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Re-Bound Featured in this week’s newsletter, Re-Bound published by Van Zoetendaal in Amsterdam is a collection of work by seven artists who have exhibited at the Van Zoetendaal Collections Gallery. The photographers presented in this beautifully printed and designed monograph share a technique of weaving together imagery to arrive at a rich and thoughtful viewing experience, yet the work of each photographer varies drastically. Including the works of Koos Breukel, Marjaana Kella, Johannes Schwartz, Kyungwoo Chun, Gábor Ösz, Paul Kooiker, and Myne Soe-Pedersen, Re-Bound explores the many forms of communication photography can embrace. From investigating the photographic book, gallery wall and singular image, the viewer is given a full sense of the different constructions both the artists and gallery conceive of to create the final viewing context and is an intriguing insight into each artists’ unique vision for displaying their work. Copies of this beautiful monograph are now in stock and available for order.

In Dark Trees In Dark Trees by artist Rob Johannesma is an elegant endeavor to translate video installation into the book form. The unique layout of this book portrays poignantly detailed views of the artist’s multimedia work. From video stills printed on newsprint to sharp details represented on high-quality paper, In Dark Trees presents the photobook enthusiast with both a challenging and inspiring way of thinking about the book as a tool for visual communication. Johannesma’s installations are investigations of the relationship between two historical images, juxtaposing different time periods and settings, often pieced together through the use of current photographic imagery found in newspapers and paintings from centuries past. The conceptual aspects of the artist’s installations take on a new context in this beautifully designed book. Accompanied with two loose prints, In Dark Trees is now in stock and available for order.

Also of note, two new titles from the Brooklyn based independent publisher Pau Wau Publications. Lose My Number by photographer iO Tillett Wright offers the artist’s dynamic reflection on a fringe subculture. Hiding nothing, Wright blends photographs of gender, race and sexuality to portray a document that is both highly personal and universally appealing. Capturing her images with a small camera but without utilizing the viewfinder, the artist is said to ‘feel out’ her images. The work is indeed tactile, and is a significant collection of engaging snapshots of a distinctive view of life. Lose My Number is in many ways a testament to the intimacy of ritual and relationships and its subjects often display a carefree confirmation of youth.

Carnivores + Destructors by Adam Krause explores a specific facet of the fans of music legend Morrissey. This collection of images is a surreal social documentation of those who go far beyond the normal followers who are inspired not only by Morrissey’s music, but also by his persona. Exquisitely printed Carnivores + Destructors shares a number of portraits of those who find their identity in the former Smith’s frontman. The clothes, hair and memorabilia compile a detailed description within the single frame of Krause’s photographs, allowing the viewer to enter a world of true devotion. Copies of both Pau Wau Publications titles are now in stock and available for order.

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Adam Krause
Carnivores & Destructors
Io Tillett Wright
Lose My Number
Crass 1977-1984
Nathan Lyons
Whiteout - SIGNED
Idan Hayosh
Jet Master
Rob Johannesma
In Dark Trees
Koos Breukel Et Al
Kim Stringfellow
Jackrabbit Homestead - SIGNED
Dan Winters
Periodical Photographs
Stephen Gill
A Series of Disappointments - SIGNED
Donald Weber
Bastard Eden, Our Chernobyl - SIGNED
Stephen Gill
The Hackney Rag

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