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Kin Subscription Featured in this week’s newsletter, volume three of TBW Books' Kin Subscription Series. This new installment features the work of Mark Steinmetz, Dru Donovan, Katy Grannan and Elaine Stocki. While not a direct collaboration between the artists, the series creates a cohesive dialogue between these four differing photographic perspectives focusing on loss and raising questions about psychological dynamics. Steinmetz's Philip & Micheline is an intimate portrait of the end of life experience of the photographer's parents. Donovan’s Lifting Water investigates the psychological weight shared through the rituals of caregiving by both the caregiver and cared for. Katy Grannan's N showcases the photographer's long time partnership with her subject Nicole, highlighting the dynamics between the artist and subject. Stocki's Balcony raises many questions but provides the viewer with few answers about psychological limitations and human interaction. Copies of this highly sought after and beautifully constructed series are arriving soon and available for preorder.

Bordeaux Series In her fourth publication by Steidl, artist Mona Kuhn continues her work of photographing intimate nude portraits of family and friends. Bordeaux Series – the sequel to Kuhn's 2009 publication Native — is a series of images taken around the photographer's home near Bordeaux, France. Her house — containing only the bare amenities — is the location of all of the portraits in this monograph. Photographing her subjects in the same room with a red backdrop and chair, Kuhn creates a scene of isolation, allowing for her subjects to be viewed without the distraction of distinctive characteristics. Her portraits are paired alongside landscape photographs taken around the artist's house and portray a beautiful series of images that are both subtle and revealing. Signed copies of this superb monograph are arriving soon and available for preorder.

Mom & Dad Mom & Dad by photographer Terry Richardson is a telling journey into the famous artist's family life. Separated into two volumes (Mom & Dad) this beautifully constructed object gives insight into Richardson's personal upbringing and his relationship with his parents. Following around both parents separately, the viewer is presented with two drastically different perspectives. Richardson's ailing father is often shown in subtle scenes that appear as both an intimate portrait of a man at the end of his life as well as an insightful dialogue between father and son. In contrast, Richardson's mother appears as a fashionably dressed (sometimes undressed) character who closely resembles her son's public persona. Presented in a slipcase and limited to an edition of 1000 copies, this intriguing publication is arriving soon and available for order.

New from Nazraeli's One Picture Book series, four titles by artists Corey Arnold, Neil Krug and Joni Harbeck, Steve Fitch and Liz Steketee. Fishing with My Dad presents snapshots taken by photographer and fisherman Corey Arnold's father. The images depict the young Arnold's passionate beginnings of a career in fishing and give insight into the personal bond between father and son. Neil Krug & Joni Harbeck’s Indian Girl is a collaboration between artist and model that presents images reminiscent of B movies, spaghetti western stills and 1970s album covers. Shot on expired Polaroid film, these surreal images depict Harbeck on horseback as the lead in an unknown dramatic scenario. Steve Fitch's Motel Signs takes the viewer on a journey of life on the road. Depicting motel signs from decades past, this small gem highlights a body of work documenting a part of America that is slowly fading away. Liz Steketee's Dystopia offers a series of personal family photographs where unrelated images are combined to create a new history of past experiences. These images are stunningly printed and create a highly engaging dialogue between memory and art. Each One Picture Book includes an original signed tipped-in print in the back of the book. Copies of all four titles are in stock and available for order.

photo-eye's Publisher Direct

This week on photo-eye's Publisher Direct we have four new superb titles. Timothy Archibald's ECHOLILIA / Sometimes I wonder is a beautiful collaboration between father and son. Featured in the New York Times, TIME and other highly acclaimed publications, this book focuses on a journey of discovery for the two collaborators through the filter of the autistic spectrum.

Jos Jansen's Connected Creativity is a documentation of the daily life of NXP researchers at work. The photographer's focus on the global semiconductor company was inspired by the 1989 publication Natlab by photographer Ed van der Elsken and gives a unique insight into a world of innovation.

Adrian Tyler's On Form and Fiction is a stunningly printed book that makes a striking connection between nature and human perception. Focusing on the last surviving areas of European primeval forests, this book takes the viewer through the annual cycle of the land’s death and rebirth.

Bjarne Bare’s Hose Variations is an engaging view into human habit and character. By photographing hoses as they are found, the photographer focuses on a "dead moment" shedding a small light on the owners’ personality.

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Corey Arnold
One Picture Book #69: Fishing With My Dad 1978-1995
Neil Krug & Joni Harbeck
One Picture Book #70: Indian Girl
Steve Fitch
One Picture Book #71: Motel Signs
Liz Steketee
One Picture Book #72: Dystopia
Mona Kuhn
Bordeaux Series - SIGNED
Terry Richardson
Mom & Dad
Subscription Series 3: Mark Steinmetz, Dru Donovan, Elaine Stocki, and Katy Grannan
Timm Rautert
New York 1969 – Tokyo… - Limited Editions
Timothy Archibald
ECHOLILIA / Sometimes I wonder
Jos Jansen
Connected Creativity
Adrian Tyler
On Form and Fiction
Bjarne Bare
Hose Variations

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