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Bridge at Hoover Dam Featured in this week’s newsletter, The Bridge at Hoover Dam, the self-published title by photo-eye Gallery artist Jamey Stillings. Stillings' book offers an insight into his 30-month exploration of the construction of the bridge. From its initial beginnings to the final completion, Stillings has documented one of man’s greatest engineering feats. The photographs are stunning, often taken at dusk or at night. The tonal qualities and surreal ambience transcend ordinary documentation and exude an atmosphere of child-like wonder; a feeling Stillings says was present throughout the project’s duration. The artist’s images also provide detailed views of individual aspects of the bridge’s construction, leaving no stone unturned in this elaborate depiction. Read the interview with Associate Gallery Director Anne Kelly and Jamey Stillings on the photo-eye Blog here. Signed copies of this breathtaking book are now in stock and available for order.

Straight in the Light Previously featured in photo-eye’s New Arrivals Newsletter. Towards a Warm Math by artist Lucas Blalock and published by Hassla Books is a series of photographs taken predominantly in the photographer’s studio. The title is a reference to Blalock’s approach to photography as a medium, one that is inherently mathematical rather than narrative. This concept extends the artist’s notion that photography is a process of subtraction (taking a thing out of the world) and results in the project becoming an equation through his process. Many of the images presented in this book contain simple objects bought at the dollar store or found lying around Blalock’s studio, but often a mirror or digital manipulation is used to alienate the “natural” view of the subject in hopes that the viewer will engage more actively with the photograph. Copies of this intriguing monograph are now in stock and available for order.

Four arriving soon titles by German photographer Olaf Unverzart comprise a subtle exploration of small gestures and hidden signs barley visible in the visual world. The photographs — taken during his extensive travels — are an examination of artifacts and constructions in the landscape that bear witness to human existence. The photographer’s monograph Sana Moi is a reflection on the human experience while the images are devoid of human beings. Roads, deforestation, forgotten buildings each contribute to a series of acute traces of man, providing a meditation on the human footprint upon the land. Leichtes Gepäck, which translates to Light Luggage, is an equally engaging journey into the subtle evidence of human existence. Offering a number of beautiful portraits alongside photographs of everyday moments, Leichtes Gepäck intertwines intriguing imagery to tell an inconspicuous story. Spuren exhibits a poetic narrative of both photographs and text. The black and white images in this book relate ambiguously to one another and allude to a surreal and alluring narrative. Lastly, Unverzart’s newest monograph Don't Fade to Grey continues the artist’s journey of finding importance in the banal. There are rarely stand-alone images presented — a direct acknowledgment of the photographer — but rather a consistency of curious photographs that ultimately tell a powerful story of exploration and intrigue. Signed copies of all four of Olaf Unverzart’s monographs will be arriving next week and are available for preorder.

Read Nicholas Chiarella's review of Martin Fengal’s book Mobil 100 in photo-eye Magazine here. Melanie McWhorter’s post about Klea McKenna’s The Butterfly Hunter can be viewed on the photo-eye Blog here. Also on the photo-eye Blog, a feature on Michelle Bates’ publication Plastic Cameras can be viewed here.

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Michelle Bates
Plastic Cameras. (Second Edition) - SIGNED
Paul Kooiker
Sunday - SIGNED
Martin Fengel/ Bernd Zimmer
Mobil 100 - SIGNED
Lucas Blalock
Towards a Warm Math
Geirmundur Klein
Heima Er Best - Limited Edition
Bruce Barnbaum
The Art of Photography - SIGNED
Klea McKenna
The Butterfly Hunter - SIGNED, Limited Edition
Jamey Stillings
The Bridge at Hoover Dam - SIGNED
Olaf Unverzart
Spuren - SIGNED
Olaf Unverzart
Sana Moi - SIGNED
Olaf Unverzart
Don't Fade to Grey - SIGNED
Olaf Unverzart
Leichtes Gepäck - SIGNED

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