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Lost in Time Lost in Time by Marc Theis is a journey through the industrial ruins of the Continental tire manufacturing plant in Hannover, Germany. But this photo essay isn’t just another depiction of the remnants of post-industrial decay. Here Theis turns his camera to what the run-down tire plant has become: a private exhibition space for graffiti artists. The vacant buildings and halls are now over-run with often humorous and sometimes obscene works of art. The photographer has made an engaging commentary on how art and people can transform and use a space to exchange ideas and give new life to an otherwise overlooked remnant of the past. Copies are now in stock and available for order.

Sicarios Sicarios: Latin American Assassins by Javier Arcenillas takes the viewer into the dark world of Guatemalan assassins. Most of these hit men are under the age of twenty-five, usually beginning their career as a young teenager with few options. Arcenillas takes us deep into the mindset of these men; giving us glimpses of their world and of the tragedy they create. Gritty black-and-white street scenes are mixed together with portraits of the assassins and images of the gruesome murders they commit. Sicarios is a very real look at an underground culture that thrives on corruption and murder. Picked as a Best Book of 2011 by Melanie McWhorter, copies are now in stock and available for order.

Paloma Paloma al Aire by Ricardo Cases is a curious book that shows the world of pigeon racing in the Spanish regions of Valencia and Murcia. This spiral-bound book is uniquely designed and highlights the many details of the races and the people who organize them. The owners — painting their birds with brightly colored patterns — release a female pigeon, followed by a dozen male pigeons in hot pursuit. In the end, one male pigeon gets the female, and one owner a bright shiny trophy. Picked as a Best Book of 2011 by Martin Parr, Horacio Fernández, Alec Soth and Shane Lavalette, copies are now in stock and available for order.

The Half-Life of History: The Atomic Bomb and Wendover Air Base by Mark Klett is a visually stunning account of the Wendover Army Air Base (the site housing the bomber which dropped "Little Boy" over Hiroshima). Wendover now exists as a relic of past military conflicts, showing the strong appearance of neglect and abandonment. The images in this book are a visual departure for Klett who is known for focusing on the photographic intersection of the cultural landscape and the passage of time. Here the viewer is given a portrait of the army base in both color and black-and-white. The images offer a haunting account of both America's past and the potential for its violent future. Automatic casings and other remnants are exquisitely presented through Klett's signature use of Type 55 film along with stunning photographs of the greater landscape. Picked as a Best Book of 2011 by Melanie McWhorter, signed copies are now in stock and available for order.

Cathedral Cars by Thomas Mailaender offers the photographer's unique perspective of cars crossing the Mediterranean to North Africa by ship. These cars, dubbed "Cathedral Cars" by dockworkers, exist as an extension of their migrating family or owner. They also exist as an astounding work of art. Mailaender has taken away the background and isolates the car to focus on their formal and original qualities. Stunningly printed on a glossy over-sized cardboard paper, this book is beautiful in design and intriguing in subject. Copies are arriving soon and are available for preorder.

Julián Barón's new book C.E.N.S.U.R.A. is a political commentary on photography, media, politics and censorship. Using a high-powered flash, Barón essentially blinds both the subject being photographed and subsequently the viewer of the work. Commenting on the relationship between photography and politics — and how the image is used to manipulate people and ideas — Baron exposes an underlying superficiality of the relationship between politicians and the people they represent. Picked as a Best Book of 2011 by Sven Ehmann, Martin Parr, John Gossage and Horacio Fernández, copies are arriving soon and are available for preorder.

This Is Why We Can't Have Nice Things! by photographer David J. Carol. This "Non-Book," as Carol refers to it, is a superb example of creative design. Presented in a Lucite enclosure, this unique object offers forty unbound photographs accompanied by fourteen text plates. Carol's signature grainy images are beautifully reproduced and his inherent humor and wit are present throughout the collection. The "Non-Book" functions in several intriguing ways. While it is a well-edited series of thoughtful photographs, This Is Why We Can't Have Nice Things! also allows the viewer to fully engage in each individual print, as holding each of the unbound photographs is more reminiscent of viewing of a portfolio than flipping pages in a book. This innovative design is limited to a first edition of 251 signed and numbered copies. Copies are now in stock and available for order.

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In this week's feature presentation, Eric Miles examines some of Ed Ruscha's iconic artist books from 1962-1971. By making pictures that were cool and distant, entirely flat emotionally and lacking even a hint of personal style at a time when fine art photography was moving toward a distinctly subjective vision in documentary photography, Ruscha utterly revolutionized photographic perception. Thanks for watching!

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Wendover: The Half-Life of History - SIGNED
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Paloma al Aire
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As Long As It Photographs, It Must Be A Camera - SIGNED
Viviane Sassen
Julian Baron
Thomas Mailaender
Cathedral Cars
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David J. Carol
This Is Why We Can't Have Nice Things - SIGNED
Takashi Homma
In Our Nature

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