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New York 1969 New York 1969 — Tokyo... by Timm Rautert is an exquisitely produced book published by Only Photography. This new publication offers a selection of two bodies of work taken within the same time frame, one series focusing on New York and the other on Tokyo. The book begins with Rautert's series New York 1969 and presents an intimate portrait of a city that has drastically changed in the following decades. The images in this series appear symbolic; photographs of American cars, Wall Street and department stores mix together with images of daily life seen on the streets of the city that never sleeps. This is a New York that many would not recognize today and this book creates a juxtaposing tension by pairing it with Rautert's following series Tokyo.... Approaching Tokyo in a similar manner, the photographer's images focus heavily on the city's leap into the modern world through its architecture and commercialism while also offering clear depictions of daily life the photographer encountered. The Tokyo shown in these images is one of little change compared to today and stand in stark contrast to the images in New York 1969. Limited to 500 copies, this book is now in stock and available for order.

Nowhere But Here Nowhere But Here by Jocelyn Lee is a striking collection of photographs alluding to the delicate balance of human existence within the larger environment. Many of the images are portraits, depicting vulnerability through age, pregnancy and even youth. In many instances Lee's subjects are sharing themselves and their fragility, allowing the viewer a glimpse at not only their bodies, but also a raw sense of personal emotion. Woven within these portraits are landscapes depicting life, death and rebirth. Growing berries on a tree or a deer carcass hanging from an old barn continue the notion of the past, present and future alluded to in Lee's portraits. While symbolically powerful, these images are also visually stunning and take the viewer on a complex journey through the beauty and delicacy of life. Signed copies are now in stock and available for order.

"For two weeks Records, along with five other American fine-art photographers, was packed onto buses with 100 Chinese commercial photographers to photograph, as Record states on his website "BEAUTIFUL LANDSCAPE, LANDMARK BUILDING, MAIN INDUSTRY, URBAN CONSTRUCTION, ETC." in an effort to promote tourism. Over the course of his visit, Records recognized the futility in attempting to fully describe China. Escorted by a government employee to predetermined locations, including wetlands, oil fields and museums, these places are only partially distinguishable in the images. The title references a Chinese saying, "like looking at the sky from the bottom of a well," which became a metaphor through which Records perceived his experience. With his limited ability to truly understand and get to know his subject, Records seems to have veered to the edges, creating a journal that is both touching in its small details and funny in its juxtapositions." – from Sarah Bradley's post on photo-eye Blog on Shawn Records' From the Bottom of a Well. Signed copies are now in stock and available for order.

The Amnesia Pavilions by Nicholas Muellner is a textual and visual autobiography that revolves around the photographer's return to the Eastern Siberian City of Ulan-Ude. In his quest to track down his friend Aleksei Tsvetkov, Muellner found himself in a city he no longer recognized, one that had changed drastically in the seventeen years he had been away. Russia's shifting political and cultural landscapes are apparent in this book and provide important context to the photographer's quest to find his friend and ultimately his former self. Signed copies are now in stock and available for order.

A Living Man Declared Dead and Other Chapters by Taryn Simon is an extensive and hefty volume published by Mack Books. Simon traveled the world over the course of four years recording bloodlines and the related stories attached to family ties. Divided into eighteen chapters, this book includes 817 portraits — systematically arranged — and depicts external forces relating to territory, power, circumstance and religion that create tension within the context of psychological and physical inheritance. The complex narratives Simon is documenting capture elements of violence, corruption and survival, touching on themes relating to contemporary culture and politics in this highly structured monograph. Copies are now in stock and available for order.

Read Jonathan Blaustein’s review of Edgar Martins' This is Not a House on A Photo Editor.

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I Loved You the Moment I Saw You by Peter Black is a compelling view of the photographer's home city of Wellington, New Zealand. Cinematic in approach, the photographs here draw on direct narratives focusing on the city's culture and politics through the portrayal of the human condition. Taken from the viewpoint of a street photographer, the images in this book are composed of sometimes gritty and often humorous depictions of daily life.

Identity by Stewart Cohen is a diverse collection of portraits of individuals from all walks of life. The striking images in this book are accompanied by the subjects' hand-written text describing what it is that makes them unique. Identity offers 50 individual portraits of highly engaging personalities including Peter Beard, Erykah Badu, and Ed Ruscha among many others. The photographs here give insights into how the subjects perceive themselves as well as reflect our own perception of their physical appearance.

Diffusion: Unconventional Photography (Volume III) is the latest edition of the independent annual highlighting unconventional photographic processes and related photographic works. Volume III highlights the work of Jennifer F. Schlesinger, Dan Estabrook, Rita Bernstein and Jason E. Kelley, while also showcasing articles and essays on a wide variety of topics. Diffusion has become a valued resource to the photographic community, introducing new artists who push the boundaries of the photographic medium while also providing compelling interviews and image galleries.

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Jocelyn Lee
Nowhere But Here - SIGNED
Timm Rautert
New York 1969 – Tokyo…
Taryn Simon
A Living Man Declared Dead & Other Chapters
Richard Prince
American Prayer
Edgar Martins
This Is Not a House
Walter Guadagnini
Photography: The Origins 1839-1890
Shawn Records
From the Bottom of a Well - SIGNED (Limited Edition arriving in 2-4 weeks)
Nicholas Muellner
The Amnesia Pavilions - SIGNED
Peter Black
I loved you the moment I saw you
Stewart Cohen
Edited by Blue Mitchell
Diffusion magazine III

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