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Interrogations "Donald Weber's Interrogations is a masterpiece of design by Amsterdam's Heijdens Karwei and printed by Wachter GMBH & Co in Bönnigheim, Germany. The book is stitched with one thread in the center and wrapped in a textured printed paper that mimics one of the wallpapers of the interrogation rooms. The uncut text block allows a play on design; the 'creep' extends way beyond the cover. This element is cleverly designed, but feels as though it may also be commentary on the character of those unseen in the second section." — from Melanie McWhorter's post on photo-eye Blog. Copies are now in stock and available for order.

Surface Series "Surface Series by Batia Suter uses found imagery — some I would assume to be vernacular, documentary, commercial, scientific, among other genres and sources — to collect and examine images with the theme of surface. Adorned with a section of a tree on the red cover, the book is produced in black & white with many images revealing the half-tone dots of their original publication, betraying the fact that the image has been appropriated from cheaply printed media (and adding another layer of interest and visual texture)." — from Melanie McWhorter's post on photo-eye Blog. Copies are now in stock and available for order.

White Noise "I had no context to ground me in what I was looking at when I first opened White Noise — my eyes didn't take in the four words that appear as a preface to the photographs. The first sequence of images deliver such profound disorientation that even though it quickly becomes clear that we are looking at interiors, everything is tinged with a sense of the unreal." — from Sarah Bradley's post on photo-eye Blog. Signed copies are now in stock and available for order.

Lele Saveri's psychodrama Incubi et Succubi is a haunting look at the figures and scenes that come to the artist in his sleep. Ghostly forms and masked characters appear throughout alongside religious iconography, occult symbolism and dark landscapes. These archetypes — along with the atmosphere Saveri has created — provide a unique and contemporary view into photography and the occult. Beautifully designed, this book is also accompanied by a large folded poster of a masked figure printed on newsprint. Copies are now in stock and available for order.

Out of My Mind.... Back in 5 Minutes by Hanna Liden is an in your face, crude observation of the tenuous urban landscape that is New York City. Collecting the city's vices (cigarette butts, remnants of street games and liter) and displaying them alongside installation shots of the artist's trash bags filled with poured plaster, collections of homeless belongings and seemingly pixilated forensic views, this book becomes an over-the-top documentation of disregarded human traces specific to the city that never sleeps. Copies are in stock and available for order.

Contemporary Chinese Photographic Arts offers an in-depth and comprehensive look at China's rising influence on the photographic world stage. Published by Gingko Press and edited by Gu Zheng, this new title organizes the work into several sections including Urbanization and Globalization, Power, Space and Memory, Gender, Body and Identity, among many others. Contemporary Chinese Photographic Arts features fifty of the most influential Chinese photographers working today. Rounding out this book is a detailed summery of the development of Chinese photography with a list of influential exhibitions and events.

Julián Barón's new book C.E.N.S.U.R.A. is a political commentary on photography, media, politics and censorship. Using a high-powered flash, Barón essentially blinds both the subject being photographed and subsequently the viewer of the work. Commenting on the relationship between photography and politics — and how the image is used to manipulate people and ideas — Baron exposes an underlying superficiality of the relationship between politicians and the people they represent.

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This week, one of the most haunting and melancholy photobooks ever produced, the 1934 quasi-medical textbook, Facies Dolorosa (the Faces of Pain) by Dr. Hans Killian. Also on the block, a signed copy of the German first edition of Cindy Sherman's epochal, Untitled Film Stills; the rare photobook by social theorist Paul Virilio, Bunker Archéologie, Hellen Van Meene's first monograph and much more. Be sure to watch Eric Miles' presentation below, which features some of the selections.

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Dr. H (Hans) Killian: Facies Dolorosa
Paul Virilio: Bunker Archéologie (First Edition)
Cindy Sherman: Untitled Film Stills (1st German edition)--INSCRIBED!
Ed Ruscha: Every Building on Sunset Strip (First Edition!)
Hellen van Meene: Untitled (Scarce 1st Monograph)
Jaromír Funke: Fotografie
Az Igazi Ady (The Real Ady). Text by György Bölöni. Photographs by André Kertész and others. Edition
George Hashiguchi: [We Can't Stay Anywhere-- Wild Teens of the World]
Mark Power: Superstructure (SIGNED!)
Issei Suda: Waga Tokyo 100 (My Tokyo 100)
Machiel Botman: Drifting (Limited Edition with Print)
Richard Misrach: The Sky Book (SIGNED!)
Donald Weber
Batia Suter
Surface Series
AntÓnio JÚlio Duarte
White Noise - SIGNED
Gu Zheng
Contemporary Chinese Photographic Arts
Kozue Deguchi
Julian Baron
Hanna Liden
Out of My Mind… Back in 5 Minutes
Sam Falls
Val Verde
Lele Saveri
Incubi et Succubi
Bill Burke
Destrukto - SIGNED
Jan Von Holleben
Someone Is No Monster - SIGNED
Lewis Chaplin
Sourcebook - SIGNED

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