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For those of you who may have missed it, this week we announced Best Books of 2012. This week's New Arrivals will focus on eight books that made the list, as well as four new titles available through Publisher Direct.

"Containing 494 Polaroids from the 12 last years, Heaven is a very dense book. Lots of nude photographs but also landscapes and cityscapes. A great layout with an interesting composition of several Polaroids in each double-page spread." —from Rémi Faucheux's Best Books of 2012. Erik Kessels, who also selected Heaven for Best Books 2012, writes "A book where Paul Kooiker shows an overview of all his Polaroids. He made a beautiful and touching edit in this large publication. Paul Kooiker is a master in combining the brutal, sexual and personal with each other."

Life Size certainly lives up to its name. "This massive, sprawling book shows Falls' work and process, shows that they're one and the same, and shows off how painting, printmaking and sculpture relate to photography. It's all about light, space and time, baby." —from Christian Patterson's Best Books of 2012. Miwa Susuda, who also selected Life Size for Best Books of 2012, writes "Sam's deep philosophical thoughts behind work often easily reject conventional creative design but these elements are evenly blended together here to make the work more approachable."

"Displacing studio still life aesthetics and portraiture is one of the most popular styles deployed in contemporary photography. I appreciate Torbjorn's photographic sincerity and the reflection of his Scandinavian background in Vanilla Partner as he invigorates this trend and doesn't manipulate the viewer by over-designing his work. His concern with sexuality is depicted not only prominently but in a unique way throughout the book and makes his visual ideas especially thought provoking." —from Miwa Susuda's Best Books of 2012

"In this compelling collection of virtual street photography, Doug Rickard has selected and manipulated a series of images from Google Street View that paint a picture both bleak and beautiful of 21st century America." —from PDN Editors' Best Books of 2012. Read Karen Jenkins' review or watch Erin Azouz's video presentation on A New American Picture.

"China's most productive bookmaker used the face of one prostitute for one day to tell his story. In this recent edition of This Face (originally produced in 2011) Xu Yong attempts to break away from traditional photography and succeed again." —from WassinkLundgren's Best Books of 2012. This limited edition of 100 copies is signed and numbered by the artist.

Selected by Todd Hido for his Best Books of 2012, 101 Tragedies of Enrique Metinides contains fifty years of work by this prolific photographer. Metinides has worked for Mexico City's local newspapers and tabloids, photographing grisly crime scenes, plane crashes and other tragedies for the breadth of his career. Each of the 101 photographs in the book were selected by Metinides, offering a rich understanding of his life and work.

"The genius of Goldblatt's original book from 1973 is the expansive view achieved by inclusion of three distinct documentary approaches alongside texts by both Gordimer and Goldblatt. This gorgeously updated version of On The Mines (which includes new images and texts) achieves Goldblatt's goal to expand the view but not to alter the sense of things." —from Alec Soth's Best Books of 2012

"A hypnotic and psychedelic encounter with some of the world's most photographed cities — New York, London, Paris and Tokyo (NYLPT) - Evans trumps the black-and-white 35mm photographic histories, traditions and references that might interfere with seeing such streets afresh by exposing his rolls of film up to five times, during multiple visits over the course of months or even years. In doing so, he relocates the 'decisive moment,' as he has explained it, from 'out there' to 'behind the lens, onto the film plane,' and reinvests such photographic images with the vital elements of spontaneity, chance and surprise." —from Aaron Schuman's Best Books of 2012

Publisher Direct

Paris 1963 / Paris 1965Paris 1963 / Paris 1965 is a beautifully constructed and printed book celebrating Melvin Sokolsky’s iconic bodies of work Bubble and Fly. Redefining fashion photography through his cinematic approach and street photography aesthetic, Sokolsky’s influential photographs have come to symbolize a shift in the photographer’s approach to fashion world. Including outtakes and variations of the artist’s iconic images, this book offers new insight into these two brilliant bodies of work.

Two new elegant hand-made monographs by Linda Morrow showcase the artist’s stunning representation of floral photography. In the first book in her series Luminous Bloom, POPPY presents twelve black-and-white images of the Iceland poppy. Using line, form and an exquisite tonal ranged, the representations are a true sight to behold. The second book in her series, Calla is a beautiful artist book capturing the mini-calla lily in formal abstraction. The twelve black-and-white photographs showcase Morrow’s abilities to extract subtle expressions and explore deep emotion through the lily’s shape and form.

BrandgangBrandgang by Herman Wouters is a curious look at unique urban corridors largely unseen from street view. Taken in several cities throughout the Netherlands, these images take note of the creativity of the people who make these small spaces their own. Rendered in beautiful color and composition, this book explores these spaces not only as a document but as a recognition of their status as places where we invent for ourselves and neighbors.

photo-eye Auctions

ELVIS IS IN THE BUILDING!! Some of the most compelling images of the young Elvis Presley, at age 21 and reaching the first zenith of his popularity, were shot by photographer Alfred Wertheimer. They're included in Elvis at 21, Photographs by Alfred Wertheimer (developed with the Smithsonian's National Portrait Gallery). Demonstrating yet again shifting paradigms of the 'Iconic', the project has the requisite Facebook page, Twitter feed and blog. What is the sound of 2,686 'likes' screaming?

What a week to pick up an unforgettable Christmas gift for that special photo connoisseur on your list!! We've got four lots from the inimitable fashion photographer Jeanloup Sieff, whose career is undergoing an enormous posthumous renaissance courtesy of fashion impresario du moment Olivier Zahm; the original 1958 first editions of Robert Frank's The Americans are here in both their French and Italian versions; to coincide with Tokyo 1955–1970: A New Avant-Garde, currently on view at the Museum of Modern Art in New York, we've got The Complete Tadanori Yokoo; 'city' books (using the term loosely) by Moi Ver, Klein, Takanashi, Ruscha, Schles....and SO MUCH MORE!! IT'S A BUMPER CROP OF EXTRAORDINARY GIFT IDEAS!! (And don't forget to BROWSE OUR POST-AUCTION INVENTORY, where all books are available at opening bid prices!)

Be sure to check out Eric's weekly presentation below! As always, thanks for looking!

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Alfred Wertheimer: Elvis Entering the Warwick Hotel, 1956
Alfred Wertheimer: Elvis Leaves for Memphis, 1956
Jeanloup Sieff: 40 Years of Photography
Jeanloup Sieff: Lonely Cat in an Inhospitable Environment, 1973
Jeanloup Sieff: Two Landscapes (Kenya, 1961 + Cyne Suisse. 1974)--60s & 70s Vintage Prints!
Irving Penn (1984 Museum of Modern Art Monograph)--INSCRIBED!
J.H. Lartigue: Diary of a Century (INSCRIBED PRESENTATION COPY!)
Tadanori Yokoo: The Complete Tadanori Yokoo
Visionaire No. 5: The Future
Moi Ver: Paris (2004 Facsimile Reprint)
Ken Schles: Invisible City
Robert Frank: Les Américains (True 1st Edition!)
Robert Frank: Gli Americani (The Americans)--Scarce 1st Italian Edition (1958)!
William Eggleston: 2 1/4 (First Printing)
William Klein: Moscow
Yutaka Takanashi: Miyako no Kao (Visages of a Metropolis)--SIGNED
Ed Ruscha: Then & Now (SIGNED)
Paul Kooiker
Heaven - SIGNED
Sam Falls
Life Size
TorbjØrn RØdland
Vanilla Partner
Doug Rickard
A New American Picture
Xu Yong
This Face
Enrique Metinides
101 Tragedies of Enrique Metinides
David Goldblatt
On the Mines
Jason Evans
Melvin Sokolsky
Paris 1963 / Paris 1965
Linda Morrow
CALLA Limited Edition
Linda Morrow
POPPY Limited Edition
Herman Wouters

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