couture opening this Spring (a mere twenty-five years after The New Museum mounted, "Impresario: Malcolm McLaren and the British New Wave") and, finally, a (somewhat silly-sounding) feature film based on the early years of CBGB, it's clear our nostalgia for Punk's formative years knows no bounds.

Leading off this week's offerings is a downtown NYC cult-classic, Crazy Spanish Girls by Tina Lhotsky (or, 'L'Hotsky'), whom the inimitable Village Voice Michael Musto dubbed "Queen of the Mudd Club." That storied venue was a favored art world hang-out when it opened in 1978 that also attracted the artier fringe of the Punk and New Wave scenes. Lhotsky's artist book has all the DIY, in-your-face street aesthetic of Punk; but its use of found imagery to explore female sexual and gender stereotypes is not unlike what the 'Pictures Generation' artists (and Cindy Sherman) are doing at around the same time. An amazing period piece! Salvador Costa, a Spaniard, was in the U.K. just at the time punk was exploding. PUNK is the remarkable 1977 book published when Costa got back to Barcelona. To say that what he captured on film sent shock waves through the rock audience just emerging from the authoritarian funk of the Franco period would be an understatement.

Also on the block, the insanely rare hardbound first issue of Philip Jones Griffiths' epochal work of photojournalism, Vietnam, Inc.; a scarce SIGNED copy of Frederick Sommer's first monograph, the special Aperture 10:4 (1939-1962 Photographs) issue from 1962; Lewis Baltz's Park City and MORE TO COME!

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Tina L'Hotsky:Crazy Spanish Girls--SIGNED!
Salvador Costa: Punk (1977!)
Philip Jones Griffiths: Vietnam, Inc. (RARE Hardbound First Edition!)
Lewis Baltz: Park City
Frederick Sommer: Aperture 10:4 1962 (1939-1962 Photographs) --RARE SIGNED COPY!
[Anonymous] Lesbianism, 64 Intimate Photos of a World Without Men
Lee Friedlander: Self-Portrait (First & Second Editions--2 Books, 1 Signed)
Karl Blossfeldt: Art Forms In Nature (First U.S. Edition)
Alex Webb: Hot Light/Half-Made Worlds + Istanbul + Suffering of Light (ALL SIGNED!)
Bernd & Hilla Becher: Industrielandschaften (Industrial Landscapes)--Limited Edition with Print!
Andreas Muller-Pohle
European Photography No. 91
Andrea Camuto
Terrain of Loss - SIGNED
Louviere + Vanessa
Coincidence - SIGNED
Tom Young
Timeline - SIGNED
Brett Van Ort
Lola Álvarez Bravo
Lola Álvarez Bravo and the Photography of an Era
Catherine Angel
My Daughters
Sam Seager
Broken Things
Janine Wiedel
Irish Tinkers (ebook)

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