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Mass by Mark Power is one of the most engaging photobook productions I've seen at photo-eye in the last few months. Each page is flipped horizontally and then is opened vertically to expose a vertical gatefold. The book consists of tightly cropped photographs of donation boxes as well as elaborate and expansive churches. The experience of flipping through the book iterates the process of donating to the church and then, in the vertical gatefold that follows, an implication of the money spent on ornate interior furnishings. It's simple: your money goes in the box, and then it comes out in the rich, beautiful interiors of these sacred spaces. The interior photographs of the churches are quite remarkable — a true testament to the wealth and power of the church.

Raskols is an engaging glimpse into the world of street gangs in Papua New Guinea from Australian photographer Stephen Dupont. The black & white photographs depict the raskols against decaying walls or receding into shadows. They are almost always shown with their handmade handguns or carrying machetes — sometimes one in each hand. It is as though the raskols' weapons have become a part of their identity. Their postures emanate a kind of menacing danger, while their eyes express their common humanity in an almost painfully evident vulnerability. The photographs are interspersed with quotes from the Bible, the Port Moresby Acting Police Commissioner, and from the raskols themselves. They contentiously opine on the lives of the raskol gang members, creating an air of tension felt throughout the book, likely similar to the tension felt by walking the streets of Port Moresby in Papua New Guinea.

Brisees (French for "broken branches") is a curious new photobook by Helen Sear. Sear sourced the images from a Google image search for the phrase "tree surgeon." Circular and ovular shapes have been digitally inserted into each pixelated image, interrupting our sense of time and place — two important qualities in understanding the printed photograph. The book engages the philosophical underpinnings of photography and the act of seeing. Sear pays homage to the 1966 book by French Surrealist writer Michel Leiris whose book bears the same title.

In 2004, the Conservative Central Office in the UK moved its location and left behind almost 50 years worth of political relics. Chateau Despair by photographer Lisa Barnard explores the strange, deserted office space. The 32 Smith Square location is synonymous with the reign of Margaret Thatcher, whose portraits were found by Barnard in an old cupboard long after the building had been abandoned. The portraits are interspersed with photographs of the drab interior and objects left behind — a negative film-strip, a spoon, an envelope. Essays by Sarah James and Jeremy Till provide further insight into this intriguing political space and the approach Barnard took in documenting it.

Contact Sheet Number 169 highlights the work of Chinese photographer Shen Wei, who has created a compelling body of work comprised exclusively of nude self-portraits. Sexuality and the nude form are highly contentious subjects in his native China, but in this work, he asserts himself, his identity and sexuality in raw and emotive portraits. He often is found in undisturbed landscapes but is also photographed in interiors, urban and suburban environments. His work explores the intrinsic desire to find a place for oneself in the world, in relation to our environment, ourselves, and others.

Photographs 1951-2000 is an expansive collection of some of the most iconic photographs taken by legendary Japanese photographer Shomei Tomatsu, who passed away in December 2012. Tomatsu's legacy lies in his documentation of post-WWII Japan. His work highlights the complexity of Japan's identity and the social impact of a rapid move toward Westernization. Tomatsu resisted traditional methods of documentary photography, instead engaging symbolic and poetic narratives in his impressive oeuvre.

Two new Limited Editions from photographer Theo Anderson round out this week's New Arrivals. The first, White Sands, is an absolutely remarkable monograph of ten color photographs made in White Sands, New Mexico. This U.S. National Monument is known for its snow-white sandy landscape of rolling dunes. The photographer focuses on the culture of this tourist destination with photographs of a tour bus, covered picnic benches, visitors sledding down the sand dunes and a few untouched, pristine natural landscapes.

Anderson turns to the ghost town of Orla, Texas in Coca-Cola. It is estimated that two people comprise the town's population on the western Texas/New Mexico border. The photographs render the abandoned buildings in highly controlled, symmetrical compositions. The buildings themselves become abandoned sculptures riddled with mystery and a past that is unclear to the viewer. Both Coca-Cola and White Sands are printed by the artist on the paper he uses for his archival pigment ink prints and comprise a larger series Cadillac. The two books are almost identical, spiral-bound with minimal design — an uncomplicated display that invites the viewer to explore the narrative and draw their own interpretation of these western landscapes.

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Erin Azouz
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Leading off this week's auction listings is a volume that has become a cult classic of fashion photography: Acid Candy, by high-gloss conceptualist Miles Aldridge. With its brooding surrealist undertone, it could very well be subtitled, "What hath Guy Bourdin wrought?" From one of the Japan's undisputed, multi-talented design geniuses comes The Complete Tadanori Yokoo. Yokoo figured prominently in the show Tokyo 1955–1970: A New Avant-Garde, which recently closed at MoMA in New York. Also on the block: Diane Arbus' Aperture Monograph (the rare first printing with 'Two Girls in Identical Raincoats'!). Both Weegee as well as legendary avant-garde filmmaker Kenneth Anger cast a jaded eye on Hollywood in their books Naked Hollywood and Hollywood Babylon. Perhaps no other photographer channels the period when jazz was still a cool, cutting-edge and bit subversive better than William Claxton; we've got a signed copy of Jazz, the fantastic 1987 Twelvetrees Press representation of Claxtons' classic 1962 survey. And there's much more! Be sure to check out Eric's weekly presentation, where he opines about some of this week's offerings! As always, thanks for looking!!

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Miles Aldrige: Acid Candy (SIGNED)
Kohei Yoshiyuki: Document Kouen (Document Park)--First Edition
Robert Frank: Gli Americani (The Americans)--Scarce 1st Italian Edition (1958)!
Tadanori Yokoo: The Complete Tadanori Yokoo
Helen Levitt: Here and There (SIGNED)
Diane Arbus: An Aperture Monograph (Rare 1st Printing with 'Two Girls in Identical Raincoats'!)
Larry Clark: Tulsa (Signed Limited Edition with Print)
Sally Mann: Deep South (SIGNED)
Kenneth Anger: Hollywood Babylon (1959 1st Edition!)
Weegee: Naked Hollywood
William Claxton: Jazz (SIGNED)
Philip Jones Griffiths: Vietnam, Inc. (SIGNED)
Tina Barney: The Europeans (SIGNED)
Mark Power
Stephen Dupont
Helen Sear
Lisa Barnard
Chateau Despair - SIGNED
Shen Wei
Contact Sheet 169: Shen Wei - SIGNED
Shomei Tomatsu
Photographs 1951-2000
Theo Anderson
White Sands - Limited Edition
Theo Anderson
Coca-Cola - Limited Edition

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