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Manuel Álvarez Bravo is a comprehensive volume celebrating the work of the Mexican photographer. Álvarez Bravo's work was of paramount importance in establishing a cultural identity in Mexico during and after the country's revolution from 1910–1920. The book is a companion to the traveling exhibition organized by Fundacion MAPFRE. A handful of thoughtful essays on Álvarez Bravo's legacy contextualize his work and practice during a time of great political and social change in Mexico.

Las Sombras/The Shadows explores the natural world of plants and animals through exquisitely composed photograms from photographer Kate Breakey. In this monograph, Breakey utilizes one of the earliest photographic processes that employs only photographic paper and light. The shadows cast on the photo paper become illuminated and the subjects are reduced to their most basic form. Shapes and outlines allow a lizard to bear resemblance to the leaves that surround it. Coyotes, birds, cats and an array of plant life are meticulously arranged in the compositions, making way for a compelling metaphoric narrative.

Known in their native Japan as Ama-san, Ama by Nina Poppe is a visual study of women who spend their days on the sea, hunting abalone. This rich and engaging topic challenges traditional Western notions of femininity, as the women are depicted as courageous, independent and self-sufficient. However, the precious sea snail has become increasingly difficult to harvest due to local natural disasters, climate change and environmental contaminants, rendering their trade nearly obsolete.

Look. Ed! is the companion reader to an exhibition of work from Dutch photographer Ed van der Elsken. The photographs in the exhibition were selected by three prominent Dutch photographers — Marlene Dumas, Rineke Dijkstra and Marijke van Warmerdam. Their ruminations on van der Elsken's work provide insight into the selections of each of his photographs for inclusion in the exhibition. The underlying theme focuses on the act of looking. Van der Elsken's documentary approach has roots in observing the darker reaches of humanity without becoming overtly morbid and his portraits of emotionally detached subjects are particularly enthralling. The book peers into the work of not only van der Elsken but also the three female photographers who curated this exhibition of his work.

Album Beauty (edited Erik Kessels) was reviewed by Karen Jenkins on the photo-eye Blog. She writes, "The phrase 'found photography' seems entirely too passive a label for the anonymous images that Eric Kessels has culled from so many antique shops or auction lots and presented anew in Album Beauty. Anyone who shares his enthusiasm for vernacular imagery will recognize some recurring themes among those orphan photos and albums collected within, including the ill-conceived vacation snap, the propped-up baby and the often-stilted formal wear by mantelpiece portrait. When found individually, these wayward photographs are fodder for fanciful musings on their path through the world and many echo something of the earnest energy of a runt puppy vying for selection (Pick me!). Discovery of an intact album feels like both a lucky break and a violation of the semi-private aspect of this form. Album Beauty is crafted from both these singular images and unaltered album groupings to delineate Kessels' conception of beauty as particularly manifest in this mode of collection and display."

Selected by Anne Kelly as one of her Best Books of 2012, Sharon Harper's From Above and Below is a fascinating and highly unique look of the night sky. She writes, "Harper's book, From Above and Below, is a selection images that explore the night sky, perception and technology. The images range from photographs to video stills, shot with a variety of cameras, some of which Harper creates using a telescope as a lens. Though some of the images are still photographs, they are made with an interest in motion, such as the images from her series Sun/Moon (trying to see through a telescope). All of the images present a new way of looking at the night sky and seek a new way of understanding."

Lange Liste 79–97 is the meticulous documentation of Gisela Lange, who kept records of her family's every activity and expense from 1979–1997. WassinkLundgren selected Lange Liste 79–97 as one of their Best Books of 2012. They write, "This is just great. A compilation of all expenses Christian Lange's mother made up till his 18th birthday, mixed with family pictures and images of the products she bought. It shows beautifully how inadequate economic reality really is, but at the same time how it can take over so easily. A very layered and compelling book that is beautifully designed and well thought through. Absolutely love it!"

Selected by Rebecca Senf as one of her Best Books of 2012, Gila by Michael P. Berman is a beautiful collection of photographs made in the Gila National Forest in New Mexico. Senf writes, "In this book Berman focuses on the primal and powerful forests of the Gila National Forest in western New Mexico, creating portraits of individual trees as well as revealing the texture of the forest. A spare design and artful pacing of the images makes the volume of photographs one that can be enjoyed on many return viewings. A separate volume includes a group of essays from diverse voices."

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Bill Henson: Lux Et Nox (First Printing)
Ryan McGinley: Moonmilk (Self-Published, Limited Edition 'Zine, 1/100)
Walker Evans: Message From the Interior (Hardbound Edition in Scarce Glassine Jacket)
Robert Mapplethorpe: Lady Lisa Lyon (Hardbound, 1st edition!, SIGNED!)
Gordon Matta-Clark: Splitting. 322 Humphrey Street as it was left abandoned
David LaChapelle: Nos Otros (INSCRIBED)
Mark Power: The Treasury Project (SIGNED)
Yasuhiro Ishimoto: Someday, Somewhere (Association Copy)
Jeff Lovelace: California Landscape (1st Printing)
Bruce Weber: Rookie (Dreams of Greatness)--SIGNED
Hiroshi Sugimoto: Theaters (SIGNED)
William Eggleston's Guide (1st Edition--SIGNED!)
Manuel Álvarez Bravo
Manuel Álvarez Bravo
Kate Breakey
Las Sombras/The Shadows
Nina Poppe
Ed Van Der Elsken
Look. Ed!
Erik Kessels
Album Beauty
Sharon Harper
From Above and Below - SIGNED
Christian Lange
Lange Liste 79 - 97 - SIGNED
Michael P. Berman

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