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Opera Citta Featured in this week’s newsletter, Opera Città by photographer Tod Papageorge is a uniquely subtle view of Rome. An initial glance may not indicate the photographs in this book were taken in the Italian capitol, but discreet hints and formal gestures allude to the vibrant life of the legendary city. Taken upon the invitation of Marco Delogu for the Commissione di Roma 2010, this series is very much a collaboration of ideas by Delogu and Papageorge. Suggesting the photographer approach his subject with the idea of overcoming the classic notion of topographers and street photographers, Delogu sparked an inspiring approach that drastically progressed as Papageorge began his photographic venture. The result is a beautifully designed object that depicts a city of few unique details but also brings together a distinctly acute vision of both photographer and publisher. Copies of this intriguing monograph are now in stock and available for order.

Color Correction Color Correction by photographer Ernst Haas and published by Steidl is a stunning book introducing the lesser-known work by this legendary photographer. The photographs in this series offer a stark contrast to the more acclaimed images Haas is known for. At times the images are intimate, quiet observations indicating a personal photographic journey the photographer never intended to show, while in other instances Haas’ vibrant aesthetic and unique depiction of city life forcefully grab at the viewer. Color Correction is a superbly edited and designed book offering an insight into a photographic approach that at times was widely celebrated and at others greatly dismissed. Copies of this striking monograph are now in stock and available for order.

Al Campo Al Campo by Ernesto Bazan is a new publication of visually engaging color photographs depicting Cuban farmland. Reminding the photographer of his Sicilian homeland, the countryside of Cuba evoked a sense of romanticism in Bazan that inspired him to make this series of honest and enriching photographs. In many ways, this is a book documenting tradition, the tradition of sowing the field, raising and slaughtering livestock and sharing meals, weaving together a telling description of family and community. The photographs here are about the simple lives of a culturally rich people. Signed copies of this captivating new monograph are now in stock and available for order.

Color Correction Södrakull Frösakull by Mikael Olsson is a series of images documenting two houses designed by Swedish architect Bruno Mathsson. These homes – both abandoned and left in disrepair – shed an interesting light on a project based on photographic preservation. The photographer visited, and even occupied, the aesthetically intriguing homes, walking a fine line of unethical trespassing. The curious aspect is that not even the famous architect’s firm seemed to be concerned about Olsson’s sneaky activities. While both properties have since been restored, this series captures a moment in time of both unparalleled neglect and the artist’s unparalleled obsession. Copies are arriving soon and available for preorder.

Al Campo Scratch My Name On Your Arm by Deanna Templeton offers a glimpse into the photographer’s past five years of documenting Southern California’s surfing and skateboarding culture. This series shares a provocative collection of scantily clad teenagers using their bodies as a canvas for signatures and drawings by famous athletes. This book is not only a playful documentation of pop-culture, it is a look inside a gathering trend of impermanent art.

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Ernesto Bazan
Al Campo - SIGNED
Tod Papageorge
Opera Città
Alejandro Chaskielberg
La Creciente
William A. (ed.) Ewing
Ernst Haas: Color Correction
Hans Bol
Paradise City - SIGNED and Limited Edition
Deanna Templeton
Scratch My Name On Your Arm - SIGNED
Mikael Olsson
Södrakull Frösakull
Bela Doka
The Sundays of Life - SIGNED and Limited Edition
Mario Algaze
Mario Algaze: Portfolio - SIGNED
John Gossage
The Thirty-Two Inch Ruler / Map Of Babylon - SIGNED
Bill Diodato
Care of Ward 81 - SIGNED and Limited Edition
Eva Marie Rodbro
Fuck You Kiss Me - SIGNED

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