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Invention of the Invisible Featured in this week's newsletter, The Invention of the Invisible by Michael Wesely is a striking collection of the photographer's work throughout the last several decades. Using a self-designed camera, Wesely photographs his subjects for extended periods of time, sometimes as long as several years. While highlighting the technical mastery of the photographer, this book also focuses on Wesely's ability to produce arresting imagery that documents the architectural construction of buildings such as the Museum of Modern Art in New York, vivid formal landscapes and even an intriguing series of portraits. Copies of this attractive new monograph are now in stock and available for order.

Etant Donnes Étant Donnés 2° by T.R. Ericsson is the artist's reinterpretation of Marcel Duchamp's last major work, Étant Donnés. Ericsson's voyeuristic approach to investigating Duchamp's masterpiece leaves the viewer contemplating the mystery evoked by the work. A nude woman, lying lifeless in the woods (or partially submerged in water) appears to be the recreation of a horrific murder. The images in this series invite the viewer to be a participant in the uneasy tension the artist has created, asking many questions the photographer knowingly does not answer. This tension is heightened by the little information the artist does give about this series; the model is Ericsson's wife and this body of work exemplifies his devotion and love for her. Copies of this highly engaging body of work are now in stock and available for order.

Bridge at Hoover Dam The Bridge at Hoover Dam by Jamey Stillings and produced by distinguished photobook publisher Nazraeli is a beautiful, oversized publication coinciding with a traveling exhibition shown at photo-eye Gallery in April of 2011. This book offers insight into Stillings' 30-month exploration of the construction of the bridge. From its initial beginnings to the final completion, Stillings has documented one of man’s greatest engineering feats. The photographs are stunning, often taken at dusk or at night. The tonal qualities and surreal ambience transcend ordinary documentation and exude a character of child-like wonder, a feeling Stillings says was present throughout the project's duration. The artist's images also provide detailed views of individual aspects of the bridge's construction, leaving no stone unturned in this elaborate depiction. Signed copies of this gorgeous publication are arriving soon and are available for preorder. For information on the limited edition of this publication, email Book Division Manager Melanie McWhorter.

Dondoro, a slim and elegant volume from Estelle Hanania, is a collaboration with the late master puppeteer and puppet maker Hoichi Okamoto. Named after the theater Okamoto founded and published after his death in 2010, the book is a meditation on Okamoto’s art — strange and somber images of puppets that seem eerily alive while they simultaneously show the magnificently skilled hand of the crafter. A few of these images appeared in the wonderfully edited Myriorama, a mingling of several of Hanania's projects exploring the transformative power of costume and traditional means of storytelling. The puppets shown here are somewhat of a hybrid between puppet and costume, designed to use the body of the puppeteer to animate the character.” – from Sarah Bradley’s post on photo-eye Blog.

Marking the 100th birthday of Silas E. Finch, My Grandmother's Polaroids presents 25 found Polaroids from the estate of Dorothy and Raymond Bradley of Saxtons River, Vermont. Limited to an edition of 50 hand stitched and bound copies, this title is a fundraiser for the non-profit arts organization The Silas Finch Foundation. The photographs here were taken in the mid-1980s and offer a glimpse into the world of the elderly Bradley couple and reflect a quiet beauty through the superb Polaroid photographs. An original Polaroid is tipped in to the front cover, making each book a unique object. Copies are arriving soon and available for preorder.

Five new titles from Japanese publisher Super Labo have just arrived to our bookstore:

JH Engström and Margot Wallard's Foreign Affair is a highly intimate book documenting the love affair between the two artists, an affair that is a raw and explicit celebration of life and sexual freedom. The photographs here depict a liaison that seems both haphazard and carefree while in contrast, the images are presented in a thoughtfully designed and edited object.

Peter Granser 2000-2007 by Austrian photographer Peter Granser is an impressive survey of the artist’s work and highlights Granser's ability to capture the myth of the American dream in a unique and inspiring manner. As an outsider to American culture, the photographer traveled to many locations in pursuit of the American ideal, including Sun City, Coney Island and Texas. This well-designed book is a curious investigation into the meaning of the American homeland and is presented with an often humorous approach. Copies are now in stock and available for order.

Color Photograph by Daido Moriyama is a unique collection of color images from the legendary Japanese photographer who is best known for his exceptional black-and-white photography. Moriyama embodies the essence of a street photographer, and the images in this book are no exception. Often showcasing vivid snapshots, the production quality of this book is striking and is another stunning addition to this prolific artist’s catalogue. Signed copies are now in stock and available for order.

Umimachi by Koji Onaka is a series of images recording the landscapes and street views of the small port towns located in the Sanriku district of Japan, which have since been devastated by the earthquake and subsequent tsunami in March of 2011. This book is not only a beautiful documentation of these port towns, but also an important record of a landscape that has been transformed forever. Signed copies are now in stock and available for order.

Takashi Homma's In Our Nature is a series of photographs illustrating the human effort to recreate the natural world. The photographs in this book are beautiful and offer a representation of gardens and man-altered ecosystems that are visually unique and engaging. Signed copies are now in stock and available for order.

Read Adam Bell's review of One to Nothing by Irina Rozovsky in photo-eye Magazine.

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Michael Wesely
The Invention of the Invisible
T. R. Ericsson
Étant Donnés 2° - SIGNED and Limited Edition
Estelle Hanania
Peter Granser
Peter Granser 2000-2007
Koji Onaka
Daido Moriyama
Color Photograph
Takashi Homma
In Our Nature
JH Engström and Margot Wallard
Foreign Affair
Irina Rozovsky
One to Nothing - Hardbound and Limited Edition
Andres MarroquÍn Winkelmann
Jamey Stillings
The Bridge at Hoover Dam - SIGNED
Dorothy & Raymond Bradley
My Grandmother's Polaroids

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