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Published by J&L Books, Babe is a small but enticing new book from photographer Michael Northrup. Working in color and capturing the mundane and strangeness of every day life, Northrup seems particularly interested in odd and comical moments. People are present in most of the photographs and strange juxtapositions fill each frame. A young woman looks softly into the camera holding a horse's muzzle while flies cover both of their faces. A man holds a stethoscope to his chest while his eyes roll into the back of his head. The photographs all seem to find humor in the humdrum and shed light on the oddity of domestic life. Furniture, clothing and hairstyles date the photographs back to the late 1970s and 1980s — a time of rapid cultural change in America. The 1980 election of conservative Ronald Reagan as president signaled the flower-power movement as a thing of the past; people fled to the suburbs in search of quiet, domestic life. Babe is a visual documentation of this shift in the American cultural landscape during that time.

Edited by Cristiano Raimondi and Simone Menegoi, Le Silence is a curated selection of hundreds of images by more than twenty-five artists, exploring a world that has become increasingly less hospitable to humankind. Artists include Arman, Bartolomeo Bimbi, Michel Blazy, Karl Blossfeldt, Brassaï, Romeo Castellucci, Lourdes Castro, Tony Cragg, Daniel Gustav Cramer, Adrien Missika, Walter Pichler, Rudolf Polanszky, Pierre Savatier, Hiroshi Sugimoto and others. Though the book seems to grapple with far-reaching ideas such as the evolution of mankind, the adaptation of species over the course of history and the Earth's struggle to sustain its life forms, to me the book is a testament and homage to the medium of photography and its ability to historicize the world we live in, provide visual documentation for future generations, giving us the tools to look back and see how far we've come.

Cette Montagne C'est Moi by Witho Worms was selected by Tom Claxton as one of his Best Books of 2012. Claxton writes, "A truly compelling book that documents the man-made landscapes of European coal heaps and uses the carbon material from the locations in the book's printing process. This is a thrilling example of how an artist has conquered the potential restraints of the photobook medium, to create an object that enhances the subject with every turn of the page." Printed on black matte paper, the dark reproductions of the photographs speak to the man-made landscapes of Worms' investigation. Transcending the traditional printing process of the photobook medium, it is a remarkable art-object.

Roxane by Viviane Sassen explores the relationship between Sassen and her muse, Roxane. In the color photographs, Roxane is pictured in strange clothing, placed in weird positions and given odd props with which to pose. The portraits are interspersed with photographs of what appears to be a painted wall, chipping and worn over time, exposing the many layers of paint beneath the surface. These photographs elevate the book to another level — one that is deeply psychological, implicating the beautiful Roxane as a multi-dimensional person, more than just a pretty face that Sassen loves to photograph.

Nocturnes is a boxed set of six books, each by a different photographer. As a whole, the six photographers represent a new photography collective, AM projects. For this project, each of them produced very different bodies of work centered on a single theme — night. Photographers include Aaron McElroy, Daisuke Yokota, Ester Vonplon, Gert Jochems, Olivier Pin-Fat and Tiane Doan na Champassak. The books are printed on different papers, taking into account the various methods in which each of the photographers work, resulting in very different books within the larger set. Olivier Pin-Fat's book is particularly remarkable as it folds out to a single, giant poster of contact sheet-sized reproductions from 6x6 and 6x7 color and black-and-white negatives. Nocturnes was selected by Tony Cederteg as one of his Best Books of 2012.

America 101 by Arthur Grace was recently reviewed by Tom Leininger on the photo-eye Blog. Leininger writes, "Arthur Grace is a photographer who knows how to get his point across. Working as a wire service photographer in the 1970s trained him to sum up situations with a neutral, direct photographic language. This book is not a collection of retread journalistic pictures but a vision of a photographer with a statement to make. Typically, America is shown in books as a road trip a photographer may have made, or as a colorfully sentimental place. In this book Grace uses wit and humor to point out the small quirks of America, politicians and the landscape. Middle and rural America is well represented here."

Selected by Erik Kessels as one of his Best Books of 2012, Fire Guys by Idan Hayosh & Corina Kuenzli is now in stock and photo-eye has the last remaining copies of this printing. Kessels writes, "A subject that fascinated me also for a while already, photographs of smiling fireman in front of a burning house. An absurd and disturbing scene, until you know they are practicing in front of dummy houses. I'm very happy that Hayosh and Kuenzli finally made a beautiful book with their collection. Check out the centerfold!"

Gila by Michael P. Berman was selected by Rebecca Senf as one of her Best Books of 2012. David Ondrik recently reviewed Gila on the photo-eye Blog. Ondrik writes, "Michael P. Berman's Gila is an homage to southwestern New Mexico's Gila Wilderness, and in the pages of this two volume book he shows his respect and dedication to New Mexico's first, largest, and last wilderness. This is the landscape in which Aldo Leopold realized that the United States was on a disastrous course in our treatment of the land and its inhabitants, and Leopold set out to create the first ‘do-not-disturb’ zone: the Gila Wilderness. It is also Berman's home and stomping grounds, an area that is a major component of his photographic oeuvre. Gila is an amazing book, and if you're interested in conservation or nature photography you should pick it up immediately." Signed copies are arriving in 2-4 weeks.

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Doug Rickard's A New American Picture has been compared quite favorably to Walker Evan's American Photographs and Robert Frank's The Americans. Recently re-issued by Aperture, the first printing was only 200 signed copies. Without doubt it has been one of the most talked-about photobooks of the last several years. Also on the block, Robert Heinecken's Are You Rea, a work finally being acknowledged as one of the most prescient achievements in photo-based art of the last 50 years; Miguel Calderón's self-titled 2007 monograph (chosen by Martin Parr as one of the Best Photobooks of the Decade); Alvin Langdon Coburn's incomparable Men of Mark (the 1913 first edition with 33 original gravure plates!); a masterpiece of 1930s Mexican Modernism, Chimeneas [Chimneys] by Gustavo Ortiz Hernán with photos by Augustin Jiménez (and others) in its rare limited edition! & MUCH MORE! Be sure to watch Eric's weekly presentation below. As always, thanks for looking!

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Doug Rickard: A New American Picture (First Edition--SIGNED, Limited Edition, 200 copies!)
Robert Heinecken: Are You Rea SIGNED, Limited Edition (INSCRIBED!)
Sanne Sannes: Oog Om Oog [An Eye for an Eye]
Miguel Calderón (Self-titled 2007 monograph)
Berber/Droste:Die Tänze des Lasters, des Grauens und der Ekstase [Dances of Vice, Horror & Ecstasy]
Irving Penn: Augen-Blicke [Moments Preserved--German Edition]
Gustavo Ortiz Hernán Chimeneas (Chimneys). Photos by Augustin Jiménez (+ others)--RARE LTD ED.!
Alvin Langdon Coburn: Men of Mark (1913 First Edition with 33 Original Gravure Plates!)
William Klein: New York (1st UK Edition)--ASSOCIATION COPY!
Peter Beard: Eyelids of Morning (INSCRIBED with HANDPRINT!)
Paul Outerbridge: A Singular Aesthetic (Limited Edition)
Richard Avedon: Made in France
Paul Strand: A Retrospective Monograph (2 vols.)
Michael Northrup
Cristiano Raimondi
Le Silence
Witho Worms
Cette Montagne C'est Moi
Viviane Sassen
Am Projects
Arthur Grace
America 101 - SIGNED
Idan Hayosh & Corina Kuenzli
Fire Guys
Michael P. Berman
Gila - (SIGNED copies arriving in 2-4 weeks)

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