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Los Restos de la Revolucion "Despite the profound impact that the United States has had on Nicaragua, I expect that most Americans' knowledge of the Sandinista revolution begins and ends with the Iran-Contra scandal. Twenty years past, effects of that war are still visible. Having studied US foreign policy in Latin America as an undergrad, photographer Kevin Kunishi traveled to Nicaragua focusing on the remote regions that saw the heaviest fighting. He stayed there for months, visiting with people, staying in their homes and asking to be told stories of the conflict. His documentation process was intuitive and organic; elements that come through in the easy presentation and relaxed nature of the images in Los Restos de la Revolucion, his new book published by Daylight." —from Sarah Bradley's review on the photo-eye Blog. Copies are now in stock and are available for order.

leiter "Whereas The Actor is a discrete 8x10", She Called Me By Name is a sumptuous, if not a bit outrageous, 17x20". You’ll be hard pressed to find any place to put this beautiful book, but you’ll want to make room — even if it means clearing an entire coffee table or two. Despite its large size, the book contains a mere eighteen black and white portraits of young art students. Originally, many of the images were included in the book HERE... half blind, which was commissioned by the Rochester Art Center in Minnesota. Appearing as a supplement to the local Rochester paper, the work was later printed as its own book. While the book contained portraits, it was primarily composed of work typically associated with Gossage - i.e., astute explorations of the urban and suburban environment. The portraits added a surprising twist to the work and a degree of warmth." — from Adam Bell's review on photo-eye Blog. Signed copies are now in stock and are available for order.

The Lost Christmas Gift by Andrew Beckhman is a visually incredible publication telling a tale of sentimental emotion. Emerson Johansson's father — a mapmaker — provided his services for World War II, leaving the family, but keeping in touch through letters and packages. After being lost for seventy years, one of those packages found its way home, leaving Johansson astonished at its contents. Inside, he found an illustrated story, drawn out by Johansson's father, in the form of maps, watercolors and photographs. Reminiscent of a children’s book, The Lost Christmas Gift is a timeless publication, transcending notions of family and a father's love. Copies are now in stock and are available for order.

Published by Decode, Construction is Brian Finke's ode to American ingenuity. Immersing himself with construction crews, Finke embarked on a project that hoped to destroy the traditional stereotypes of this group, creating a series that is intimate, but also functions to tell the story of these individuals' day jobs. Here, Finke asks the viewer to ponder these builders and the feats they accomplish through their hard work and dedication. Signed copies are now in stock and are available for order.

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photo-eye Auctions

This week, Eric lets the pictures speak for themselves with a wordless presentation of this week's stellar auction selections. Included among the riches are multi-book lots of rare artist books and catalogues by conceptualists John Baldessari and Christian Boltanski; a SIGNED copy of Avedon's Mid-Century, Brodovitch-designed masterpiece Observations (with text by Truman Capote!); bad boy Terry Richardson's rare 2000, Feared by Men, Desired by Women; classics by Bruce Davidson & Danny Lyon & MUCH MORE!! As always, thanks for looking!!

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Terry Richardson: Feared by Men, Desired by Women
Richard Avedon: Observations (SIGNED)
Martin Munkacsi: Nudes + Style in Motion
G. P. Fieret (Foto en copyright by G.P. Fieret) --2004 Dutch Exhibition Catalogue
Les Krims: Fictcryptokrimsographs
Kishi Shinoyama: Shoku (Banquet)--SIGNED
Aaron Siskind: Photographs (SIGNED with Print!!)
Ralph Gibson: The Somnambulist (SIGNED)
Harmony Korine & Christopher Wool: Pass the Bitch Chicken (SIGNED BY BOTH! )
David LaChapelle: LaChapelle Land + Hotel LaChapelle (Both Inscribed)
John Baldessari: Lot of 7 Books (1981-1999)
Christian Boltanski: Lot of 5 Books and Catalogues (1988-1997)
Bruce Davidson: East 100th Street
Danny Lyon: Conversations with the Dead
James Fee (2001, St. Ann;s Press LIMITED EDITION with 3 PRINTS!)
Kevin Kunishi
Los Restos - SIGNED
John Gossage
She Called Me by Name - SIGNED
Andrew Beckham
The Lost Christmas Gift
Brian Finke
Alec Soth and Brad Zellar
LBM Dispatch #3
Kristof Guez
Marco Delogu
The Nature of the Night - SIGNED
Paolo Ventura
Lo Zuavo Scomparso

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