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still standing "Lauren Henkin's third handmade book, Still Standing, Standing Still documents Henkin's obsessive interest in a tree. 'Slowly — around and around and around — I examined it in varying light and perspective. It was alone, with its scars unclothed, threatened by vines, but still standing,' she says of her subject. The versatile book is a beautiful creation, and it is also available as a remarkable limited edition. Exceptional care and thought went into the design of the book and limited edition, the extent of which is best shared in Henkin's own words. She was kind enough to tell us how this beautiful object came to be." — from Sarah Bradley's post on photo-eye blog. Read the full post here. Copies of are now in stock and available for order.

100 Polaroids "Patrick Sansone's new limited edition book 100 Polaroids does just this, it takes me somewhere else for a small moment. There is a seductive air of mystery in many of these photographs, each image tells its own story. And this is what is so refreshing about Sansone's book; I can look at each image, gain a small insight and move to the next. There is no linear narrative, just a series of single striking pictures. That being said, there is a definite influence of Southern aesthetic weaved throughout this book. A hint of Eggleston and Christenberry find their way into the artist's work. Maybe it's the rusty street signs and old automobiles mixed with a distinctive color palate, but Sansone's subjects share a history with photography's Southern predecessors and this is something I find to be a compelling component of this work." — from Antone Dolezal's post on photo-eye Blog. Signed copies are now in stock and available for order.

Magnum photographer Olivia Arthur has shown a dedication to photographing the lives of women, particularly those who live on the cultural divide between the east and west. Invited to teach a photography course to a group of women in Saudi Arabia, Jeddah Diary is Arthur's exploration and attempt to photographically document the lives of the women she met there. She approached them earnestly, grateful for their friendship and curious about their lives, but photography in Saudi Arabia, particularly photography depicting women, is a complicated issue. It is a world that is perhaps not easy for a Westerner to understand, but Arthur's work gives us a glimpse into the intricacies of these women's lives. Copies are now in stock and available for order.

Andrei Liankevich spent two years in his native Belarus documenting the many pagan rituals often associated with the changing of the seasons, fertility of the land and harvest of crops. His images presented in the book Pagan, though seemingly a documentary project, use selective focus and creative framing to create a more magical image of the rituals, the surrounding lands and those who participate. The "pagans" are often decked out in regional clothing adorned with embroidery, ribbons and printed patterns while others don costumes portraying token animals or magical creatures associated with each festival. The book finishes with a description of each ritual — The Burial of the Arrow and Mermaid's Week to name a few — printed in Russian and English. The work is similar in aesthetics to some of his former Soviet contemporaries, but Liankevich's book Pagan is an outstanding object filled with not just images of rites and rituals, but also an overall feeling of the culture of these regions of Belarus. Copies are arriving soon and are available for preorder.
Published by Super Labo, 17 Days by Terri Weifenbach explores the relationship between events both big and small. From global catastrophes affecting many to occurrences affecting only a few, Weifenbach has put forth a book that urges the viewer to question and contemplate synchronicity and its effect on a global scale. During a 17 Days period, the photographer documented the hatching of four robins on her front porch and their introduction into the world. Alongside Weifenbach's subtle photographs is text explaining events of the day, offering a clear dialogue between happenings elsewhere and those on Weifenbach's porch. Copies are now in stock and available for order.

Also from Super Labo Ciel Tombé or "Fallen Sky" by Photographer Naoya Hatakeyama creates a dark world of underground waterways, caves and man-made mines. Taken in and around Paris, Hatakeyama explores the limestone mines that were an important part in creating the famous French city. Here the photographer has used the underground world as a metaphor for Paris as a cultural hub of innovation and human intellect. Accompanying Ciel Tombé is a separate short story by Sylvie Germain titled The Astrologer. Copies are now in stock and available for order.

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Ginza-Line / Tokyo Project by Marc Gouby is a beautiful book depicting the passengers of the Ginza-Line, Tokyo's first subway line. Here the viewer sees the diversity of Japanese society. Young and old, rich and poor unwind and rest on the commute from their business or personal lives. Often shown sleeping, these passengers are caught in an act that is both telling of their labors and openness to their surrounding passengers. The printing of this book is stunning and is accompanied by DVD of an original 16mm film.

Chau Doc by Thinh Le pays homage to the photographer's home in Mekong River Delta, Vietnam. Displaying striking landscapes alongside portraits, still lifes and chaotic street scenes, the images in this book piece together a vivid picture of both rural and urban Vietnamese life. Thinh Le offers a sentimental perspective as well as an otherworldly approach to his photographic practice, creating a narrative that urges the viewer to consider their own sense of home.

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This week: two of the most important aesthetic statements of the Bauhaus and New Vision moment in Photography and Film, Werner Graff's Es Kommt der Neue Fotograf! [Here Comes the New Photographer!] & Hans Richter's Filmgegner von heute. Filmfreunde von morgen [Opponents of film today. Movie fans of tomorrow], both in scarce original dust jackets! Other highlights this week include: Allen Ginsberg: Photographs (SIGNED, with Flower Drawings); André Kertész: (Aperture History of Photography Series No. 6-)—SIGNED!; Jim Goldberg: Raised by Wolves (SIGNED); Josef Koudelka: Reconnaissance Wales (SIGNED!!); Ed Van Der Elsken: Wereldreis in Foto's [Around the world in photos] & Much More! Be sure to watch Eric's weekly presentation below and check out all twelve of this week's stellar listings!

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Richard Avedon: Made in France (SIGNED!)
Lee Friedlander: 1960s-2000s (Rare Japnaese Catalogue, SIGNED)
Ed Van Der Elsken: Wereldreis in Foto's [Around the world in photos]
Hans Richter: Filmgegner von heute. Filmfreunde von morgen.(1929, 1ST Ed. in Dust Jacket!)
Ryan McGinley: (2002 Index Monograph)
Josef Koudelka: Reconnaissance Wales (SIGNED!!)
Allen Ginsberg: Photographs (SIGNED, with Flower Drawings)
Jim Goldberg: Raised by Wolves (SIGNED)
André Kertész: (Aperture History of Photography Series No. 6-)--SIGNED!
Wolfgang Tillmans: Concorde (1st printing!)
Gilles Peress: Telex Iran (SIGNED!)
Werner Graff: Es Kommt der Neue Fotograf! [Here Comes the New Photographer!]--in Scarce Dust Jacket!
Patrick Sansone
100 Polaroids - SIGNED
Lauren Henkin
Still Standing, Standing Still - Limited Edition
Terri Weifenbach
17 Days - Hardbound and Limited Edition
Naoya Hatakeyam / Sylvie Germain
Ciel Tombé / The Astrologer
Andrei Liankevich
Rafal Milach
In the Car With R
Numerous Artists
Tell Mum Everything Is Ok #5
Olivia Arthur
Jeddah Diary
Marc Gouby
Ginza-Line / Tokyo Project
Thinh Le
Chau Doc

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