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parr Michael Schmidt's newest monograph, Lebensmittel is a beautiful oversized object exploring food practices in Western culture. From the farm to the slaughterhouse to the table, Schmidt thoughtfully offers insight into how food is grown, produced and processed. The book's 174 photographs for stunningly printed, and are presented as an object in a clothbound cover, incased in a slipcase. The important subject matter represented in this book sheds light on Western food practices at a time when industrial standards becoming more exposed and society gains awareness of the importance of nutritional diets. Copies are now in stock and available for order.

"I was knocked out by the new Schmidt book, ......, it's all about food production in a very surreal and abstract way. For me it is his best work since Waffenrue." — Martin Parr

creek Published by Mack, Ron Jude's Lick Creek Line is a continuation of the exploration of the photographer's childhood home in Central Idaho. Lick Creek Line is arguably Jude's most poignant and mature body of work. Following a fur trapper through the woods that surround his residence, Jude pieces together a mysterious narrative that borders between reality and fiction. As a nearby resort community slowly encroaches on the surrounding landscape, the sustainability of the trapper's environment comes into question, bringing up issues regarding a sense of self and place. Signed copies are now in stock and available for order.

tokyo Odo Yakuza Tokyo by Anton Kusters showcases the dark and mysterious world that is 'Yakuza,' a word used to describe traditional organized crime in Japan. Embedded with the Shinseikai family, a notorious organization who control the red light district Kabukicho in Tokyo, Kusters allows the viewer to slip inside a world of secrecy, glamour and underlying tension. Often shown from an obscured perspective or metaphorical barrier, the images display a distance between the photographer and his subject that serve to heighten the mystery and intrigue in this striking narrative. Signed copies are now in stock and available for order.

The newest addition to the Blind Spot Series, to draw with light by Uta Barth, brings together images from her series Compositions of Light on White as well as a new series created for the publication of this monograph. Minimalistic in form and color, her drawings with light display perfection in aesthetics and precision, offering subtle tones and delicate abstractions that hint at memory, art history and a quiet ambiance. Copies are arriving soon and are available for order.

Art in Continual Movement is dedicated to Robert Smithson's monumental Broken Circle/Spiral Hill Land Art work constructed in the Netherlands. This book offers an archived collection of photographs, film scripts and drawings that emphasize Smithson's approach and the importance of this work. The collection of various media displayed in this book is incredibly insightful and visually stunning. Here the viewer is given full access to the artist's genius, blending ecology and art together. Copies are now in stock and available for order.

We hope you enjoy this week's selection of New Arrival books.

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Josef Sudek's Josef Sudek: Praha Panoramaticka has been called "one of the most singular photobooks ever made" (Parr & Badger). This week we're pleased to offer a rare signed copy, which Sudek autographed just three years after its publication. PLUS, two additional Sudek lots: Mostecko/Humboldtka, a hard-to-find collection of 11 silver gelatin postcards and Sudek's 1929 debut monograph on Prague in an original slipcase. Be sure to watch Eric's presentation below and check out all 13 of this week's superlative listings.

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Takano Hiroshi: Document Obscene Culture [Document Waishoku Bunka] -- with scarce obi!!
Tadao Mitome: Sanrizuka - Moeru Hokuso daichi (Document 1966-71)
Josef Sudek: Mostecko/Humboldtka
Laszlo Moholy-Nagy: scarce SNKLU monograph
Vladimír Hipman: Práce je Ziva (Work is Living)
Harry Callahan: Water's Edge (SIGNED)
Thomas Struth: Museum Photographs (SIGNED)
Lewis Baltz: The New Industrial Parks near Irvine, California (1st ed.!)
Josef Sudek: Praha Panoramaticka (RARE SIGNED COPY!!)
Josef Sudek: Praha (His First Book, 1929!)--in RARE Slipcase
Joeseph Beuys: Coyote (Photographs by Caroline Tisdall)--FIRST EDITION!
Chauncey Hare: Interior America
Mario Carrieri: Milano, Italia
Michael Schmidt
Ron Jude
Lick Creek Line - SIGNED
Anton Kusters
Odo Yakuza Tokyo - SIGNED
Max Andrews
Robert Smithson: Art in Continual Movement
Misha Pedan
Stereo_typ - SIGNED
Uta Barth
To Draw With Light - Hardcover and Limited Edition
Stephen Mallon
The Reefing of Uss Radford - SIGNED
Miquel Llonch
In the Fields of Gold
Michael Kenna
Tranquil Morning
Michael Kenna
Philosopher’s Tree
Max Pam
Ramadan in Yemen
Paul Kooiker

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