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Photographs Published on the occasion of his first retrospective at Wall Space Gallery, Photographs 2001-2009 by Ken Rosenthal is a strikingly cohesive collection of the photographer's work. Tightly edited from Rosenthal's 2001 series Seen and Not Seen through the 2009 series Days Between, this book contains a selection of 14 images that exemplify the artist's unique vision. Rosenthal's eerie and surreal images capture quiet reflections of memories that often merge the autobiographical with the universal. While dark in tone, the stunning photographs in this book capture a narrative of a haunting personal journey filled with subtle glimpses of hope and beauty. Signed copies are arriving soon and are available for preorder.

Bordeaux Series In her fourth publication by Steidl, artist Mona Kuhn continues her work of photographing intimate nude portraits of family and friends. Bordeaux Series — the sequel to Kuhn's 2009 publication Native — is a series of images taken around the photographer's home near Bordeaux, France. Her house — containing only the bare amenities — is the location of all of the portraits in this monograph. Photographing her subjects in the same room and always with a red backdrop and chair, Kuhn creates a scene of isolation, allowing for her subjects to be viewed without the distraction of possessions. Her color nude portraits are paired alongside lovely black-and-white landscape photographs taken outside the artist's house. Signed copies are now in stock and available for order.

Alec Soth Commissioned for the tenth FotoGrafia Festival internazionle di Roma, photographer Alec Soth has produced an exquisite new monograph titled La Belle Dame Sans Merci. Soth's narrative — inspired by English poet John Keats' famous poem of the same name — weaves poetry, romanticism and the legacy of art together, creating a series that retraces the Eternal City's history of artistic expression. Since the publication of Keats' poem — the title of which was taken from French poet Alain Chartier — many masterful English painters have created works of art depicting Keats' beautiful and mysterious tale. La Belle Dame Sans Merci is an elegant instance of art inspiring art and Soth's new monograph is an admirable continuation of this notion. Retracing the steps of Rome’s photographic history and seemingly influenced by Italian poets, Soth has created a series that embodies the heart of the artistically inspiring Eternal City. A very limited number of copies are arriving soon and are available for preorder. Please finalize order as soon as possible.

A Criminal Investigation by photographer Watabe Yukichi is a photographic novel closely following the criminal investigation into the murder of a young day worker from Tokyo. In January of 1958, the dismembered and grotesquely disfigured remains of Sato Tadashi were discovered in an oil vat near Sembako Lake in Japan. The photographs in this series follow a dedicated detective throughout the investigation and his attempts to put himself in the killer's shoes and mindset. Walking through urban streets and warehouses the viewer is taken on a heavy journey of uncertainty and dead ends. By the end of A Criminal Investigation, the viewer is given an odd explanation of the unfortunate circumstances of Tadashi's death that ultimately identify his killer. The printing and design of this book make for a stunning object; it is easy to forget that this is a highly involved documentation of a real murder investigation and not stills from a film noir. Copies are now in stock and available for order.

In an age where photography has been embraced by the contemporary art world and self-published photobooks have drastically changed the landscape of the photobook industry, Publish Your Photography Book by Darius D. Himes and Mary Virginia Swanson is an important resource offering direct insight for photographers. Beautifully designed and organized in six sections, the book opens with a history of photography book publishing and provides an overview of the publishing industry, offering insights into publishing options and the publisher's mindset when considering new photobook projects. After giving a detailed explanation of the process of different kinds of book construction and a guide to marketing, the book finishes with advice from published photographers such as Alec Soth, David Maisel and Paula McCartney and offers an abundance of resource information to help and encourage the reader in preparing their work for publication. This comprehensive guide to the photobook publishing industry is filled with interviews and advice from many of the industry's leading professionals. Signed copies are back-in-stock and available for order.

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Michael Kenna
2012 Michael Kenna Wall Calendar
Hans Eijkelboom
New York by Numbers - SIGNED
Hans Eijkelboom
Amsterdam by Numbers - SIGNED
Mona Kuhn
Bordeaux Series - SIGNED (Limited Edition arriving soon)
Ken Rosenthal
Photographs 2001-2009 - SIGNED
Chad States
Alec Soth
La Belle Dame Sans Merci - SIGNED
Ruth Bernhard
The Eternal Body
Andy Sewell
The Heath - SIGNED
Darius D. Himes & Mary Virginia Swanson
Publish Your Photography Book - SIGNED
Maxwell Anderson
See You Soon - SIGNED
Watabe Yukichi
A Criminal Investigation

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