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Is This Place Great or What Is This Place Great or What by Brian Ulrich is a deep exploration into the shifting landscape of American consumerism. Presented here is a documentation of a struggling economy, where big box stores teeter between transformation and collapse. With a financial crisis lingering in the minds of many American families, Ulrich focuses his eye not only the obvious complexities of American consumerism, but also on the ways many families are making economic sacrifices. Taking a cinematic approach, the photographs in this book are visually captivating and provide a sobering narrative to America's current economic crisis. Copies are arriving soon and are available for preorder.

Straight in the light Straight in the Light by multi-media artist Michel Mazzoni explores the notions of decay and disappearance in the American Southwest. Primarily a book of landscapes, the photographs inside this monograph contain scenes of abandonment. The images always appear washed out, as if they too may eventually fade out of existence. A number of motel interiors are present, exhibiting signs of age and neglect including decades old linoleum wall panels and other banal novelties. The incorporation of the motels serves to mirror the landscape the photographer is documenting — slowly disappearing along with the people who once lived in these places. The images in this book are reflective of a truth regarding much of America's "in-between spaces," but ultimately this is a body of work showcasing the artist's direct intent, one that transcends reality and offers a desolate view of the American desert. Copies are now in stock and available for order.

Light in the Desert Light in the Desert by Tony O'Brien is an intimate documentation of the secluded Benedictine Abbey of Christ in the Desert, near Abiquiu, New Mexico. O'Brien spent a year living and photographing this monastery and its devoted members. Often serenely quiet, there is a deep sense of contemplation in these photographs, depicting both a devotion to spiritual healing as well as the humble austerity that exists for the life of a monk. There is a simplistic beauty to O'Brien's photographs. A beauty that not only captures centuries old traditions, but also opens the veil to the complexities of those seeking a life of spiritual commitment. Copies are now in stock and available for order.

North South East West by renowned printer and educator Richard Benson is a stunning new monograph devoted to the photographer's images of the North American continent. Benson's images are vibrant accounts of our everyday experiences. Often focusing on the landscape and man's interaction within it, the photographs offer the viewer a direct correlation between Benson’s unique photographic vision and his extraordinary printing technique. Copies are arriving soon and are available for preorder.

Iraq | Perspectives by Benjamin Lowy is a haunting view into the war-ravaged nation of Iraq. The photographs were shot from an eerie perspective through Humvee windows and night vision goggles, giving not only a soldier's perspective, but also the perspective of a photographer operating in a dangerous and devastated landscape. Stunningly printed, this book takes the viewer through routine security routes and nighttime raids, where the realities of daily life are all too apparent in this war-torn country. Signed copies are arriving soon and are available for order.

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Michel Mazzoni
Straight in the Light
Tony O'Brien
Light in the Desert
Misha De Ridder
Horacio Fernandez
The Latin American Photobook
Brian Ulrich
Is This Place Great or What - SIGNED
Benjamin Lowy
Iraq | Perspectives - SIGNED
Tom Chambers
Entropic Kingdom - SIGNED and Limited Edition
Ute Mahler & Werner Mahler
Mona Lisen Der Vorstädte
Steve Crist
Edward Weston: One Hundred Twenty-Five Photographs
Kenji Hirasawa
Elisabeth Sussman
Diane Arbus: A Chronology
Richard Benson
North South East West

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