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Known for his gritty black-and-white street photography, Daido Moriyama is at it again with a new monograph, Journey For Something. From telephone wires to nightclubs, tunnels, escalators, big lights, billboards and fish markets — the expansive subject matter speaks to the nature of life in a big city and comes together beautifully in this large-scale book measuring 13½ x10". Journey for Something, a collection of work both old and new, illustrates Moriyama’s mastery of street photography; roaming the streets of Japanese cities with a hand-held camera and impeccable attention to detail. Copies are in stock and available to order.

Hazy, muted colors help set the scene for this fascinating new monograph, Steel Work City by photographer Rikard Laving. The book depicts life in the small steel town of Oxelosund, Sweden. Laving presents us with photographs of the arid town — colorful cookie-cutter houses are shown in drab, washed-out colors, class portraits of school children eerily echoing those of the steel workers, a nod to the inevitability of the childrens’ future vocation. Steel Work City contains both color and black-and-white photographs, and has a tonal and color palette that perfectly illustrates lackluster life in a small industrial town. Copies are in stock and available to order.

This goliath, three-volume set from famed photographer William Eggleston may be considered the definitive collection of photographs from his Los Alamos project. Walter Hopps, an American curator and museum director, joined Eggleston on his travels throughout the US from 1965—1974 during which the Los Alamos photographs were made. Hopps ended up with approximately half of the negatives in Houston, and it wasn’t until he passed away in 2005 that his widow discovered another box of negatives from the project. These lost negatives were the seeds that began Los Alamos Revisited, which contains a new edit and sequence from the now complete library of negatives. This compilation is a must-have for Eggleston fans and collectors. Copies are available to order.

Antikyra is a small coastal town in central Greece seated on the Mediterranean Sea. Photographer Kristof Guez spent summer holidays there as a child, and in this lovely monograph, he returns to photograph Antikyra. The past is often idealized in a young child's mind, and that tension seems to be the driving force behind the project. Are the places of our past as we remember them today? Guez's photographs are palatable and inviting — most of them including the ocean or coastline. In Antikira, Guez has memorialized the place where his sense of beauty may have first developed in soft, stunning compositions. Small half and quarter pages are bound within the book that appear to be old family snapshots of his vacations to Antikyra as a small child. Copies are in stock and available to order.

Christopher Anderson is the latest artist to offer his insights on the historical French city Sète. The newest edition by Images En Manoeuvres Editions, Sète 12, takes a look at the bustling Mediterranean city through a series of engaging portraits reminiscent of classic street photography while also displaying contemporary sequencing and conceptual aesthetics. Focusing on a simple color palate and incorporating the heavy bustle of condensed city streets, Anderson has attempted to create a piece of work that flows in rhythm and intent similar to a musical composition. Copies are in stock and available to order.

Published by Super Labo, Matatabi by Koji Onaka explores loss and loneliness through the Japanese landscape. Focusing primarily on the emptiness of city streets and outskirts of towns, the photographer has created an eerie atmosphere that holds close to a story’s end. The finality of Onaka’s series draws the viewer through a familiar space that seems destined to be remembered only as distant memory. Copies are in stock and available to order.

Also published by Super Labo, Fifteen Minutes With You by Itai Doron contains a collection of 69 Polaroids spanning five years (2007-2012) of Eastern European men. Boxers and migrant trade workers, the photographs explore themes of sexual identity and masculinity in an off-beat and at times grungy manner. Copies are now in stock and are available for order.

Doug and Mike Starn: Gravity of Light is the first retrospective monograph celebrating the work of the Starn twins. Showcasing their multi-disciplinary practice, this book takes the viewer through still images, studio shots and installation stills. The Starns’ use of light and traditional scientific practice to create aesthetically beautiful work and to push scientific dialogue into the realm of the arts, is unrivaled. Copies are now in stock and are available for order.

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Lost Track by Raoul Kramer is an in-depth journey along the Burma-Thailand Railway. Through exploring the railway’s historical significance as a product of the people and prisoners forced into labor by the Japanese Army, Lost Track takes the viewer through a harrowing past largely forgotten in the present day. While approached primarily as a documentary body of work, the innovative design incorporates archival material and text with at times haunting imagery, bringing forth a staggering conceptual series.

In their new collaborative book project Multi-National Force: Iraq, in Agatha Christie's They Came to Baghdad, Mike Mandel and Chantal Zakari take an innovative look at diplomatic and romantic notions of the city plagued by seemingly endless conflict. Paralleled with the visual imagery of the covers from Christie’s hugely popular book, They Came to Baghdad, the artists combine found web imagery from sources such as the New York Times, Flickr, Wikipedia, and more to explore ideas of international intrigue. Mandel and Zakari have taped into the many voices that are now involved in shaping, reconstructing and portraying Iraq.

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This week we're thrilled to feature Robert Heinecken's Are You Rea! This incomparable series is finally being acknowledged as one of the most prescient achievements in photo-based art of the last 50 Years!! A book that certainly owes a debt to Heinecken's mining of low-brow and vernacular imagery, Miguel Calderón's self-titled 2007 monograph was hailed by Martin Parr as one of the best photobooks of the decade.

Our selection of 'city' books sold out last week! This week we've delved back into the genre with Berlin by Hedi Slimane; the fantastic 1995 re-presentation of William Klein's New York by Dewi Lewis; and the searing anthology Beirut: City Centre, 1991 with photos by Koudelka, Frank, Burri, Basilico, Depardon, and Elkoury. PLUS SO MUCH MORE!! (Don't forget to BROWSE OUR POST-AUCTION INVENTORY, where all books are available at opening bid prices!)

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Miguel Calderón (Self-titled 2007 monograph)
Heinecken: Are You Rea - SIGNED, Limited Edition (INSCRIBED!)
Paolo Roversi: Nudi (INSCRIBED!)
Hedi Slimane: Berlin
Joseph Szabo: Almost Grown
Beirut: City Centre, 1991 (Koudelka, Frank, Burri, Basilico, Depardon, Elkoury)
Bernd & Hilla Becher: Fachwerkhauser (SIGNED BY BOTH!)
David Bailey: Goodbye Baby & Amen: A Saraband For The Sixties
Allen Ginsberg: Photographs (SIGNED, with Flower Drawings)
Larry Clark: Tulsa (Hardbound Edition, SIGNED)
Daido Moriyama Stray Dog (SIGNED)
William Klein: New York. 1954.55
Sam Wagstaff: A Book of Photographs
Daido Moriyama
Journey for Something
Rikard Laving
Steel Work City
William Eggleston
Los Alamos Revisited
Kristof Guez
Christopher Anderson
Sete #12
Itai Doron
Fifteen Minutes With You
James Crump
Doug and Mike Starn
Koji Onaka
Raoul Kramer
Lost Track
Mike Mandel & Chantal Zakari
They Came to Baghdad

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