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Return to Sender documents photographer Sipke Visser’s project of mailing 500 handwritten letters to strangers all over the United Kingdom including a photograph and a self-addressed stamped envelope. The recipients were asked to "Write whatever you like. Something about the picture, yourself, the weather. About where you are, who you are, where you'd like to be. Or send me a picture, anything..." Included in the book are 127 of Visser's unsolicited photographs as well as various responses he received in return. The responses range from skeptical to enthusiastic, touching and emotional. In the back of the book, Visser has enclosed a self-addressed envelope — an invitation to participate.

In Familiar Territory, Jon Naiman peers into the homes of people who keep farm animals, creating absurd and fascinating portraits by inviting those animals inside the home to be photographed with the family. Goats, pigs, cows, chickens, and boars fill the homes of Naiman's subjects — in the case of a horse, quite literally. A potbelly pig is found lounging with its owner on the couch. A donkey rests its head on its owner’s shoulder. These animals seem as comfortable in the domestic space as any cat or dog, making for touching portraits that explore the emotional bond we often experience with our animals, even those not traditionally considered pets. Jon Naiman’s Familiar Territory series is also featured on the Photographer’s Showcase. View the portfolio here.

Problems with Decomposition by Sam Falls explores the relationship between the ephemeral nature of organic matter and the lasting nature of synthetic material. In this book, Falls dips fruit into paint and stamps them on the photograph's surface and then repeats the process with man-made tires. He merges sculpture, photography and painting in a playful deliberation about material and experience and his work is encased by that which never decays: the photograph.

Tiane Doan na Champassak's Spleen and Ideal is a dark, haunting look at the relationship between the photographer, nude models, and the urban architecture that surrounds them. Champassak achieves a remarkable balance between distance and intimacy in these abstract portraits. The blurred portraits of the nude models echo the blurry lines of gender, identity and sexuality.

Sequencing, editing and the archive are some of the most important elements in the production of fine art photography works. Things As They Are by Elspeth Diederix explores these concepts by employing photographic collages that are uncovered as one flips through the pages of the book. We start with a collage of several photographs on a single page, and as we flip through, single images are removed from the collage, eventually revealing one photograph on a single page at the end of the sequence. Then, a new sequence begins with a new collage and a new set of images. The "final edit" of the book consists of only 16 photographs, though the process of editing is the subject of investigation. The photographs illustrate accumulations of objects, interventions, and formal connections made through use of color.

The Wrong Side by Jérôme Sessini is a harrowing look at the effects of drug cartels on life in three of the most dangerous Mexican cities — Culiacan, Tijuana and the particularly violent border town of Ciudad Juarez. The photographs are dark, gritty and beautifully composed. Needles, prostitutes, bloody crime scenes and decaying building provide the backdrop for the photographs depicting the stark reality facing the residents of these troubling places, making for a powerful document about the increasingly violent drug war taking place every day on Mexico's border.

Lewis Baltz is a comprehensive look at the influential photographer's oeuvre. In this volume, his signature black & white photographs of industrial landscapes and suburban sprawl are reproduced from such series as The Tract Houses (1969–71) and Sites of Technology (1989–91) as well as his important work in between. Installation shots and essays provide a framework for understanding his work in an art historical context.

An Vogelhausern Mangelt Es Jedoch Nicht by Luca Schenardi takes a critical look at the connection between materialism and the deterioration of our natural environment. Included in the book are drawings, digital illustrations, photographs and bird portraits. The birds reappear throughout the book, seemingly to serve as a metaphor for cultural decadence. Though touching on a more serious subject matter, the book steers clear of overt cynicism, cleverly infusing humor and irony.

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In Photographic Exposure Calculations and Camera Operation, Michael G. Prais debunks some of the most ubiquitous myths that appear in photography textbooks and instructional manuals. The sunny f/16 rule, exposure compensation, and the myth of 18% as midtone are explored and deconstructed. Prais offers new insights into some of the most common misconceptions about the technical aspects of the photographic process.

Americans love their sports teams. In One Goal, Allison Davis O'Keefe chronicles the University of North Dakota's hockey team during the 2010–2011 season. The black & white work documents the team's camaraderie and sportsmanship, their defeats and wins, and gives us a sense of how seriously their fans take their dedication to the team.

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Robert Heinecken: Are You Rea (INSCRIBED!) + Friends of Photography Monograph--Two SIGNED Ltd. Eds.!
Garry Winogrand: Women Are Beautiful (Hardbound First Edition!)
Danny Lyon: Pictures from the New World (Limited Edition with Print!)
Frantisek Drtikol: Eyes Wide Open (Limited English Edition)
Eikoh Hosoe: Kamaitachi (First Edition!)
Sam Taylor-Wood: Crying Men
Ed Templeton: Teenage Smokers (First Edition!)
Joan Fontcuberta: Herbarium
Martin Parr: Last Resort (SIGNED)
Danny Lyon: The Destruction of Lower Manhattan (1st edition!)
Danny Lyon: Conversations with the Dead (Hardbound 1st Edition!)
Eugene Richards: Dorchester Days (1st edition)
Robert Adams: Denver
René Burri: Berner Blitz + Nous Sommes Treize a Table (BOTH SIGNED)
Sipke Visser
Return to Sender - SIGNED
Sam Falls
Problems With Decomposition - SIGNED
Tiane Doan Na Champassak
Spleen and Ideal
Jon Naiman
Familiar Territory
JÉrÔme Sessini
The Wrong Side
Elspeth Diederix
Things As They Are
Luca Schenardi
An Vogelhausern Mangelt Es Jedoch Nicht
Lewis Baltz
Lewis Baltz
Michael G. Prais, Ph.D
Photographic Exposure Calculations and Camera Operation
Allison Davis O'Keefe
One Goal

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