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The LBM Dispatch is a photographic newspaper collaboration between photographer Alec Soth and writer Brad Zellar. In LBM Dispatch #4: Three Valleys, the pair look to three valleys in California: the Silicon Valley, San Joaquin Valley, and Death Valley. While Death Valley lends itself to an otherworldly landscape and the absence of even rural communities, San Joaquin Valley is the home of agricultural communities comprised of immigrant workers and Silicon Valley is the home to many of the world's largest dot com businesses. Soth's environmental portraits of the people who live and work in these valleys are matched perfectly with Zellar's writings and work together to paint a picture of these three very different valleys in California and the people who inhabit them.

In Karen Jenkins’ review of Salt & Truth on photo-eye Blog, she writes, "The Appalachian hollers of Eastern Kentucky are a restorative realm for Shelby Lee Adams and photography a tonic. Having dwelled there as a child, he has returned to photograph for nearly forty years. Adams reveres the rural tempo and traditions of this place, fueled by his belief that such an authentic, 'salt of the earth' culture should be preserved, both in image and fact. Change is coming to these isolated communities and Adams' latest monograph, Salt & Truth from Candela Books feels like something that needs to be said, while there's still time." The Limited Edition of Salt & Truth comes with a choice of one 8x10 silver gelatin print. Please note that the price of the Limited Edition will increase as the edition sells.

Framed by text written by his father, Roger Guaus weaves together a tribute to his parents in his new monograph, The Unreachable. The book's focus is on old world values such as loving your mother and taking care of your health. Without pretention, the book illuminates generational differences in pursuing happiness and feels like a stumbled-across family photo album punctuated by the wise and simple teachings of an elder.

Ca L'isidret contains six black & white photographs taken around a rural mountain getaway of the same name in Alt Penedès, near Barcelona, Spain. This softbound newsprint publication is a collaboration between Aleix Plademunt, Juan Diego Valera and Roger Guaus. The photographs of trees, branches, leaves and rocks illustrate an untamed, wild landscape not far from the world famous Spanish vineyards. The full-bleed printing and large-scale size allows the viewer to stand back and take in these natural and unwieldy scenes; chaotic yet beautiful.

Leigh Ledare, Et Al. is a sweeping survey of over 100 works of artist Leigh Ledare. In his 2008 book, Pretend You're Actually Alive, he documented his mother having sex with various partners, as well as other family relationships and dynamics. Leigh Ledare, Et. Al explores the relationship between the photographer and the participants and co-authors of many of his works. It is in the collaboration that his works truly come to life. Questioning authenticity as a construction, much like identity, his provocative works allow the viewer to meditate on how images are read and function in society, particularly those of pornographic nature. This is the companion reader to the first solo institutional exhibition of his work at WIELS Contemporary Art Centre in Brussels.

Ephemera by Armand Quetsch employs the genres of portraiture, still life, landscape and documentary photography, threading together disparate images reduced to their formal connections. A photograph of the night sky littered with stars is followed by a snow-flurried night scene; a textured tapestry is placed beside a similarly textured swimming pool. This wandering, dream-like sequence speaks to the ephemeral natural of memory and every day life, and our inherent desire to make connections between the images presented to us.

A collaborative effort between writer Carolina E. Santo and photographer Veronique Hoegger, Buchs is a collection of four smaller books, each documenting a different city of the same name — Buchs — in Switzerland. The books are inscribed on the cover with the corresponding postal code. Hoegger's photographs illustrate Santo's "documented fictions" — and focus on the fictionalized narratives of a single character living in each of the towns. The colorful photographs invite the viewer to imagine parallel existences lived by one, central character.

In Popel Coumou, the tranquil experience of looking out over a vast, endless horizon is a challenging feat. Coumou has constructed geometric shapes that resemble ubiquitous, three-dimensional interiors. Through the process of heavy digital pixilation and tightly cropped compositions, our tranquility is interrupted. The affect is jarring and a bit unsettling, yet mysterious and beautiful. Somehow, the familiar shapes and dimensional objects are still intriguing to the eye.

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Susan Meiselas: Carnival Strippers (1st edition)
Ed Van Der Elsken: L'Amour, Foto's 1950-1990
Man Ray: Photographs 1920-1934
Joseph Koudelka: Gypsies (SIGNED)
Slim Aarons: A Wonderful Time (1st Edition)--INSCRIBED
Joseph Szabo: Almost Grown
Shinzo Fukuhara (ed.): Musashino Fubutsu--Shashinshu (Musashino Scenes--A Book of Photographs)
William Klein: Parigi + Klein
Berber/Droste:Die Tänze des Lasters, des Grauens und der Ekstase [Dances of Vice, Horror & Ecstasy]
Nobuyoshi Araki: Tokyo Story (1989)
Stephen Shore: Lot of 5 Signed Books
Lee Friedlander: The Little Screens
Danny Lyon: The Bikeriders
Peter Beard: The Last Word From Paradise (Japanese Catalogue)
Greg Gorman: Just Between Us (SIGNED)
Josef Sudek: Janacek Hukvaldy [INSCRIBED]
Max Pam (Collection L'Oiseau Rare monograph)
Alec Soth and Brad Zellar
Lbm Dispatch #4: Three Valleys
Shelby Lee Adams
Salt & Truth - Limited Edition
Roger Guaus
The Unreachable
Aleix Plademunt
Ca L'isidret
Leigh Ledare
Leigh Ledare, Et Al
Armand Quetsch
Carolina E.Santo/veronique Hoe
Popel Coumou
Popel Coumou

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