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Bridge at Hoover Dam The Bridge at Hoover Dam by Jamey Stillings and produced by distinguished photobook publisher Nazraeli is a beautiful, oversized publication coinciding with a traveling exhibition shown at photo-eye Gallery in April of 2011. This book offers insight into Stillings' 30-month exploration of the construction of the bridge. From its initial beginnings to the final completion, Stillings has documented one of man’s greatest engineering feats. The photographs are stunning, often taken at dusk or at night. The tonal qualities and surreal ambience transcend ordinary documentation and exude a character of child-like wonder, a feeling Stillings says was present throughout the project's duration. The artist's images also provide detailed views of individual aspects of the bridge's construction, leaving no stone unturned in this elaborate depiction. Copies of this gorgeous publication are now in stock and available for order.

History's Shadows Published by Nazraeli Press, History's Shadow by David Maisel continues the artist's long-term investigation into the aesthetics of entropy. Inspired during his time as an artist in residence at the Getty Research Institute, Maisel became fascinated with the Getty Museum's collection of x-ray images of art objects and began photographing the images originally created for the purpose of art conservation. Combing through thousands of x-ray transparencies, the artist photographed his selections on a light-box in a darkened room, later scanning his color film and heavily manipulating the final image. Combining these layers of analogue and digital technologies with century old artworks, Maisel has created a viewing experience that leans toward the subjective, allowing the viewer to consider both the inner and outer manifestations of the original x-rayed object. Beautifully printed, signed copies of this over-sized monograph is now in stock and available for order.

Oceanomania Oceanomania: Souvenirs of Mysterious Seas by Mark Dion is a new monograph published by Mack Books and the Nouveau Musée National de Monaco, revealing the human fascination with the sea. Dion explored the collection of the Oceanographic Museum of Monaco and NMNM bringing together an exhibition that includes the works of thirteen writers and twenty visual artists including Matthew Barney, Allan Sekula, Man Ray and many others. This curious project displays different aspects relating to the viewers understanding of the ocean as a place for exploration and discovery, while also bringing to light the human exploitation of aquatic life and mineral resources. Copies are arriving soon and are available for preorder.

Mona Lisen Der Vorstädte by Ute & Werner Mahler is journey through the European countryside and suburbs in search of young women caught between childhood and adulthood. The women in these photographs hold an air of mystery and timelessness, and the photographs are reminiscent of the famous Renaissance painting, Mona Lisa. Posing on a stool and hinting at a smile, the young women are captured in a classical, but natural pose. Weaved throughout this series of portraits are stunning landscapes of the women's homeland. Limited to an edition of 500 copies, this title is now in stock and available for order.

Good Rats by Niall O'Brien is an enthralling photographic documentary about a young group of British punks. For the past 5 years, O'Brien has been following this group of young kids, compiling a striking collection of images. The photographs are beautifully printed and bound in a modest staple-bound format, bringing forth an intimacy that often portrays the dark and gritty world where these young punks reside. This close-knit community also shares their vulnerabilities and love for one another with the photographer's lens, making for a uniquely personal and thoughtful perspective. Copies are now in stock and available for order.

I Heart Transylvania by Jason Nocito is a personal story of life and love shot over a four-year period in Vancouver, B.C. This tightly edited selection of photographs intimately depicts an everyday life while also displaying a gritty reality. Designed by Michael Schmelling and published by Dashwood Books, I Heart Transylvania is a peculiar tale of spousal dynamics. Copies are now in stock and available for order.

Also by Dashwood Books, Jack Webb Suspects His Parents by Jack Webb. The images here were taken after Webb placed several ads seeking 'genuine couples' that would allow him to photograph their sexual exploits. Graphic in nature, the photographs in this book depict non-idealized sexual encounters that while raw in nature, also display an intimacy captured by the photographer. Copies are now in stock and available for order.

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Ute Mahler & Werner Mahler
Mona Lisen Der Vorstädte
Jamey Stillings
The Bridge at Hoover Dam - SIGNED
Jason Nocito
I Heart Transylvania
Jack Webb
Jack Webb Suspects His Parents
David Maisel
History's Shadow - SIGNED
Niall O'Brien
Good Rats
Nicolas Fremiot
Stuart Griffiths
The Myth of the Airborne Warrior
Philip Perkis
Teaching Photography
Michael Kenna
Michael Kenna
2012 Michael Kenna Wall Calendar
Mark Dion

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