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Burke + Norfolk Featured in this week’s newsletter, Burke + Norfolk: Photographs from the War in Afghanistan brings forth Simon Norfolk’s photographic response to the obscure nineteenth century Irish war photographer John Burke. The beautiful cover reveals little of the stunning photographs inside. Divided into three sections, City, Portrait and Military, the photographs within the book present Burke’s images from both the 1878-1880 British conflict and Norfolk’s contemporary photographs from the current decade-long war. The expanse of Burke’s photographic vision is extraordinary, shifting from archeological sites, street scenes, battlefields and portraits of both British officers and Afghans and displays not only a complex documentation, but an important visual record. Loosely re-photographic in nature, Norfolk’s images taken with a 4x5 camera, hold an equally intelligent portrayal of the complexities associated with the current Afghan conflict. Many of the photographers cityscapes and military images are taken at night with a 4x5 camera using long-exposures, resulting in pictures with deep saturation. The images are breathtaking and offer an intimate representation rarely seen in contemporary war photography. Copies of this exquisite monograph are arriving soon and available for preorder.

Straight in the Light Straight in the Light by multi-media artist Michel Mazzoni explores the notions of decay and disappearance in the American Southwest. Primarily a book of landscapes, the photographs inside this monograph contain scenes of abandonment. The images always appear washed out, as if they too may eventually fade out of existence. A number of motel interiors are present, exhibiting signs of age and neglect including decades old linoleum wall panels and other banal novelties. The incorporation of the motels serves to mirror the landscape the photographer is documenting — slowly disappearing along with the people who once lived in this place. The images in this book are reflective of a truth regarding much of America’s “in-between spaces,” but ultimately this is a body of work showcasing the artist's direct intent, one that transcends reality and offers a desolate view of the American desert. Copies of this uniquely solitary monograph are arriving soon and available for preorder.

Do You Know Syd Barrett? by photographer Benoît Grimalt surveys the late musicians hometown of Cambridge in the United Kingdom. The photographs are not intended to delve into the life of Barrett, but draw upon a dreamy perception of the English city. Romantic in tone, the images presented weave expressive everyday occurrences together that are often contemplative. Modest in size, this beautiful gem is a superb example of the wandering photographer.

Autre Eden by photographer Phillippe Lopparelli is an exploration in the primitive search for adventure. The images depict an isolated journey through subantarctic waters, coming upon small secluded islands in-between. The violence of the ocean and wind are prevalent in this series of photographs, but so is the quiet nature of this desolate part of the world. Small ephemeral glimpses of beauty blend together to create a portrait of a place that is both unique to the photographer's vision and telling of a secluded journey. Copies of both Do You Know Syd Barrett? And Autre Eden are arriving soon and available for preorder.

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William Henry Fox Talbot
The Pencil of Nature
Misha Hollenbach
The Silver Lining
Masao Yamamoto
Yamamoto Masao - Limited Edition
Lewis Baltz
Candlestick Point
John Burke & Simon Norfolk
Burke + Norfolk - SIGNED
Lauren Henkin, Kirsten Rian, et al.
Silence Is an Orchard
GrÉgory Valton
Le Pic Entre Deux Ports
Asher Penn
Nothing Nothing Nothing
Dan Colen
Michel Mazzoni
Straight in the Light
BenoÎt Grimalt
Do You Know Syd Barrett?
Philippe Lopparelli
Autre Eden

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