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parr New from Le Caillou Bleu is a stunning collection of images by Beata Szparagowska. Hide & Seek delves into the relationship of photography and performance with the photographer's investigation of photographic presentation of reality and theatrical fiction. The artist's subjects are at times masked — creating tension and mystery — while other times are seemingly forthcoming in their actions. Accompanied by empty landscapes and haunting interior spaces, Szparagowska's portraits in this series push the boundaries of traditional narrative representation. Signed copies are now in stock and are available for order.

leiter Published by Super Labo, Fläming by Hans-Christian Schink takes the viewer on an exploration of Germany's Fläming Heath. This rural landscape, nestled in relative close proximity to the country's capital of Berlin is an ideal subject for a photographer known for his investigation of geographic regions. This modest publication is simple in design, but striking in print and production quality. The photographs take the viewer through the streets of local towns and the surrounding farmland in an often-picturesque observance. Signed copies are now in stock and are available for order.

Following up on Robert Frank's new series of photographs Tal Uf Tal Ab, the sequel You Would is both a mixture of new and old photographs and film stills. Combining grainy black and white portraits, Polaroids and mysterious signs found in the natural and urban landscape, You Would is an eclectic mixture of imagery and nod to innovative sequencing. This softbound edition, housed in an elegant slipcase is sure to be as sought after as Tal Uf Tal Ab. Copies are now in stock and are available for order.

Also by Robert Frank, Pull My Daisy is now available on DVD! Originally released in 1959, this film has become a staple in Frank's archive and is an iconic representation of Beat culture. This short film embodies the Beat philosophy of impromptu narration and comments on the cultural struggles and norms of the time while revolving around a single, comical incident involving the iconic Neal Cassady. Copies are now in stock and are available for order.

Now out in its second edition, Charles Woodard's The History of Photography in Pen & Ink is the subject of Melanie McWhorter's first video presentation of In-Print Photobooks. You can watch this presentation on photo-eye Blog.

We hope you enjoy this week's selection of New Arrivals!

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In this week's auctions a trove of deluxe limited editions—all accompanied by prints—by Rineke Dijkstra, Daido Moriyama, Thomas Demand and the late James Fee. We're also featuring two books of raw and visceral work from controversial Magnum photographer Antoine D'Agata (including a signed copy of Agonie, which was chosen by none other than Martin Parr as one of the best books of 2009) plus his scarce first book Mala Noche & MUCH MORE!! Be sure to check out Eric's presentation below!


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Antoine D'Agata And Rafael Garido: Agonie (SIGNED)
Antoine D'Agata: Mala Noche
Dash Snow: Polaroids
Daido Moriyama: Memories of a Dog (LIMITED EDITION with PRINT 1/50!)
Daido Moriyama: Japanese Theater (Japan, A Photo Theater)
Rineke Dijkstra: Portraits (LIMITED EDITION with PRINT!)
James Fee (2001, St. Ann;s Press LIMITED EDITION with 3 PRINTS!)
Thomas Demand: Photography (LIMITED EDITION with PRINT!)
Harmony Korine & Christopher Wool: Pass the Bitch Chicken (SIGNED BY BOTH! )
Danny Lyon: The Bikeriders (Hardbound First Edition!)
Frederick Sommer: Venus, Jupiter, and Mars (SIGNED Copy, with SIGNED Exhibition Poster!)
Beata Szparagowska
Hide & Seek - SIGNED
Hans-Christian Schink
Fläming - SIGNED
Robert Frank
You Would
Robert Frank
Pull My Daisy DVD Set
Charles Woodard
The History of Photography in Pen & Ink. (Second Edition)
Alec Soth
Looking for Love, 1996
ZoÉ Beausire
Rosette, Mauricette et Roby
Archive Of Modern Conflict
Amc2 Journal. Issue 3
Kozue Deguchi
Ryokura - SIGNED
Ste´phanie Solinas
Sans Titre
Karianne Bueno
Julian Baron

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