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This week's New Arrivals are all signed editions from photographers who participated at this year's Review Santa Fe. We were fortunate to have a number of talented emerging and established artists find their way to our gallery and bookstore and a few even took the time to sit down and sign some books!

ohio Antonia's Garden by Marisa Portolese is a seductive series of staged family portraits, landscapes and still-lifes. While implicating the fragility of life and family dynamics, these photographs weave together to form a beautiful series that speaks to universal themes of loss and isolation. This series also displays an underlying sense of curiosity and resilience that makes for a powerful body of work.

tichy "Ostensibly, Alejandro Cartagena's exquisitely crafted photographs taken around the Mexican city of Monterrey are meant to examine a localized tale of environmental degradation amidst rampant development. And they do. This monograph, which represents several of Mr. Cartagena's interconnected mini-series, definitely brings together the narrative of a place in time. The photographs are supremely well composed, and deal with color and light with equal measure. The project, published here in a joint effort between Photolucida and Daylight, was immensely well received over the last few years, and the book makes it easy to see why." — from Jonathan Blaustein's review of Suburbia Mexicana in photo-eye Magazine.

5683 Miles Away "[Yael Ben-Zion's] photographs veer toward, but refuse to acquiesce to, a familiar mode of wry indifference characteristic of much modern image-making. Tension and implication charge and personalize her work; even a photograph with a benign title like "Milk and Cookies" employs a window-cast shadow with stick-figure strangeness to imply the constant undercurrent of unease in Israel. We see loving homes, everyday rituals, common objects, and a general sense of settled domesticity. We also see weapons, police tape, checkpoints, and guarded looks in public spaces, potential violence lounging in dappled shade." — from George Slade's review of 5683 Miles Away in photo-eye Magazine.

"Dona Schwartz's In the Kitchen has something to do with cooking, but it's more a stew of familial observations. I was already familiar with this body of work, but seeing it in book form made it even more meaningful. The book affords the luxury of reading Alison Nordstrom's insightful and intelligent introduction before spending time with Schwartz's layered and revealing photographs, plus her own introduction, all enhanced by the poetry of Marion Winik, who wrote specifically for the project." — from Aline Smithson's review of In the Kitchen in photo-eye Magazine.

Interior Exposure by Jessica Todd Harper portrays intimate family dynamics set within cinematic domestic interiors. There is often a tension within each image as the viewer shares a sharp gaze with one of Harper's subjects or ponders the intimate family relationship Harper creates. Each image builds upon itself, creating a complex landscape of emotional mystery and psychological drama. Here we are given a glimpse into Harper's world and are allowed to take away a number of ominous scenarios from the few clues the artist provides.

Three signed books by Gloria Baker Feinstein. First, Convergence is a beautiful book laden with metaphors, which delve into childhood innocence. Here Feinstein uses deep shadows and rich tones to elevate her use of symbolism while creating a place that is often overlooked or forgotten. Among the Ashes continues Feinstein's dark atmospheric portrayal using deep shadows and dim light. This time bearing witness to the places where her Jewish ancestors were murdered during the Holocaust, Feinstein takes the viewer on an emotional and powerful journey through a dark time in human history. Lastly, Kutuuka offers a vivid collection of photographs, text and drawings from both the artist and the children at St. Mary Kevin Orphanage Motherhood in Kajjansi, Uganda. The photographs here are more documentary in style than the previous books, but contain the same emotional power. Read Aline Smithson's review of Kutuuka in photo-eye Magazine.

We hope you enjoy this week's selection of New Arrivals!

Warm Regards,

Antone Dolezal
photo-eye Newsletter Editor

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Bruce Weber, et. al.: Joe's Magazine (First Issue!! )
Doug & Mike Starn: Six Prints from 'alleverythingthatisyou'
Sam Haskins: Cowboy Kate & Other Stories. Director's Cut. (2006 Edition, SIGNED)
Daido Moriyama: Kagero (Dayfly)--SIGNED
Bill Burke: I Want To Take Picture (1st ed.)
SebastiĆ£o Salgado: Migrations + The Children (2 Books, BOTH SIGNED)
O. Winston Link: Night Trick (1957 First Edition, WITH ORIGNAL MAILING ENVELOPE!)
Henri Cartier-Bresson: The Decisive Moment
Richard Misrach: Cantos del Desierto (SIGNED)
Nobuyoshi Araki: There's a Camera Between Man and Woman
Eikoh Hosoe: 2 Books (1 Inscribed!)
W. Eugene Smith/Aileen Smith: Shinobu-San: To Gather a Life
Marisa Portolese
Antonia's Garden / Le Jardin d'Antonia - SIGNED and Limited Edition
Alejandro Cartagena
Suburbia Mexicana - SIGNED
Dona Schwartz
In the Kitchen - SIGNED
Gloria Baker Feinstein
Kutuuka - SIGNED
Gloria Baker Feinstein
Convergence - SIGNED
Gloria Baker Feinstein
Among the Ashes - SIGNED
Jessica Todd Harper
Interior Exposure - SIGNED
Yael Ben-Zion
5683 Miles Away - SIGNED & Limited Edition
Anders Petersen
Josephine Sacabo
Ori Gersht
Artist Book
Ahmet Unver
Far Away

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