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The Heart Land Featured in this week’s newsletter, The Heart Land by photographer Mark Borthwick is a beautifully constructed journal of photographs, poetry, drawings and the splatter of paint. The inclusion of these different mediums brings together a free-spirited narrative that alludes to closeness with the ocean, nature and community. Surreal and dreamy photographs become intimate records of a familiar memory and connection to a greater existence. Accompanied with notes and poems, the text in this book fits in perfectly alongside the elusive imagery. There are also scribbles, tea stains and the haphazard flinging of paint adding another layer of intimacy to this intriguing title. Signed copies of this absorbing monograph are now in stock and available for order.

Black and Blue Black and Blue by prolific photographer Morten Andersen is a superb collection of images from his previously out-of-print titles Fast City, Oslo F. and includes a mix of unpublished photographs. Even containing a few images from last year’s Color F., Black and Blue is a thick assortment of staggering photography. The editing of this book allows the viewer to absorb Andersen’s gritty imagery in a different context than was presented in previous titles. The printing is full-bleed and produced exquisitely with the images giving a personal insight into the photographer’s aesthetic approach and meanderings. Signed copies of this captivating new monograph are now in stock and available for order.

Not Seen Not Saidy "The second volume of Orchard series,
Not Seen | Not Said, contains photographs by Raymond Meeks, along with the minimalist drawings of Wes Mills. The book shows Mills wandering in a barren land as Meeks follows, documenting the artist's inquisitive steps with his camera. The photographs were taken by Meeks between 2008–2010 in two locations, an orchard owned by Mills' family (apropos to the series title) and the John Day fossil beds near Kimberly, Oregon. Accompanying Meeks' photographs are 17 reproductions of text and drawings by Mills. Lovingly and carefully printed on green colored paper though also seemingly aged and discolored, they have been tipped into the books pages after binding." — from Melanie McWhorter's post on photo-eye Blog. Read the full post here. Copies of this unique series are in stock and available for order

Arriving soon, signed copies of Mitch Epstein’s State of the Union. The photographer’s latest monograph offers selected images from two of his seminal bodies of work, Recreation: American Photographs (1973–88) and American Power. The photographs in this book depict an intelligent portrayal of American life and culture. Read Faye Robson’s review of State of the Union in photo-eye Magazine.

Also of note, David Ondrik’s self-published book on sustainable farming Arid Harvests. The thoughtful images in this series document both the importance of community farming and the value it holds on the local level. The aesthetically interesting photographs capture vivid details of the growing, preparing and selling of food and offer an insightful account of the rich community that farming creates. Each book is accompanied by an 8x10 inch pigment ink print. Signed copies are now in stock and available for order.

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Mark Borthwick
The Heart Land - SIGNED
Raymond Meeks
Not Seen | Not Said, With Wes Mills
Morten Andersen
Black and Blue - SIGNED
Iain McKell
The New Gypsies
Marc McAndrews
Nevada Rose
David Ondrik
Arid Harvests - SIGNED
Mitch Epstein
State of the Union - SIGNED
Guido Guidi
A New Map of Italy - SIGNED
Tisa Walden
San Francisco in the 21st Century
Stuart Rome
Signs and Wonders - SIGNED

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