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American Faith Published by Nazraeli Press, American Faith by Christopher Churchill provides a highly engaging perspective on the state of 'faith' in America. There is no judgment in Churchill's photographs. Instead the photographer has chosen to piece together a collection that represents the diversity in how Americans from all cultures approach their own unique ideas of faith. Paired with interviews of his subjects, the viewer is presented with a wide-range of 'faiths' — from traditional religions, alien obsessions and even one individual's faith in Elvis. Both the subject matter and photographs here are thoughtful and engrossing. Signed copies are in stock and available for order.

As Long As It Photographs
"Taiyo Onorato & Nico Krebs new self-published two-volume newsprint As Long As It Photographs, It Must Be A Camera sure does bring out the inner photo nerd. I mean, really… there is a photograph of a camera made from a turtle shell and it's pointed at another live turtle. How disturbing is that? And to top off the nerd factor, Onorato & Krebs started up a conversation about the turtle camera on the Large Format Photography Forum (screen shots of the dialogue appear in the book)." — from Antone Dolezal's post on photo-eye Blog. Signed copies are in stock and available for order.

Cathedral Cars by Thomas Mailaender offers the photographer's unique perspective of cars crossing the Mediterranean to North Africa by ship. These cars, dubbed "Cathedral Cars" by dockworkers, exist as an extension of their migrating family or owner, loaded with personal belongings. They are also astounding works of art. Mailaender has taken away the background and isolates the cars to focus on their formal and original qualities. Stunningly printed on a glossy over-sized cardboard paper, this book is beautiful in design and intriguing in subject. Signed copies are in stock and are available for order.

Sifting through a wide array of images depicting the surface of Mars, Thomas Ruff has pieced together a striking series of cosmic imagery in the artist's new book Ma.r.s. (cac Malaga). Here the viewer is engrossed in beautiful landscapes of the planet's surface that seem almost fictional in their luminance. Photographs taken from the unmanned missions also show us vast depictions of interplanetary space in stunning detail. Copies are now in stock and available for order.

I Am Your Fantasy by Marion Gronier portrays young girls who have entered 'Mini-Miss' beauty contests alongside portraits of the girls' mothers. Taken around the small town of Douai, Nord-Pas de Calais, France, these photographs comment on mother/daughter expectations, hopes and realities. Here the viewer is thrown into a curious world constructed by mothers who are striving to create an alternative environment for their daughters. Copies are now in stock and are available for order.

Published by the Guggenheim Museum, Rineke Dijkstra's A Retrospective is the first comprehensive monograph of the photographer's extensive career. Known for her stunning portraits, this book focuses on her well-known Beach Portraits, as well as her series of new mothers and bullfighters. The viewer is also presented with the artist's more recent work and even her on-going series Almersia. Copies are now in stock and available for order.

Published by Daylight, and edited by Will Steacy Photographs Not Taken is a book about missed opportunities, psychological boundaries and reasons for passing up taking a good photograph. The reader is given a revealing insight into the numerous contributing photographers' personalities and photographic practice. From Roger Ballen's tale of going to see a witch doctor with a friend to Alec Soth's moving story of adopting his daughter, Photographs Not Taken is a wonderful journey into the world of many well-known contemporary photographers. Copies are now in stock and available for order.

Law & Order Gets Me Through the Night is an innovative object containing fifty 3x2" cards depicting scenes from the hit TV series and its many spin-offs. Created by Laura Noel, this object is closer in resemblance to a portfolio than a book. Artist made, the portfolio comes in a cloth case with an acrylic stand to display the images and each box has a hand stamped title. Copies are now in stock and available for order.

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Henri Cartier-Bresson: The Decisive Moment
Larry Clark: Tulsa (Grove Press edition, SIGNED!) + Teenage Lust (SIGNED)
Daniel Seymour: A Loud Song
Diane Arbus (First Monograph. Rare First French Edition)
Imogen Cunningham: Photographs (INSCRIBED)
Sally Eauclaire (ed.): The New Color Photography + New Color/New Work (2 important anthologies)
Robert Doisneau: The Boy and the Dove
The Ralph Gibson Trilogy: The Somnambulist, Déjà-Vu, & Days at Sea (2 Signed!)
Edward Weston: Photographs from the Collection of the Center for Creative Photography
Garry Winogrand: 1964 Garry Winogrand: 1964 (In Shrinkwrap!)
André Kertész/György Bölöni: Az Igazi Ady (The Real Ady)--Rare 1934 First Edition!
Helen Levitt: A Way of Seeing
Cindy Sherman: 1987 Whitney Museum catalogue
Christopher Churchill
American Faith - SIGNED
Taiyo Onorato & Nico Krebs
As Long As It Photographs, It Must Be A Camera - SIGNED
Thomas Mailaender
Cathedral Cars - SIGNED
Laura Noel
Law & Order Gets Me Through the Night
Marion Gronier
I Am Your Fantasy
Thomas Ruff
Ma.r.s. (cac Malaga)
Rineke Dijkstra
A Retrospective
Will Steacy
Photographs Not Taken
Mark Dion
JosÉ Pedro Cortes
Things Here and Things Still to Come - SIGNED
Stephen Shore
Richard Misrach
Destroy This Memory - SIGNED

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