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The New Cars 1964 The New Cars 1964 by Lee Friedlander showcases previously unpublished work commissioned by Harper's Bazaar of the highly anticipated new car models introduced for 1964. Left to his own devices, Friedlander was given total creative control as to how he would photograph these symbols of the America Dream. The cars were dropped off to the location of the photographer's choice — often burger joints, furniture stores and even used car lots — and photographed as they appear in the real world. While these wildly strange images were a delight for some of the staff of Bazaar, the magazine's editor-in-chief feared the loss of advertisers and ultimately declined to publish Friedlander's photographs. Haphazardly stumbling across the images in his darkroom storage, the photographer was surprised to rediscover this series of images many decades later. This previously unpublished series of work offers a glimpse into the beginnings of Friedlander's innovative approach. Copies are now in stock and available for order.

Traces Traces by Ian Teh is a striking journey into the industrial landscape of four remote northern Chinese provinces: Inner Mongolia, Ningxia, Shanxi and Shaanxi. Investigating China's economic rise through the documentation of the country's rapid industrialization and seeming neglect for environmental regulation, Teh exposes a world often hidden from public view. The lack of blue skies or vegetation in the images hint at a dying land, one that may be too caught up in the grasp of profitable industry to ever recover. The photographer also includes a series of haunting portraits of mine workers taken at night that, through their piercing gazes, adds a devastating human dimension to the industrial casualty. Signed copies are now in stock and available for order.

Bone Lonely Bone Lonely by Portuguese photographer Paulo Nozolino is a chilling and tragic photographic narrative that seemingly captures the essence of fear and despair. The ghostly black & white images in this book are dominated by a thick darkness, appearing to block out light and isolate a surreal sense of disturbance. There is an ambiguity to this work, but also a cohesive notion of an underlying tension. Rui Baião's haunting poems in the back of Bone Lonely are complimentary to Nozolino's photographs and heighten the surreal sense of implicit stress. Copies are now in stock and available for order.

Traces Oceanomania: Souvenirs of Mysterious Seas by Mark Dion is a new monograph published by Mack Books and the Nouveau Musée National de Monaco, revealing the human fascination with the sea. Dion explored the collection of the Oceanographic Museum of Monaco and NMNM bringing together an exhibition that includes the works of thirteen writers and twenty visual artists including Matthew Barney, Allan Sekula, Man Ray and many others. This curious project displays different aspects relating to the viewers understanding of the ocean as a place for exploration and discovery, while also bringing to light the human exploitation of aquatic life and mineral resources. Copies are in stock and available for order.

The American Wall by Maurice Sherif is an impressive collection of thought-provoking photographs and essays. This over-sized two-volume set is stunning in design, emulating the American monstrosity erected to keep undocumented migrants from entering the United States. Taken with large-format Polaroid film, the one hundred black & white images in the first volume are simply arresting and beg the viewer to question the ramifications and symbolism of building such an exclusionary structure. While shooting in the unforgiving desert heat, Sherif's film melted, becoming tattered and framing the images in a stark and foreboding fashion. The second volume in this set includes powerful essays by Charles Bowden, Miguel Diaz-Barriga, Scott Nicol, Denise Gilman, James Tryon and Martha Davidson with translations in English, Spanish and French. Both signed and unsigned copies are in stock and available for order.

The story goes: Jenn Shaw lived in New Orleans; she was pregnant with her first child; the week she was due, Hurricane Katrina rolled into town; she left town with her husband, negatives, four pets and a few other belongings; the next day she gave birth. Yet this is not the end of this story. The book Hurricane Story documents her two-month, 6,000 mile journey to return to New Orleans to reclaim her house from the mice, insects and devastation that Katrina wrecked upon her home. Shaw's photographs are dream-like, often using miniature plastic figures to recreate the narrative. This, combined with the petite square format of the book and the single descriptive sentence that accompanies each image bring to mind childhood play, but in Shaw's hands they are tools for the expression of the physical and emotional turmoil evoked by this natural disaster. Unsigned copies in stock and signed copies available for backorder.

Christopher Churchill traveled to over 50 cities across the United States from 2004-2009 taking portraits, landscapes, and street scenes based on the theme of faith. The resulting book project, titled American Faith, presents each image in a two-page spread accompanied with the title and often an extended caption describing the sitters' thoughts on organized religion, the military, extraterrestrials, prostitution, near-death experiences, and spiritual possession, among other topics. In each of these brief snippets, the subject attempts to verbalize what faith means in their life. Churchill had assumed that the idea of faith would most often be associated with religion, but as the book presents, faith can be in an idea, concept, deity, or other reality; it has many meanings. Churchill embarked on this project during a time of political divide and found that within this diverse nation, what Americans put their faith in is more universal than he expected. Signed copies due in December.

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Jennifer Shaw
Hurricane Story - SIGNED
Mark Dion
Lee Friedlander
The New Cars 1964
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Of Falling and Floating - SIGNED
Ian Teh
Traces - SIGNED
Ralph Eugene Meatyard
Dolls and Masks - Hardbound and Limited Edition
Paulo Nozolino
Bone Lonely
Maurice Sherif
The American Wall - SIGNED
Chema Madoz
Obras Maestras - SIGNED
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American Faith - SIGNED
Mott Collection
100 Fanzines/10 Years of British Punk 1976-1985
Erik Kessels
In Almost Every Picture Limited Edition #6-10

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