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heaven Heaven or Hell by Joel-Peter Witkin places the artist's work alongside a deeply involved group of artists who expressed the misery of the human condition with metaphysical meaning and mysticism. From Goya, Bellange, Rops to even Rembrandt and Picasso this collection surveys Witkin's work as rooted as a continuation of a specific lineage of art history. Included are intriguing essays (both French and English) that take the reader further into the mindset and intent of Witkin and his work and include several written pieces from Witkin himself. The printing of Heaven or Hell is also astounding, bringing together one of the strongest collections from the artist's vast archive. For more on Heaven or Hell read Melanie McWhorter's post on photo-eye Blog. Copies are now in stock and available for order.

casa Meg Griffiths' Casa Particular is a new limited edition, self-published title printed and bound by the artist. Offering an appropriately intimate view of family homes in Cuba that accommodate travelling tourists, this book explores a way of life that finds the hosting families bound with a constant stream of guests. While a source of income, the generosity and trust of the hosts and their guests is displayed throughout and the book explores a curious cultural comparisons between "pure communism" and a changing hybrid economy. This edition is now out-of-print, with only one copy available for purchase. For information on the forthcoming publication date of the second printing, email Melanie McWhorter, photo-eye Bookstore Manager.

"I've been a bit enamored with the publications of the Archive of Modern Conflict since Nein, Onkle first appeared on my desk for cataloguing several years ago. The mystery of the organization and the assuredly vast richness of their collection are intriguing. Initiated as an archive of vernacular photographs made during wartime to expose realities beyond the front lines, AMC was soon confronted with irresistible potential acquisitions that fell outside their purview. So the collection expanded. AMC is now home to an ever-growing assortment of rare photographic documents and ephemera, selections from which occasionally become books. With the publication of their new Amc2 Journal, the true diversity of the archive is coming to light." — from Sarah Bradley's review of Amc2 Journal on photo-eye Blog. Copies are now in stock and are available for order.

The highly acclaimed DVD documentary, The Woodmans details the intricate and complex life of Francesca Woodman and her short artistic career. Known for using her own body as a form of expression and blending formal nudes with haunting interior spaces, Francesca Woodman has become one of 20th century photography's most well known figures. The Woodmans is both a disturbing and engaging tale that grapples with family dynamics, artistic ambition and failed expectations. Combining the artist's photographs, videos and journals, alongside interviews with family and friends Woodman left behind, this film is a compelling new look at the myth of the late Francesca Woodman. Copies are now in stock and are available for order.

Three new publications from Mariken Wessels are now available for preorder. First, He Was There explores voyeurism as the artist observes and evaluates a man unpacking his suitcase with the eventual realization that the viewer may not be the one playing the voyeur. Second, Keepsake offers a collection of hand colored loose-leaf prints of single objects that raise questions between the natural order of life and death. Lastly, Don’t Forget provokes a dialogue that offers more questions than answers. By exploring repressed memories, the artist brings to light notions of why memories are hidden and why some of us choose to forget. Signed copies of all three titles are arriving soon and are available for preorder.

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Emmet Gowin: Petra, In The Hashemite Kingdom Of Jordan
Emmet Gowin: Photographs (1st monograph, 1976, Rare Hardbound Edition!) --INSCRIBED!
Diane Arbus: An Aperture Monograph (Rare 1st Printing with 'Two Girls in Identical Raincoats'!)
Paul Kooiker: Showground
Paul Kooiker: Room Service
Walker Evans: Message From the Interior (Hardbound Edition!)
W. Eugene Smith: Minamata: Life - Sacred and Profane. (Portfolio, Signed Twice!)
Herman Clarence Nixon (Farm Security Administration Photographers) Forty Acres And Steel Mules
Michael Lesy: Wisconsin Death Trip
Ryuji Miyamoto: Kobe 1995--After the Earthquake
Tadanori Yokoo: Waterfall Rapture (with obi!!)
Yasuhiro Ishimoto: Tokyo (with obi)
Carl Sandburg/Edward Steichen: Steichen the Photographer (Signed, 1929 Limited Edition!)
Nick Waplington: Living Room
Nayoa Hatakeyama: Limeworks (First Edition!)
W. Eugene Smith/Aileen Smith: Shinobu-San: To Gather a Life
Meg Griffiths
Casa Particular - Limited Edition
Archive Of Modern Conflict
Amc2 Journal
Joel-Peter Witkin
Heaven or Hell
C. Scott Willis
The Woodmans
Peter Granser
Was Einem Heimat War - SIGNED and Limited Edition
Mariken Wessels
He Was There - SIGNED
Mariken Wessels
Keepsake - SIGNED
Mariken Wessels
Don't Forget - SIGNED
Theo Anderson
Gun Crimes - SIGNED
Theo Anderson
Motor Hotel - SIGNED

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