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Sarah Moon's new five-volume and one DVD publication 12345 contains a dense collection from the former fashion model turned photographer. This breath-taking culmination of Moon's oeuvre contains her personal and commercial work alongside text that is both informative and poetic. The photographer's photographs are often dream-like — at times haunting and seductive — and contain strong graphic details that offer a timeless quality. Now in its second edition, copies of 12345 are now in stock and available for order.

A New Kind of Beauty "I've been familiar with Phillip Toledano's A New Kind of Beauty series for several years, but having only seen the images online, the new elegantly produced book from Dewi Lewis made me feel like I was seeing it for the first time. The book is large at 14-3/4x11-1/2 inches, and while not outlandishly big, the scale creates a notable presence. Gazing out from the cover is a cropped version of Toledano's portrait of Allanah, the woman who inspired the project. Her face is striking, strangely distorted and mask-like, a series of beautiful features that in combination seem unsettlingly off. She is a vision of surgical enhancement. Her expressionless face seems oddly inert, yet her eyes draw you in; they are a sympathetic anchor, piquing curiosity." — Sarah Bradley from her post on A New Kind of Beauty on photo-eye Blog. Copies are now in stock and available for order.

Blind by Sophie Calle brings together three intertwined series of portraits in one book. Taken in 1986, Calle's series "The Blind" presents portraits of people born blind alongside a description of their idea of ideal beauty. The artist's 1991 series "Blind Color," offers a series of blind peoples' interpretations of perception, comparing this to artists' ideas of the monochrome. Finally, 2010's "The Last Image," contains portraits paired with descriptions of the last scene that could be remembered by those who lost their sight. All text within the book is also presented in Braille, and the book exists as an interesting visual exploration of what it means to lose one's sight and how other senses overcome and compensate for the lose. Copies are now in stock and available for order.

Malick Sidibé's The Portrait of Mali contains an engaging series of black-and-white studio portraits, street scenes and nightlife as well as striking color photographs depicting everyday village life in Mali. The photographs show a brilliant joy and optimism among the photographer's subjects, an optimism that undoubtedly derives from Mali's independence, declared shortly before Sidibé opened his studio. Copies are now in stock and available for order.

This Must Be the Place by Pieter Hugo is the photographer's first retrospective monograph. Containing images from his astounding series The Hyena and Other Men through to his newer work in Permanent Error, This Must Be the Place offers a superb collection of images from the hopeful but often tragic tale of Africa that Hugo has portrayed. A series of unpublished portraits and landscapes are also contained within the pages of this brilliant collection, offering new insight into the photographer's vast body of work. Copies are now in stock and available for order.

Creating an uneasy and scattered narrative through personal account, Katinka Goldberg explores her curious relationship with her mother in her new book Surfacing. At times indifferent and at other times deeply intimate, Goldberg's story displays her struggle for independence as well as her quest to understand herself through her mother's personality. Surfacing is designed in the context of a journal or scrapbook, appearing at times chaotic, but grounded in past memory and reflection. Copies are now in stock and available for order.

The Mother Road by Hans Gremmen takes the viewer on an epic trek through the roads and highways that determine the path of Route 66. Using Google Street View, Gremmen has compiled 151,000 screen shots into a five-hour DVD compilation. Creating a sensation similar to driving long hours on the road, it is full of twists and turns and unexpected findings. Copies are now in stock and available for order.

Hatje Cantz's new publication Frantisiek Drtikol is a stunning ode to the Czech photographer known primarily for his nudes. Often erotic, but with a focus on dance and gesture, Drtikol's photographs contain cinematic elements similar to those of the silent film era. There is an air of mystery to many of his images. Dynamic lighting and sculptural structure play alongside the formal qualities of his portraiture, helping to create images that were far ahead of their time. Copies are now in stock and available for order.

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Nobuyoshi Araki: Tokyo Elegy (with obi!)
Keito Kitajima: New York
Nobuyoshi Araki: Tokyo Lucky Hole [with Obi!]
Kiyoshi Suzuki: Mind Games (SIGNED)
Ralph Eugene Meatyard: Print from Portfolio Three: The Work of Ralph Eugene Meatyard
Ralph Eugene Meatyard: Print from Portfolio Three: The Work of Ralph Eugene Meatyard
Tina Barney: The Europeans
Joan Fontcuberta: Sputnik (Japanese edition)
Todd Hido: House Hunting
Phillip Toledano
A New Kind of Beauty
Sarah Moon
Hans Gremmen
The Mother Road
Sophie Calle
Malik Sidibe
Malick Sidibe
Katinka Goldberg
Pieter Hugo
This Must Be The Place
Frantisiek Drtikol
Frantisiek Drtikol
Viviane Sassen
Die Son Sien Alles - Hardcover and Limited Edition
Richard Rothman
Redwood Saw - Limited Edition
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Ruth on the Phone
Marc Lagrange

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