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The Wedding Featured in this week's newsletter, The Wedding by photographer Boris Mikhailov is a bizarre and engaging portrait of human desperation. This series presents a simulated wedding between two homeless people living in post-communist Eastern Europe. Under Russia's new economic regime, these individuals are living on the fringe of society without care or social support. While the images contain a tinge of humor through sexually explicit poses and a strange take on traditional ceremony, the grim reality is the subjects are disregarded outcasts of society. Mikhailov's deliberate creation of the wedding and posing of his subjects stands in stark contrast to this reality, creating an environment of intentional insanity. The intriguing qualities in this book lie in the photographer's ability to heighten the tensions in an otherwise harmonious ceremony into a flurry of madness and despair. Copies of this absorbing monograph are in stock and available for order.

Films Previously featured in our New Arrivals Newsletter, Films by the prolific photographer Paul Graham is a reflection on the physical science that makes the photographic medium a truly one-of-a-kind process. Scanning the blank edges and unexposed frames of his negative archive, Graham created a 'negative retrospective' of his work. By doing so, the artist has created his own eulogy to the existence of negative film in the digital age. The result is a staggering object, beautifully printed and containing mesmerizing visual fields of color and pattern. Copies of this alluring new book are in stock and available for order.

People in Trouble People in Trouble Laughing Pushed to the Ground by Adam Broomberg & Oliver Chanarin is an examination of the language of documentary photography pertaining to the conflict in Northern Ireland. Selected from the Belfast Exposed Archive, the photographs in this book are a chronicle of many aspects of the conflict, including protests and acts of terrorism and the mundane simplicities of life, such as watching trains or drinking tea. Uniquely selected from the clues of past Belfast Exposed archivists, this book is an exceptional look into the uniqueness of this small archive. Copies of this intriguing collection are now in stock and available for order.

Arriving soon to our bookstore, Welcome 2 My Room is a three volume series by artist Maki. The first two volumes (Volume 1: Black Cover and Volume 2: White Cover) explores the photographer's discovery of a website in the Philippines offering a live sex webcam service for paying customers. By creating an intimate dialogue with the website's workers, the photographer develops relationships through online communication, capturing the encounters in the first two volumes using Polaroid film. The photographs are both telling and personal, shedding light on an otherwise dark and mysterious world of paid eroticism. The third volume (Black & White Cover) differs in approach as the photographer uses grainy black and white film, adding additional layers to the desire and intimacy portrayed in this series. The photographs teeter between disturbing accounts of paid sex acts and the aspiration to create meaningful relationships. Copies of all three volumes are arriving soon and available for preorder.

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Boris Mikhailov
The Wedding
Broomberg & Oliver Chanarin
People in Trouble Laughing Pushed to the Ground
Paul Graham
Larry Fink
The Vanities
Enrique Metinides
Series - Hardbound and Limited Edition
Morten Andersen
M. in M
Jukka Onnela
Daisuke Ichiba
Onaka Koji
Long Time No See
Welcome 2 My Room
Welcome 2 My Room
Welcome 2 My Room

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